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Kundali Bhagya 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sherlin tries to prove her innocence in the court

Kundali Bhagya 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mahira questions Shelrin why did she bring her out like this, Sherlin requests her to help her but Mahira mentions she cannot help her as they are in the court so she cannot take her blame, Sherlin requests her to be sympathetic and bring something but Mahira refuses so turns to leave, Preeta is standing there when Mahira gets stunned so leaves them, Preeta questions what did Sherlin think as she always gets trapped by Sherlin but would not lose as it is the matter of her husband, Sherlin warns her saying she would not be scared of Preeta and would prove that she is not the murderer, Preeta asks why is she scared and accept she is the murderer but Sherlin exclaims she is not the murderer, Preeta asks then how did he die but Sherlin mentions those who are born have to die, Sherlin demands Preeta stop as it would have severe consequences, Preeta is worried when Sherlin leaves warning her, Sameer comes to Preeta asking her to come as the court hearing is about to begin, He notices she is tensed but she refuses to say anything before walking.

Rakhi is with Karan, she asks him to not be worried of what Preeta said in the court, Karan asks if she believes Preeta is lying but Rakhi says that it is not the case as they all know that she cannot do anything wrong and even know he is not the murderer, he assures him that he would be released but explains if it is proven that Sherlin is the murderer then it would be really wrong for their family, she however exclaims she will never be able to forgive Sherlin for what she has done, the inspector comes asking Karan to come as the court hearing is about to begin, Rakhi asks Karan to not be worried, he leaves while she prays that everything happen that saves her family.

Sherlin is walking when Prithvi comes from the front, she stops him while he turns to run, she demands he help her but he is hesitant saying that he feels she cannot be helped as the matter is in the court, he asked her to be careful and not think that she is really clever as others can also harm her, Sherlin however says she has done everything for him and asks him to remember what would happen if they all find out he is the real father of the child as he would also be thrown out of the house, she asks him to thin what would happen of their relation when Kritika comes asking what is the relation she is talking about, Prithvi mentions she is trying to say that Preeta doesnot seem to think they both should be engaged. Kritika takes him away asking what has happened, Prithvi tries to convince Kritika that Sherlin is really tensed and innocent, Kritika asks him to not trust Sherlin so blindly as she is not trustworthy, she leaves with him, Prithvi exclaims he cannot help Sherlin and stand against Preeta.
The court hearing resumes, the judge asks police if they have tested the video, the inspector mentions the video which Preeta has presented is the truth, Sherlin also stands demanding to speak for herself, she hires the court prosecutor who calls Megha to the witness box, the lawyer questions Megha if she met Sherlin, he tries to convince the court that she met her after two days of the murder, Megha however mentions it was Sherlin who called her to the room where Akshay was murdered. However, the prosecutor mentions Rohit is confused but he left after two days to perform the last rites of his father, the inspector confirms that Rohit left the hotel after two days.

The lawyer calls Sherlin to the witness box, Sherlin is questioned why did she go to meet Megha, she replies she went for Karan not knowing that she would be blamed for protecting her family, she explains that she only went to give Megha the money because she was blackmailing her saying she had some proof but in reality she is the one who murdered Akshay, Megha tries to defend herself explaining she cannot kill the person who was about to become the father of her child, Sherlin however blames Megha saying she demanded money from her and so is really clever, Megha tries to plead her innocence but Sherlin questions if she did not demand the money from her, Sherlin reveals she made the biggest mistake of her life by stealing the jewellery of Rakhi, the entire Luthra family is shocked, Sherlin mentions that she did not had the money but then is happy because she got the proof that Megha is the murderer, Megha standing pleads saying that she is telling the lie and Preeta is revealing the truth, Sherlin however responds that Megha must not lie as she has come to know the truth, if everyone is questioning she would reveal the truth, she indeed went to meet Akshay at the hotel but it was because he was blackmailing Kritika, he had some videos and photos of her which he was using as a tool so she desired to protect the honor of their family, Preeta is stunned to hear how well Sherlin is able to mold the truth.

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