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Hamariwali Good News 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mukund takes care of Meera

Hamariwali Good News 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mukund taking Meera to the hospital. Meera gets treated. Mukund stays outside. Doctor says I have removed the bullet, let her rest, she will get conscious in some time. Devika goes. Ritvik says thank God, nothing happened to her, else I would have never forgiven you. He goes. Mukund feels guilty. Devika stops Mukund and scolds him. She says just wait and watch, you will pay for this. Mukund asks him to do anything she wants. He goes and sees Meera. Police comes and says I got a call from the hospital, who has shot Meera, whose gun was it. Devika worries. Inspector asks how did the person get that gun. Mukund says I m responsible. Devika says it wasn’t any crime, it was just an accident. Inspector says its our work to find out, you and Mukund have to come with us, we need your statement. Meera gets conscious. Mukund sees her and asks how are you feeling now, whatever happened, I m sorry, forgive me.

Meera gives the statement to police. She says I was cleaning the gun, trigger got pulled accidentally and I got shot. Mukund looks at her. Devika asks how are you feeling now, take care, I will come later, we won’t let anything happen to you. Mukund says yes, I will not let anything happen to you, I will take care of you. Meera asks Navya to tell Ritvik that she is fine. Navya gets the soup. Mukund cares for Meera. Pal ek pal….plays… Mukund feeds her the soup. Meera says you think you are a hero, you got the gun pointed at your head. She recalls his words and smiles. She says I changed my decision to die after hearing you. He asks her not to talk much and rest. He says whatever I did, it was my duty. She says arrogant. He asks her to sleep. Akki and Adi come home. Akki prays and says I got my love. Devika gets angry. Akki asks her to have sweets. Devika throws the sweets. She scolds her and says that’s not a marriage, there was no guests to witness.

Akki says we married with all rituals. Adi thinks Meera got us married, you couldn’t do anything. Akki says Meera was with us. Mukund and Meera come. Devika asks Meera to go to her room. Meera says I m fine. Akki asks Meera to take rest. Meera says don’t worry, I m okay. Adi thanks Meera for help, for understanding their love and getting them married. Meera says its okay, when is your bidaai. They ask what. Meera says I don’t want your bidaai to get delayed because of my health, we will do it well. Adi says this is also our house. She says don’t be silly, you got married before, you should know the customs well, Akki is your responsibility, Akki wanted to get her love, Akki get happy and start a new life with your husband.

Adi gets angry and says its a cheat, you got me married to Akki and now you are ousting me. Meera asks what cheat, aren’t you the father of Akki’s child, did you wish to run away from your responsibility. Akki argues with Meera. Meera says don’t cry, I have done this for your baby, you are married now, you can raise the baby with all the respect, Adi is the baby’s dad, Adi loves you a lot, right Adi, am I right. She thinks I have to throw out Adi. Adi gets angry.

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