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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat Surprises Sai With Early Return

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai confronts Pakhi that Virat support not Sai but sahi/truth, he supported even Pakhi many times, but if she thinks he supports her, its because Pakhi forces him to support me. (Another venom spilling, blood boiling episode starts). Pakhi asks if she thinks Virat supports her, its because of her excellent drama of proving herself as victim. Sai says she should open Virat’s eyes and tell him to just wait and watch them humiliating her, she can stand for herself and not like Pakhi who needs someone’s support to defend her. Niand yells at her to stop her rubbish and apologize Pakhi as Ashwini gave her tiffin, but Pakhi is hungry till now. Sonali yells that Sai will not due to her ego. Usha says there is nothing wrong in apologizing. Sai says she will not apologize for the mistake which she didn’t do, she already apologized twice and Pakhi will continue her drama even if she apologizes again. Pakhi yells to get out of her vision and continue her drama in her room as she cannot tolerate her even for a second. Bhavani backs Pakhi and yells at Sai to go to her room as Usha will cook food for her. Pakhi says she need not come down as Usha will bring everything to her room like her husband does. Sai says Usha is like her mother who bought her up since her childhood, she will cook food for her not because they are ordering her, but because she loves her like a daughter; regarding Virat, she never forced him to do anything and whatever he brings for her is by his wish, Pakhi should complain Virat when he returns from his mission after 3-4 days. Pakhi shouts go from here.

Sai picks her bag saying she can do whatever she wants, but then returns to Pakhi and says Pakhi can think bad about her, but she is not stone hearted to let anyone hungry because of her, asks if she really didn’t have food because of her. Pakhi says she doesn’t need to answer her and tries to leave. Sai apologizes her. Bhavani asks if she said sorry to Pakhi. Sai says she is sorry if she is hurt and asks Usha to bring food for Pakhi. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to have food. Sai asks not to vent out her anger on food, she will prepare food for her if she wants, Pakhi should keep her ego aside for sometime. Pakhi says if Sai doesn’t have food, its her self-respect, but if she doesn’t have food, its her ego. Sai says she doesn’t like having food in her room and wants to have it with everyone, but she needs to study to fulfill her dream, everyone has right to fulfill their dream like Pakhi and she will not interfere in Pakhi’s dream. Pakhi asks what does she mean. Sai asks if she has any other dream other than trying to degrade her, fate gave her previous dream to someone else, they can share a property but cannot share a person, and if Pakhi thinks she has right on Virat, she will clear Pakhi’s doubt. She takes oath that she in her full conscience announces that she drops her right on Virat forever. She requests Pakh again to have food and tells Bhavani that Pakhi is not having food even after her many requests, they are more closer to Pakhi and should convince her. She take food tray and requests Pakhi to forget her bitterness towards her and have food. Usha also asks Pakhi to forget whatever happened and have food. Pakhi walks away saying she doesn’t want to.

Pakhi returns to her room and hearing phone ringing checks her mobile and thinks hearing everyone’s taunts, her ears are ringing. She sees its 8 p.m. and remembers fixing reminder in Virat’s mobile to speak to her daily at 8 p.m.; this if she is missing Virat so much that she is listening to his phone; she should think of how to feed Pakhi. She searches where the ring tone is coming from and shuts her ears thinking its her imagination. Virat extends his hand from under the bed. She asks if its him. He says who else can joke with her. She asks if he didn’t go on mission. She says her eyes insisted him not to go on mission, so he requested his seniors and they accepted his request. She asks if he really told this to his seniors. He says yes. She says DIG sir must be thinking how can a police officer’s daughter can stop her husband from fulfilling his duty. He laughs and says his mission was canceled, so he returned just and saw her standing sadly and he thought of cheer her up, but now thinks his mission wouldn’t have canceled as she is not happy at all. She asks why didn’t he inform her that his mission got canceled. He says he wanted to surprise her. She says she is really happy seeing him, but missed his family taunting her repeatedly; asks why was his mission canceled. He says when he left for mission, he saw her sad face, but now when he returned, even now she doesn’t seem happy. She says there are many others who would be happy seeing him back. He says if she is not happy, he will not talk to her. She says he shouldn’t then. He shows a gift box. She asks whom did he bring it for. He says a bitter gourd juice drinking girl Sai. She gets happy and seeing ruby pendant and earrings says they are really pretty. He reminds her wish of buying a red ruby set one day. She says she said just like that, if he remembered it. He jokes that his smile is exactly like chavanprash, that is why a tired police officer gets fresh and energetic seeing her smile. She smiles more.

Precap: Saki wears pendant and asks Virat if its beautiful. He says yes. She asks what did he bring for others. He says he didn’t. She removes it saying his family will taunt her. Karishma seeing her wearing costly pendant asks if she bought it. Sai says Virat gifted it, leaving Chavan family fuming in jealousy.

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