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Friendship goals ? ~Riansh #ss (Part 5)

Hi guys, hope you all are fully fine. Thank you once again for your responses on previous posts.

So let’s start,

V: I’ve doubt now, is this my home? or you two possessed my mom and dad and using against me?

R:uncle you know this vansh was calling me baby panda. Am I looking like panda?(act like crying)

Ajay was about to say but interrupted by arohi(riddhu’s mom)

Arohi: now don’t take her side I very well know her she had poked him first.

Listening to this he kissed arohi and said: aunty you know you are great, how can this baby panda be your daughter? And you know she called me baby elephant also.

Arohi was about to say something but uma interrupted

U: stop all this nonsense and vansh go and freshnup then come down for lunch.(finally jhagda khatam hua😌)

Ad being tired from journey vansh didn’t said something and went to room and came down after sometimes and they had their lunch and after that they sat on hall.

V: by the way mom, where are the two devils?

U: they…..

Cutted by a voice came from door: you called us devil. Now will show you who devil is…

Saying so two girls started running behind vansh, and family were enjoying Tom and Jerry fight and riddhima started cheering up

R: come on ish, catch and beat him……Sia run from other side.

Vansh sat on sofa and said: please leave me I gave up. I don’t have energy to run more.. (panting heavily)

(Ishani and Sia: vansh’s sister and have good bonding with riddhu and kabir)

Both girl sat beside him panting and said: bhai we missed you.

V: I missed you too and riddhu stop spoiling my sister’s, have some mercy on me.

R: I didn’t spoil them, they are very good. And upon having mercy that to upon you, nahhh do whatever you want to do.

V(to riddhima’s parents) aunty,uncle when you’ll get riddhima married. See she’s becoming old day by day.

Listening word marriage riddhima spill the water of her mouth which she was drinking peacefully and look at them in horror.

R: can you just your mouth, why the hell you want me to get married and I’m not old like you. Look at yourself then talk to me.

Arohi: stup up riddhima, he’s right. Don’t say anything to him.(to vansh) you are right now if you came, you’ll find a nice boy for riddhima.

V: ofcousre aunty, I’ll find a great gentleman like me for my bestie. (To riddhima) don’t take tension, I’ll handle everything. You go with my assistant for your marriage shopping.(smiled evily)

K: vansh who’s your assistant? You didn’t tell me.

V: kabir, my bro, you are my assistant.

R: you listen I’ll not do any marriage shopping.

V: ok don’t do I’ll buy for you then will get you married. Ok?

R: I’m not going to marry anyone in the world. Do hell with you and your boy.(in mind) vansh you are gone now. No one can save you from me.

Arohi: riddhima what’s wrong in this. One day you have to get married and we also want that before…..(cutted by kabir)

K: aunty please leave her on her own when she’ll want to get married then she’ll stop doing this. And vansh said this to tease her and you are taking it seriously.

V: bro I’m not…(kabir glared him) I was just teasing her. I don’t want my baby panda to go away from us. But…..chal kuch nhi kabir Teri shaadi mai naach lenge(no problem we’ll dance on kabir’s marriage)

V(to rudra):uncle kya bolte ho ladki dhundna suru kare(uncle what say, shall we start finding girl?)

Rudra: don’t drag me in all this. I’ld love to be at safe distance ask his mom.

R(coming out from her world): kabirrr…tujhe yaad hai Teri vo crush, school wali(kabirrr…You remember your crush of school)

V: vo chipkali(lizard)….I mean Ahana,(something striked him) don’t say that you are thinking him to get marry to her. Damn she was psychopath.

R: shut up she’s not psychopath but kabir made her with his cheesy lines.

[Elders were aware about this types of nonsense talks, which I can’t share with my sister also😂😂]

V: yaa yaa I remember, how he used to follow her.

K: stop it guys. Stop embarrassing me in front of them. And vansh you came after long time to get us married?

Ishani: kabir bhai get married na. It’s been so much time I haven’t attended any marriage.

Sia: yes bhai, please I also want bhabhi.

K: hey hey stop it. You also have another brother, of he gets married then also your conditions get fulfilled.

Ishani and sia: he’s boring person, we want you to get married. Because you are the best(And hugged him)

V:I’m boring person(said raising his eyebrows)

K: yes and you both(ishani and sia) stop buttering me, I don’t want to get jailed.

Time passed with their nonstop talks and banters soon it getting dark.

R: stop your nonsense yaar. I’m going home. I’ll come tommorow. Bye bye.

U: riddhu wait for sometimes

R: no aunty I’ve some work at office. Bye. Good night and Take care.

V: mam, don’t forget to come at morning to our place without being late.

K: so you remember, ok so now I’ll also take your leave because I’m very tired. Bye. G’night. Take care.

Soon all left to their respective houses. After completing her work of office riddhima also left for her house. Riddhima, vansh, kabir they were very happy, they were remembering how their friendship was most famous in their area, how their friendship was #friendshipgoals for others, time they spent with each other, and all. They soon doze off remembering each other and a big smile on their face.

The end….

Thank you so much guys for reading till end. I don’t know why I added that marriage topic…, ok to be honest I say all my friends to get married so that I can enjoy😂.

Hope you like it. Any suggestions then do tell me

Lots of love❤❤

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