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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update : Saxena learns about the Plan

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anu, Vibhu, Helan Saxena and TMT together in Vibhus house. Anu and Helan arguing with eachother. Saxena and TMT mocking Vibhuti. Helan and Anu arguing. Anu says don’t go on my dad and brother it will cost you. Helan says to Anu what you’ll do I’ll make you vanish. Vibhu shouts. Anu asks are you okay. Vibhu says I’m feeling headache. Anu gets call from Angoori. Angoori asks how are you. Anu says I’m okay. Angoori says I’m so embarrassed there’s a request for you, please you and Vibhu come to our house for dinner. Anu says I also wanted that we will come and tell Tiwari to be there and hungs up. Anu says to Vibhu its a good news Angoori invited us for dinner and I said yes to her invitation, Tiwari will also be there and will talk rubbish because of that you BP will and you will be okay.

Tiwari asking to Angoori is dinner ready. Angoori come and says what happen LKB. Tiwari ask what is LKB. Angoori says its short form for Laddu K Bhaiya. Tiwari says ok, today I’ll tell Vibhu a joke so he will be happy. Angoori says that’s good don’t say anything negative so he get hurt. Anu and Vibhu come to Tiwari’s house and all four greet eachother. Anu says what happen you are so energetic today. Tiwari says after seeing Anu I get charged up. Vibhu what do you mean by this and says this man is hitting my BP my head is paining my BP is shooting. Angoori says to Anu and Vibhu that Tiwari mean to say you sre full of energy. Tiwari asks Vibhu how’s your health. Vibhu says I’m good and healthy. Tiwari says to Vibhu I want to tell you joke. Anu says to Tiwari are you sure its a joke not any hidden sad story in it. Tiwari says no no its only joke and tells his joke. After listening joke Vibhu start laughing and gets stuck. Anu calls vibhu after some time he start laughing and leaves Tiwari house.

Gupta on call talking to Shella and flirting with her. Vibhu come to Gupta and says why don’t you officially announce that you are not doctor you are tantric. Gupta says its a long story. Vibhu says I dont eant to listen your story. Gupta says I’ll tell you and short and tells his story then ask what brings you here. Vibhu says TMT and Saxena are troubling me from the time you said to keep happening environment Saxena listing everything thing. Gupta ask what are they doing. Vibhu says they are insulting me, and why are you laughing so much you must be happy. Gupta says this is part of plan if you don’t corporate you might get exposed. Saxena come and says to Gupta he is alredy exposed snd says I have heard you both. Vibhu asks Saxena what do you want. Saxena says I want same kind of behaviour from your side the way TMT is doing with you. Vibhu says that suits me fine and slap Saxena.

Saxena in his house trying to get shock and says there is no fun in shock. Vibhu come and says I’m not getting any fun with house current, I think of touching 11000 watt supply current. Vibhu asks whats your mother name. Saxena start telling about his story how a beggar women found him in dustbin and she get to know that I’m mad so she admitted me and mental asylum. Vibhu says so you were born mad. Saxena says yes. Vibhu says you bad cheap person other then being mad and start insulting him. Saxena say’s insult me like TMT does to everyone. Vibhu says TMT are not good people they always insult everybody. Saxena start insulting Vibhu. Vibhu says mind your language and start slapping Saxena and leaves. Angoori gets angry from Tiwari and says I thought you are the best husband but now I’m saying I’ll leave this house won’t live anymore with you. Tiwari says to Angoori for neighbour you will leave me. Angoori talks to himself says whatever I’m doing is doing for your wellness but you don’t understand. Tiwari says tell me something. Angoori says I’ll not say much but want to tell I love you. Tiwari says you told me nat to make him cry make him laugh that’s what I did not tell me is this my mistake. Angoori says what I cant understand who’s mistake is this.

Anu and Vibhuti in there bedroom. Vibhu laughing and says what funny joke Tiwari told and gets stuck. Anu says to herself he faints again, Vibhu gets back and talking about the joke. Anu says if this continues it will fluctuate his BP. Anu shouts on Vibhu and says enough. Vibhu says you’re too funny start laughing and faints.

TMT sitting together. Teeka says lets record so that we know what bad we are saying and what good we should say. Tillu says we don’t need to record we always say bad to people. Malkhan says so it means we never say good to people. Tillu says we are worst guys if morden colony. Malkhan start shouting of them and says because of you two we have to do slavery of people like Vibhuti. Teeka says why do you do slavery of poor people. Malkhan says why didn’t it strike first why need to do slavery of these bad people. Tillu says to Malkhan they are not bad they are worst people. TMT start discussing about Vibhu. Tillu says we got things to ssy to Vibhu. Teeka says this is jot enough we need more . Malkhan says this is enough to make him loose his mind. Tillu start insulting Vibhu more and Teeka says wait enough and stop recoding says we got so much. Malkhan says if this much is not enough we will add more abuse and if our mind will not work we will ask Tillu.

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