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Bawara Dil 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sidhi saves Shiva’s honor

Bawara Dil 24th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sidhi asks Shiva to not use her for his party work. Shiva says we have announced everywhere so you have to come to the pooja tomorrow. Sidhi says do you even know why wives fast for this pooja? They fight for togetherness with husbands for 7 lives but what relationship do we have? Why should I fast for you? I am not coming tomorrow to the pooja. She goes to her bed and doesn’t use Shiva’s eyemask.

In the morning, all family members are going to the mandir for pooja. Jalwa asks Vijiya to go and bring Sidhi also.

Sidhi calls Malini and asks how is Ishwar? Malini says he is fine, you should fast for Shiva, he is a very nice husband. Vijiya comes there so Sidhi ends the call. Vijiya asks if she is coming for the pooja? Sidhi looks away. Vijiya says I know this is all difficult for you but I feel like you should keep this fast. Sidhi says whom should I fast for? This fast is for 7 lives together but Shiva doesn’t even want to keep this marriage for 7 months, why should I fast? Vijiya says maybe this fast will start something new and good? Sidhi says I don’t think so. Vijiya says you didn’t eat anything yesterday, do you want me to bring something to eat? Sidhi says no, I will eat something later on. Vijiya says unintentionally you have kept a fast so do come if you think so.

Shiva comes to Akka Bai and says let’s go for the pooja. She asks if Sidhi is coming? Jalwa calls Shiva and says Sidhi didn’t come to the mandir. He ends the call. Bai asks what are you hiding? You are scared of your wife? Did you fight with her? Shiva says no. Bai says you can’t hide anything from me. Just call her and I will talk to her. Shiva calls Sidhi and gives it to Bai. Sidhi takes the call, Bai asks how are you? I heard that you don’t want to come to the pooja? Sidhi says yes, it won’t matter to you. Bai says you think you know everything about my work? She goes away from Shiva and tells Sidhi that you have to come to the pooja. Sidhi says you are threatening me? Bai says no, don’t you remember that you have to return my favor? I got your father out of the jail. Sidhi recalls her promise to Bai.

Bai comes to the mandir. The whole village and press are there to welcome her. Sarkar lustfully eyes Soni. Bai starts the pooja and says Savitra kept a fast and since then wives fast for the long lives of their husbands. On this occasion, I have brought gifts and free sim cards for everyone. You will get free internet on this sim so you can call your husband anytime you want. I am doing all this because I believe women have the power to change the world. Narpat arrives there. Bai asks him to join the function. They greet each other. Bai says Narpat is here too. She asks him if he needs a free sim card too? Narpat says I can leave if you want. Bai says no no.. see the whole village is here because I called them. I have control over them. Narpat says you can’t even control your daughter-in-law Sidhi but where is she? Narpat asks in the mic where is Sidhi Tai? This function can’t start without her. Bai glares at Shiva.

Sidhi is sitting in her room and is dizzy.

The function is going on, Bhavin asks Bai if we can start the function? Everyone is tired of waiting. Bai calls Shiva and says my honor is in your hands now, where is your wife? This event will be a disaster if she doesn’t come. If you want my respect to be intact then you have to break Sidhi’s respect.

Malini comes to the function and asks Vijiya where is Sidhi? She must have come right? Vijiya looks on.

Bai gives some gajras to Shiva and asks him to take it to Sidhi, girls like these things so go and bring her here. Shiva takes the gajras. Bai says if she doesn’t come then I will be disrespected which I can’t bear. Shiva nods and starts leaving the mandir but Sidhi enters there and her pallu falls on Shiva’s face. He turns and is surprised to see her there. He sees her dressed in a traditional saree.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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