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Barrister Babu 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Barrister Babu 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anirudh saying all the doctors are saying the same. Trilochan asks what will you do now, who else will you call, you are calling many doctors since morning, they all said the same that Bondita’s leg has to get amputated. Doctor comes and says I m amazed seeing Bondita’s wound getting fine now. Anirudh thanks him. Doctor says she is recovering by the ayurvedic lep given by Thakumaa. Trilochan says yes, maybe, Thakumaa is a good Vaid. Doctor says let Thakumaa do Bondita’s treatment. Anirudh thanks him. Thakumaa looks on. Anirudh sees a shadow and asks who is there. She comes in front. He says you here…. She says I want Bondita’s betterment, I want her to get married and have a good future. He says you are a good Vaid, but think as a good Thakumaa, Bondita is a kid, should you get her married, do you think its a right age for marriage, child marriage is illegal now, I won’t let this happen, I can call the police or take any big move. She says you want Bondita’s leg to get fine. He says yes, I want it. She says you know that just I can treat her, else her leg will get amputated. He says you are a good Vaid and Bondita’s Thakumaa, you will treat her.

Thakumaa says yes, I m also a hurt woman, who was abandoned by a landlord, I lost my respect because of someone, I don’t want Bondita to bow down and live her life, if you want me to treat Bondita, then I have a condition, you won’t become a hurdle in her marriage, you will disappear in her life, you will make her believe that you are going to leave her. He says its wrong. She says I got you out of jail, you used my love for Bondita, you won’t stop Bondita’s marriage now, else I won’t treat her, you decide it now, is your principles imp or Bondita’s leg. He asks do you have a heart or not, you are forgetting that you are a Vaid, its your duty to treat people, you are keeping this condition to sink her bright future in darkness. She says let it sink, darkness isn’t anything new for a woman in men’s society.

She says yes, I m heartless, you decide what you want now. She goes. He gets sad. Sumati worries. Rimjhim says Bondita isn’t obedient like Tapur and Tupur, we will refuse for the alliance. Sumati says I m also worried, what’s Thakumaa thinking. Thakumaa gets the dress for Bondita’s rasam. She asks how is it. Sumati says Bondita and Anirudh will never agree, I have seen the fire of rebel in their eyes. Thakumaa says I know how to control Bondita, its good if she compromises with her situation, get to work, I have to go and apply the lep to Bondita. She goes.

Anirudh imagines a cheerful Bondita and a handicapped Bondita. He worries and thinks of Thakumaa’s words. He gets shocked seeing her on the wheelchair. He cries. He says you can run and do anything. Rishta tera mera….plays… Bondita comes out of the house and sees the haldi celebrations. She angrily throws the plate. Thakumaa asks her to sit for the haldi. Bondita throws the haldi bowl. Rimjhim catches her. Thakumaa says let her do what she wants. Bondita goes to Anirudh’s house and knocks the door. A man gives her a letter and a gift. She smiles and says its Anirudh’s letter. He writes… I m going back to Tulsipur for an imp work, I got busy in just your life, dreams and betterment, I want to live for myself now. She thinks he left me alone and went, he promised to take me for treatment today and fulfill my dreams.

She reads… I lost much time because of you, I want to live for my own dreams, I m going to make a new way for myself. She thinks who will show me the path to my destination. She cries reading… whatever Thakumaa wants is right for you, promise me, you will do what she wants, take this as the last gift from my side. She gets an idol. Thakumaa comes and asks why is the landlords not opening the door. The man says they left for Tulsipur. She thanks him. She says he was saying he will get Bondita treated, see he is a coward, he ran away, he repeated the history. Bondita recalls Anirudh’s words. She says I believe that he will come back. Thakumaa says fine, the truth is he has locked your happiness and dreams. Bondita says I will call home and talk to him. Anirudh is at his home. He says I chose your steps than your success, I can’t see you losing your leg. Sumati consoles Bondita. She says accept that he has left you. Thakumaa says let her cry, I will make her talk to Anirudh. She takes Bondita. Bondita calls Anirudh. Anirudh thinks forgive me, I had to do this for your betterment. He doesn’t answer the call.

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