MERI ZINDAGI MERI JAAN – Introduction episode

Hi  GOOD EVENING everyone

This is my first article here and I hope everyone will enjoy it. It is a serial type story and not a fan fiction. The story is about two love birds and now I will introduce u all the main characters and supporting characters in this story. So let me start ok.

Main Characters

*Rohan Vijender Sahni

A student studying in IIM Ahmedabad. He is a loving and caring person. Also very good at painting and playing guitar. He doesn’t like anyone cheating or lying to him. His strength is his family.

*Alia Kaushal Singhania

A student who is also studying in IIM Ahmedabad. She is always an easy going person and also very loving and caring. Also very good at playing guitar. She is the most adorable child of her family and she loves her family a lot. But actually she is highly sensitive when anyone hurts her becoz she doesn’t like anyone hating or hurting her.

Supporting Characters:

*Siddharth Vijender Sahni (Rohan’s twin brother)

*Shrishti Vijender Sahni (Rohan’s elder sister)

*Rhea Vijender Sahni (Rohan’s younger sister)

*Vijender Sahni (Rohan’s father)

*Poornima Sahni (Rohan’s mom)

*Kaushal Singhania (Alias dad)

*Vidya Singhania (Alias mom)

*Varun Kaushal Singhania (Alias elder bro)

*Ankit Kaushal Singhania (Alias younger bro)

*Priyal Kaushal Singhania (Alias younger sister)

*Neeta, Shailesh, Priya, Nia, Karan, Rihaan, Maya (Rohan’s best friends since school days).


More characters will be introduced soon but wait and see and I will soon start the story ok bye..





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