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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rakesh motivates Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vanita says we have decided that you guys cannot stay here. Rakesh requests her not to do so but she stays put. Leave or I will have call the agent or broker. Naina runs to Preeti’s house. She rings the doorbell incessantly because of which Dadi rings her bell. Nirmala ji opens the door herself. Is there some fire? Naina asks for Preeti. Nirmala ji asks her to call firebrigade if there is a fire. Preeti asks her if there is indeed a fire. Naina says our lie has been caught. Please come downstairs. Nirmala ji does not want to get into all this but Naina requests her to tell everyone that they are nice people. Preeti calms her and asks her MIL to do something. Nirmala ji asks Naina what she can do. Lies only take you down!

Rakesh and Sameer try to make Vanita understand but in vain.

Nirmala ji comes there with Shubham. Flashback shows Preeti convincing her MIL. Vanita doubts everyone. She doubted you in the last meeting. You don’t pluck flowers from the society garden? Nirmala ji denies. I trust myself but not my black tongue. I wont spare someone who blames people falsely! Flashback ends. Nirmala ji tells Vanita she wont let anyone disrespect her relatives. I take their full responsibility. Vanita says we took their interview and they answered the same questions differently. Nirmala ji and Shubham turn the situation around. Vanita relents. I wont sign on the agreement right away. I will observe them for a month. They will be thrown out if anything goes against them!

Rakesh thanks Nirmala ji for coming on the right time. We would have been thrown out on the streets otherwise. Nirmala ji says we know nothing about future. Now we will also be under the scanner. Let us know if you cannot manage things. Rakesh assures her that they will be extra careful from onwards. Naina thanks Shubham for saving them. Sameer and Shubham exchange pleasantries too. Nirmala ji and Shubham head home.

A ball hits Rakesh. He shouts angrily. Come in front of me and I will show you how it is done! He goes quiet noticing Vanita. She looks at the kids playing in the garden. He returns them their ball.

Naina, Sameer and Rakesh come home. Gopal reminds Rakesh that the cupboard is still here. I told you to remove it in a day’s time! Sameer asks Rakesh to answer. Rakesh agrees to shift it tomorrow. We were outside for some urgent work. Gopal says things don’t go slow in Mumbai. When will you shift it? His wife tells him to drop the matter but he stays put. Shall I call secretary? Sameer tells him not to worry. I will ask carpenter to take it inside. Gopal tells him to do it. Sameer goes. Gopal taunts Rakesh and then goes to his home.

Sameer almost collides with Shivani on his way out and apologizes to her. She smiles at him and signals him again to call her.

Voiceover – Naina:
The situation was very strange. She was trying to impress my husband in front of me only! Who could tell her that I was his wife? I could only wait to see if she will become my Sautan (second wife of husband) or not! Time will tell.

Vanita asks guard to keep an eye on the new tenants. You will report everything to me. He agrees. A postman brings a letter for the new tenant. Vanita convenes him that she will give it to them. They haven’t come yet. Postman isn’t convinced but gives in. Vanita is opening the envelope (with the beach photos of Sameer and Naina) when she notices Shivani walking past her. She gives the envelope to the guard to deliver at her home and goes after Shivani.

Sameer and Rakesh take the cupboard inside with the help of carpenter. Rakesh shouts that we may be tenants but we stay true to out words. Anyone who wants to check on us now is welcome! Gopal peeks in the corridor and then closes the door. Rakesh pays less amount to the carpenter because of which an argument ensues. Sameer pays him the balance money. He asks Rakesh why he argues with everyone on small things. Rakesh tells him to show off his herogiri. Sameer walks inside upset.

Naina tells Sameer that this is how Papa is. He shouts but he means well. He reasons that he can also show it sometimes. Have we come here to get insulted? She tells him not to give up. This is just the beginning. He asks her if it is the beginning of losing everything. She denies. It isn’t important that the end will be bad if the beginning wasn’t good. Remember how our story started? My heart broke when I had found out about the bet but then we got together again. She holds his hand. Everything will be fine. She nods at him reassuringly. Rakesh asks them to cook something if they are done now. Naina tells Sameer to be nice to Papa. We need him. She goes.

Sameer paces in his room as Naina cooks. She serves food to Rakesh. Sameer still seems upset. Naina asks him to eat but he denies. She too refuses to eat anything. Rakesh is also unable to eat anything without them. He shouts intentionally. You thought you will become Raja Babu in a day and buy Taj Mahal? This city shows dreams but sleep is difficult here. The quick route up takes you down quickly too! no one wants to work! Dev Anand used to work as a clerk at Rs. 65 per month when he came to Bombay. He dint fall weak. We all know where he is today! Look at you! You gave up in a day itself! This is Mumbai. Sea throws out the scrap here. You will be thrown out too if you wont struggle.

Rakesh turns and notices Sameer. Don’t get angry. I was only explaining. Sameer sits down followed by Rakesh. Naina serves them dinner and sits next to them. Sameer tells Rakesh he was right. Naina seconds him. We will take some time as everything is new for us. Mumbai will accept us when we will accept it with open arms. We will start afresh.

Precap: Naina and Sameer holds hands as they try to board a local but get separated because of the crowd. They search for each other in the crowd.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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