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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira plan a date

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dadi coming to Naira. She says I feel happy seeing you two happy with Krish, spend more time with Kartik, you try and maybe Lord will hear your prayers. She goes. Kartik comes and recalls the missed dinner. He says sorry for last night. He hugs her. She asks what will Krish think. He says he will think his uncle loves his aunt a lot, last few days went in stress, everything is sorted now, will you like to come on a romantic date with me. She says I will think and say. He says we have to go today. She says but on two conditions, place will be of my choice, no phones, no work. He says done. They come downstairs happily. Mihir looks at them. Kartik says welcome, thanks so much for help, sorry for misunderstanding you.

Mihir says no problem. Manish says even I

have to say thanks for accepting my invitation. Mihir says thanks, but I can’t wait until lunch, I will sit for some time, I m expecting some guests. Akhilesh says you did an amazing thing. Mihir says it was Naira’s plan, we both worked together and succeeded. Manish says I knew she will find some way. Mihir says I hired Naira by seeing her passion and talent. Kartik says I have to take a call. Samarth looks on. Kartik recalls Mihir’s words. Samarth comes to her. Kartik says call got disconnected. Samarth says relax, tell me what is it about Mihir, I saw your discomfort well. Kartik says its nothing like that.

Samarth says I feel he is genuine, and sometimes fake, he was praising Naira as if he wants to say that she can progress if she works with him. Kartik says maybe we are wrong. Samarth says maybe he is acting good to impress Naira, maybe he likes Naira. Kartik says no, its nothing like that, come. Naira asks what happened Kartik, is everything fine. He says yes. Mitali comes and greets everyone. Mihir hugs her and says what a pleasant surprise, how did you come here. She says I called your PA and came here to surprise you. Mihir says this is Naira’s family. He introduces his GF Mitali. Mitali says glad to meet you Naira, Mihir praises you a lot, I m impressed, he never praised anyone so much. Kartik says my Naira deserves a praise. Mihir says I m in a hurry, that lunch is pending for next time. Samarth says he has a GF, lucky man. Kartik says yes.

Naira hurries and sees Kartik as the driver. She says we have to do work now, go in, I will go for work. He says no, Kartik asked me to be with you. She says I can take care of myself, its Sunday, its your holiday, you can go also. He says come with me for a drive. She asks him to open the door for her. He says fine, wait for two mins, I will change and come. They leave. He asks her not to stare, his attention is getting diverted. She says its my wish, I can stare you the way I like. They have a talk. They reach office. She says you didn’t say, we reached office. She looks around and kisses him. She goes to the office. The car doesn’t start. Kartik hears the driver and watchman talking bad about Mihir and Naira. He gets angry. Mitali holds and stops Kartik.

She says I wanted to talk to you and find out if you are feeling the same. He asks what do you mean. She says you are a businessman and will have female employees also, how much do you talk of them in front of Naira, Mihir worked with many designers, but he didn’t praise anyone, since Naira came in his life… Kartik says she came in his office, not life. She says sorry, this is my problem, are you getting it. He says no, I don’t think we should have this conversation, talk to Mihir directly, don’t involve me and Naira. She says you got involved, I m a lawyer and I don’t like seeing anyone’s family breaking, I can understand what’s not seen but happens, you know your wife well, think of it, if you are neglecting this, its your wish. He says I m not interested in your nonsense, you can say anything about Mihir, but I don’t want to hear anything about Naira, please end this here. She says okay, as you wish, very soon you will know I was right. She leaves.

He gets in the car. The car doesn’t start again. He gets angry. Manish says we got invitation from Scindias and Jadejas’ side. Suwarna says we will go if you are okay. He says got it. Surekha asks Dadi shall I wear your Rubies necklace. Dadi says yes. Suwarna says Gayu will shy to ask Dadi about the necklace. Dadi says I don’t have it, maybe its in locker. She goes. Kartik sees the car engine getting hot. He recalls Mitali’s words. He gets shocked seeing Mihir and Naira coming out of the office, smilingly. He shouts Naira and goes to her. He asks do you come here to do this, you are cheating me, I loved you a lot and supported you, why. His imagination ends. He looks around. He says why am I thinking all this, why is this affecting me, there is nothing such, stop thinking nonsense. Naira comes out of the office and talks to Mihir. She sees Kartik and asks what happened, didn’t you go. He says my car broke down, I m worried that you would feel that I m keeping a watch on you.

Naira says its the Fort side road. Dadi says they should have called us. Naira sees the goons and shouts Kartik. She gets kidnapped. Kartik is far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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