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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Saltanat reprimands Kainat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saltanat and Zaroon having a moment. Sufiyana….plays… He recalls their old moment. She says Dada ji always said that person should always speak good, don’t know what happens and when, I won’t let you go anywhere, you will stay with us here, you have to be here, I won’t like if you go. He stops her and holds her hand. He says Kainat made Miyajaan slap my heart, not your cheek, I don’t like anyone hurting my heart. She comes to her room and sees Kainat. Kainat apologizes to her. Zainab says I got Kainat here, she is ashamed. Saltanat asks what wrong did I do that she got me slapped, she wanted to marry Zaroon, I did this on your saying, now I will give love in reply to Zaroon’s love, I have decided this. They get shocked.

Saltanat says I m also

a girl like you, my emotions are also like you, I love Zaroon like you do, but I m not like you, I always thought of your good, I sacrificed all my emotions for you, you won’t understand this. Zainab agrees with her. Kainat apologizes to Saltanat and goes. She smirks. Zainab says I understand your emotions, forgive her.

Saltanat says I made my mum my enemy because of Kainat. Zainab asks her to help Kainat. She cries. Rubina comes to take help from Ghazala. Mamoon hears their talk. Rubina goes. Mamoon asks Ghazala not to hurry in anything. He says we don’t know Zaroon will marry Kainat or Saltanat, we will ask Zaroon. He says leave Nadim to me, his sugar won’t let him think anything atleast till Ramadan ends. Nadim looks for food. He calls Saltanat and asks her to get food, Rubina has fought with him. Saltanat goes to make noodles for Nadim. She asks the maid to shut the windows. Zaroon comes and says I have heard you. Saltanat falls back in his arms. He smiles seeing her. Sufiyana ….plays….

Zaroon asks why are you making food. She says I m making it for someone else. He says Dada ji called you, come. Saltanat asks maid to stay in kitchen until she comes. They come to meet Miyajaan. He apologizes to Saltanat for slapping her. He says you compelled me to do that, I didn’t slap anyone in my life, what’s the matter. She says Kainat doesn’t wish to marry Hamza. He says but she got engaged to Hamza. She says Kainat’s upbringing is such, I m telling the truth, Kainat wanted to oppose the alliance. Zaroon says I think the same. Dada ji says fine, I will stop this marriage too, because I don’t force any relations, but I also have a condition, Kainat should say this to me. They go. Zaroon says its impossible, Kainat will not refuse. Saltanat says she will refuse. Kainat looks on and says someone ask me, what I want.

Saltanat feeds noodles to Nadim. Dada ji scold Nadim. Kainat looks on and smiles. Zaroon sees Saltanat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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