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Shakti 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman-Suomya fight

Shakti 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Suomya comes to the room. Preeta had been crying out of pain. Harak Singh had called the doctor. Suomya goes to get a Qara for Preeto. Shanno comes to Suomya and forbids her do anything for Preeto. Suomya says she knows there are tensions between relations, still she needs to take care of Preeto. She get the Qara to Preeto. Preeto throws the glass away and says she would surely die if Suomya lives in front of her eyes. Suomya apologizes that she won’t come to her again. Harman comes from behind, and angrily drags Suomya out of the room. In the hall, he shouts at Suomya for coming to Preeto’s room. Suomya says she felt like preparing the Qara for Preeto as she was in pain. Harman says Preeto doesn’t want to see her at all. Ravi comes to protect Suomya but Harman sends her to the room. He tells Suomya to

go to her room as well. Shanno taunts Suomya that she doesn’t understand the love between relations.
Malika and others come to Singh house to inquire for Preeto’s health. Harman forbids them to meet Preeto, Preeto must be angry to meet them. Shanno says they are kinners; and Preeto doesn’t want to meet any kinner right now. Malika convince them in favor of Suomya but Harman wasn’t in a mood to argue. Suomya convinces Malika that Preeto isn’t in a mood to meet anyone, and drops them outside. Outside, she apologizes Malika. Malika blesses them. Malika tells Suomya about Samelan, they wanted to invite as well. Malika tells Suomya even Guru Maa is selected in this mela. A lot of kinners wish them to invite Suomya as well. She asks Suomya to continue telling her about Preeto’s wellbeing.
The next morning, Pandit ji comes to the Singh house. She requests the Pandit ji not to do the Pooja. If Preeto can’t do the pooja, someone else may do it. The Pandit ji tells Suomya they have to light a Diya and shouldn’t let it go out, it’s important for Nihaal Singh’s peace. Shanno agrees to Pandit ji and says Suomya will do this pooja. Suomya wasn’t ready. Shanno says Suomya created all these problems, now she resolve this. Suomya thinks may be this Pooja brings peace in the house, and Preeto also gets well.
Preeto sat with the family. She tells Harman she is fine after taking the medicine he had brought. Shanno thinks she must keep the family in the room and goes to get tea for all of them.
Suomya had prepared for the Pooja. Shanno tells her to prepare tea for the family. Suomya thinks if Nihaal Singh had blessed her, she wish his soul gets the peace.
Shanno comes to the room, and offers Harman to take Preeto outside. She might feel a little fresh. They all come outside. Preeto asks who lit the Diya. Shanno says may be Suomya had done it, they were all inside otherwise. Preeto was about to put it off. Suomya stops Preeto’s hand and requests her to let this Diya lit, its for the peace of family and Preeto’s wellbeing. Preeto asks how Suomya dare stop her hand. She had told Suomya to leave the house. She clutches Suomya’s neck to kill her. Harak Singh stops Preeto. Harman. Harman offers to put the Diya off. Suomya tries to stop Harman but he pushes her away. Harman breaks the Pooja pot, then takes Suomya upstairs.
In the room, he was angry and shouts at Suomya why she came downstairs and did all this. Suomya says she was told by Pandit ji to do all this. Harman says she must focus on the family and listen to them first. She was the one who brought Nihaal Singh home, and now this. Suomya replies Harman was with her. Harman asks if Suomya had listened to him, had he forbidden her bring that man home. He says her stubbornness and rigidity take lives of people.
Ravi stood outside and was concerned about the fight. Shanno forbids Ravi interfere between spouses.
Suomya asks whose life was lost because of her. Harman replies her mother, Nani and Surbhi all lost lives because of her stubbornness. If she now wants to kill Preeto as well. At least she shouldn’t take advantage of being a kinner. Suomya was taken aback.

PRECAP: Suomya leaves the Singh house with Soham. Harman finds Suomya across the house. Suomya was ready to be a Guru Maa, ready to share her biggest power, her Astitva.

Update Credit to: Sona

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