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Muskaan 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak and Muskaan face problems

Muskaan 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ronak and Muskaan taking care of the family. Muskaan serves them food. Ronak thanks Hanumant for help. The family stays sad and goes to sleep. Muskaan wakes up and looks for Ronak. Ronak is sitting outside. She goes to him. He says I have won today and not getting sleep, like I didn’t get sleep when I won a tough cricket match. She says I can’t believe that Sir ji’s truth came out, you always stood with me. Ronak hugs her and thinks to propose her. She thinks to show him ring tattoo to him. Ronak says I want to tell you… They hear Gayatri crying and go to console her. Gayatri recalls Sir ji. She apologizes to them. She says I was so wrong, I taunted Muskaan so many times and didn’t listen to Ronak. Ronak and Muskaan hug her and ask her to start a new life. Ronak thinks

I was selfish to think of my victory and forget mum’s defeat. Muskaan thinks we can’t talk about ourselves unless we handle mum.

Sir ji wakes up and gets a headache. Tara comes and says you had anger on your family but vented out on me, you told a lot about your family and slept. Sir ji says Gayatri left me, I did a lot for the family. She smiles and lights a candle. She says some heat melts this candle. She gets flirting with him. Bua gets dizzy. Everyone cares for her. Ronak asks them not to take tension, Bunty and Dipendra will get it. The men get some needful things. Dolly asks for water purifier. Muskaan says we will boil water and put it in soil pot. Dolly says we can go to ATM and get the cash to buy AC and purifier. Ronak says yes, but I got all the debit cards blocked, I don’t want Sir ji’s black money, don’t worry, we will manage.

Muskaan says yes, everything will get fine, doctor is coming to see Bua. She says we will fill water from the taps from tomorrow. Sir ji gets dressed in a black attire on Tara’s saying. She flirts with him. Sir ji asks his men to find about his family. Some men stare at the family. Bunty says I will teach them some manners. Gayatri shuts the window and says no need to argue with anyone. She asks them to have tea. She goes to make tea and thinks of Sir ji. She burns her hand. She cries and tells Muskaan about her wound on heart. Doctor comes to check Bua. Lovely says she has weakness, she couldn’t sleep all night. Doctor checks her BP and says its really high, get these medicines. The men come to take their stuff back. Ronak asks what happened.

The man says you are from Sir ji’s family, you left his house, give us our money. Doctor says I hope I get my fees. Ronak pays the fees. He asks the men to wait for the payment. Sir ji comes there. Sir ji sends those men. Ronak asks who gave you the address. Sir ji says this is my city and the people are mine, except few, I get the news some how. Gayatri says you have worn the color of your black deeds. Sir ji says you have seen my clothes turning black, you didn’t see the world is so mean. He sees her hand burnt and asks how did this happen. He says I promised to always take care of Gayatri, look at your state. He asks her to come home with him. She refuses. Ronak says my mum won’t go anywhere. Muskaan says you don’t worry for mum, we don’t have money, but we have smartness and sense. Sir ji goes. The men ask Ronak to pay money. Hanumant comes and scolds the men. He gives them money and sends them. Ronak asks did you rob some place. Hanumant says relax, don’t worry, we shall have breakfast now. Muskaan sees Ronak.

Tara asks Sir ji to remove the weak links first and then queen will come back to him. Everyone asks Gayatri to come back with them to home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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