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Gathbandhan 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya and Dhanak fight over Raghu

Gathbandhan 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Raghu comes in house. He calls for everyone. Maya comes there. Raghu says I brought juice, drink and give it to Dhanak, she gets tired. Maya sees his shirt button torn and says I will tuck it, she leaves. Dhanak comes there and says I got free early today, I will tuck your button. Maya comes there and says you always come at wrong time. Dhanak says I fulfill my duties as wife and professional. Raghu thinks to tease her and says Maya always does it so let her be. Dhanak says I am your wife now so I will tuck button. Maya says you decide now. Raghu looks at Dhanak and says you. Maya gets angry and leaves. Dhanak starts tucking Raghu’s button. He moves closer to her and says you dont have to do it, Maya can do it. Dhanak says you want her to do it? Let me call her. Raghu pulls her closer

and says you really think I want her to do it? Dhanak eyes him and tucks it. Raghu says I understood that I should always take wife’s side especially if she knows her duties. Dhanak smiles. Raghu moves closer so she nips him with needle, he screams. She says its enough for today. She leaves. Raghu says you left so soon? I know you are listening. Dhanak hides in room and blushes.

Mai comes to market and threatens people. She asks barber to massage her shoulders. Tawre comes there and asks for extortion money. Mai says you shouldnt use your uniform when you are a goon like me. Tawre glares at her. Mai says everyone calls me Mai here, you can call me that as well. Tawre says you forgot how I did makeup of your son? Mai says I didnt and I will make you polish my son’s shoes. Tawre raises hand on her but Mai points gun at him and says I am goon here so go to another area and ask for money. Tawre says your son will pay for this, he wants to earn money right way then I will show him in 24 hours. Mai thinks he is doing my work only. She takes extortion money infront of him and leaves.

Scene 2
Aslam comes to Sejal and starts helping her in loading her items in rickshaw, she thanks him and leaves. Dhanak comes there and glares at Aslam, she says you are not doing right, I know you respect Mai a lo but what she is making you do is wrong. Aslam thinks she is talking about him trapping Sejal. Aslam says Mai has done many favors on me so I cant deny her. Dhanak says I know but I thought you would help me and Raghu in bringing Mai on right path and will leave goon’s footsteps, you are still doing Mai’s work, there is still time, come on right path, she leaves. Aslam thinks that Dhanak is trying to solve everything and I am destroying her sister’s life? shame on me.

Mai is thinking about Tawre’s words and tells Bai that there is a storm coming in our house, his name is tawre.

Raghu is working on his stall when Tawre comes there with his officers. One commissioner tells him that shop owner doesnt have license. Tawre breaks everything in his shop. Batli tells Raghu that he is upto something. Raghu says I have license. Raghu shows his license to commissioner and says everything is fine. Tawre says your license expired on 23rd May and its 24th May so we have to break it. He starts throwing things from his stall. Raghu asks him to not take out his anger on his stall. Tawre doesnt listen to him. Officers keep Raghu away from Tware. Tawre tears his stall board and throws it.. before it can land on floor, Dhanak comes there and holds it. All look on. She glares at Tawre and respectfully gives board to Raghu. She lovingly looks at them. They both glare at Tawre. Tawre says welcome. Dhanak stops officer and says nobody can break this stall. Tawre says why? because he is your husband? he is doing illegal business and you are allowing it? his license expired so I should break his stall. Dhanak says I have license renewal certificate, she shows it and says his licence renewed today only, I know my duty as officer and wife both. Raghu thinks I love you Dhanak. Tawre says I will take revenge for this. He angrily leaves from there. Raghu smiles at Dhanak.

Batli says to Dhanak that you won today. Raghu says I forgot renewing license. Dhanak says I never forget anything related to you, my mind is always on you. Raghu says if you care so much then why dont you say it? Dhanak blushes. Geeta says you both are different but made for each other, did you have love or arrange marriage? Dhanak and Raghu gets tensed. Dhanak looks at Raghu and says love marriage. Raghu gets happy hearing that.

Maya sees Aslam and Sejal together and tells Mai. She says your other son is going away from you too. Mai stops her and thinks Tawre will attack Raghu’s honesty and Aslam will destroy dhanak’s sister.

PRECAP- Raghu cries and tells Aslam that I wanted be a good man, work hard and see love in Dhanak’s eyes but that Tawre destroyed everything, I made that dream with that stall but he broke my dream. He promises to take revenge from Tawre and says old Raghu is back and nobody can stop him. Mai does his tilak and thinks I knew my Raghu would comeback when pushed a little.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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