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Udaariyaan 24th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo returns home

Udaariyaan 24th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with the lady asking Tejo to check out. She asks about her husband. Tejo’s tear falls on Jas’ name and wipes it. Tejo leaves. Harman and Rupy are on the way. The ladies see Tejo and comment. Satti prepares for Tejo’s pagphere. Biraj asks for tea. Lovely says you have to go and get Tejo. Satti asks him to go and get snacks for her. Biraj asks her to call Rupy. She asks where did he go. Rupy says I will go and get Tejo, you go home. He gets Satti’s phone. He asks Harman to talk to her. He says once I know about Jas, I will not leave him. Harman says we will ask Fateh, he would know, he is Jas’ friend. He calls Fateh. Harman asks where is Jas, you are his friend, you would know about him. Fateh says he would be with Tejo. Harman says no, he didn’t come to the hotel at night. Fateh asks how can he disappear. Harman tells everything. Fateh gets shocked.

Rupy asks him to find out. Fateh says take Tejo home, I will find out everything. He thinks how can Jas disappear. Fateh leaves. His mum worries. Tejo walks barefoot and thinks of her family. She comes home. Satti turns and sees Tejo. Everyone rushes to Tejo and ask what happened with her. They get worried and ask her. Tejo cries and runs inside the house. They all ask her what had happened, what’s the matter. They cry. Biraj says I will call Jas. Harman and Rupy come home. Harman says no use to call Jas. Satti asks Rupy what happened, Tejo isn’t saying anything. Tejo hugs Rupy. She cries and runs to her room. They all ask what happened. Rupy says Jas left Tejo and ran away. They cry. Tejo cries in her room. Rupy tells everything. Bebe asks how can Jas do this. They think Jas will come back. Fateh comes and says Jas will never come back. They all see Fateh. Fateh says I m coming from train station, some guys have seen Jas and his mum leaving in the train. Bebe says its a misunderstanding. Fateh says no, I have shown their pics, they left. Satti asks where will we find him. Rupy gets angry and says you knew it, right, you tell me, where did Jas and his mum leave. Fateh says I don’t know.

Rupy, Harman and Biraj scold and slap him. Fateh says I don’t know anything, I m saying the truth. Jasmin comes in between and stops Biraj. She says he didn’t do anything, he was helping Jas, Jas has fooled him as well, Fateh came as the baraati. She cares for Fateh. She cries and hugs Rupy. Biraj says I m calling Jas’ uncle. Fateh says it was all a lie, a drama, we should go to police. Jasmin thinks of Preeto’s words. She asks Biraj to get her phone. She checks the pic and says is Jas the same guy. They see the pic. They get shocked seeing Jas’ pic. They all cry. Jasmin says Preeto told me many times to check the message. Biraj says Fateh is right, we should go to police. Jasmin goes to Tejo. She says Jas has cheated you and run away. Tejo asks what. Jasmin shows Jas’ pic with Neetu. Tejo gets shocked. Jasmin says I will not spare him. Tejo faints down. Jasmin shouts. Everyone runs to the room and sees Tejo. They attend her.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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