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The Twisted game of Destiny- Finding their Destination ep1. RiAnsh Fanfiction IMMJ2

Hi guys, this is my first episode of my Fanfiction. I hope you enjoy and please let me know how you find it in the comments section.

Finding their Destination

Rivan and Riva, twins who were walking down the road, in search for their destination. They were 18 years old and had come to Mumbai for their future. They aspired to become journalists. Both of them were dressed in t-shirts and jeans, a very casual look. Riva had her long tresses tied in to a ponytail while Rivan had a stylish hairstyle. They each carried their rucksacks containing their items. They had arrived in Mumbai with a lot of ambitions, to pursue their choice of career as well as their mission. They were all set for this new journey.


Riva: (exhausted after the long walk) Huh!! Are we there yet? How long to go? IS your map working right??

Rivan: Just there, please Riva, try your best, I know you’re exhausted, but we need to do this! For us (he sighed) and for Mom!

Riva: I know Bro! But Rivan how are we going to identify him?

Rivan: Stupid! Don’t you remember the bedtime stories? And her diary? She always had related it.

Riva: First, stop calling me stupid! Yea I remember about it!  (Realizing) So you mean to say that we should relate it to real life and find out about him! (Excited) That seems interesting, very interesting!

Rivan: Exactly RI! (Noticing a car dashing by, almost about to hit his sister) RI!! (He pulled her on the other side of the pavement) Can’t you walk on this side! I’ve told you, but you never take care of yourself! (Scolding)

Riva: Chill I’m fine my overprotective twin! (She giggled) (They resumed walking) Are we there yet? I hope your map is taking us the right way.

Rivan: Yep, absolutely. Rivan’s sources are never wrong! (Proudly)

Riva: You better not say anything about your sources! (Objecting) Shall I remind you what happened a few years back? The school trip where you guided us through the forest and instead of leading us out of the forest you took us deep INSIDE! (She shouted)

Rivan: Ummm that was a different case (trying to change the topic) and there we reach! (Pointing ahead)

They were in absolute shock. It was humongous! They had their mouths wide open. It was huge mansion adorned with marble. It was pearl white in color while the roof  was grey. A fountain on the way to the door, where water flowed endless, it was beautiful. The garden beside the fountain and in the front of the house was neatly maintained, all green and cut evenly. Lots of roses bordered the boundary, with other flowers such as, jasmine, bougainvillea, hibiscus and others. They watched everything from outside the gate.

Rivan: Wow!! (He gasped in shock)

Riva: Good gracious me! I can’t believe this….. Exactly like our dream house!! (She took out a picture from her bag pack and compared both properties)

They decided to take their steps forward, nearing to the steel, silver gate where there was a huge marble plate hanging outside the gate. VR Mansion was carved on the plate. It was fantastic. They were overjoyed that they found it after many struggles. They noticed no guard safeguarding it, so they just entered. They headed towards the main door.

Rivan: Let’s quickly go before the guards come!

Riva: why are you scared? Stop being a coward!

Rivan: I’m not being a coward! (Pranking) Oh watch out Riva! There’s a lizard behind you! (Hiding his smile)

Riva: Ahh!! Where is it!! (Jumping up and down, scared)

Rivan: Ha!! (laughing) Now look who’s being a coward! Where’s that brave and Riva now? (Mockingly) Come on grow up!! You’re 18 now!

Riva: So, what, umm (stammering and looking around) you’re also scared of injections! So, shut up and let’s go! (They walked and she rung the bell)

The twins had mixed feelings. They were elated to find the mansion but as well as worried for the outcome. They were well sure of the address and they knew they would find all their answers in the house in front of them. Their mission was on.

A beautiful lady opened the door….

So this was the first episode, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please let me know how you found it in the comments section and do let me know if I should continue or not and also please do let me know abt the length of the episode. Thank you.

I have a question for you:
Who do you think the woman/lady is??
 Do let me know in the comments section.


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