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The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 8

Chapter:8…”Cherishing the memories “…

Scene 1:

After everybody slept Ishani calls Riddhima.

Riddhima: Is everything fine? Why are you calling me at this hour?

Ishani: I want to say you something.

Riddhima: Is anything serious?

Ishani: Listen…(she tolds her something).

Riddhima:What!! Are you sure?

Ishani: 100% sure.

Ruddhima: Okay.

Riddhima woke up Sejal and says her everything.

Sejal: Do you need some help from me?

Riddhima: No. You go and sleep. I just alerted you.

Sejal: Okay.

Riddhima went towards her luggage and takes out a black hoodie with a black pant. She went to washroom and changed her dress. She came out and takes a gun from her luggage and out it inside her hoodie and gives an evil smile.

Scene 2:

Angre and Kabir both of them slept,but Vansh is still awake. He thought to go to the garden for some fresh air. He goes to the garden and sits in a bench. He is staring to the clear night sky which is full of stars and  the moon. All the surrounding are visible in the moon light. He remembered the song Hawayein, which they were singing in the car.

Vansh: How did Riddhima know about that song? Is she is Shweta only. I am half assure that she is Shweta because we two only knows about the song.

A small smile crept on his face. He closed his eyes and starts to recall the memory spent with her.


Before 1 year

Vansh was doing his work with the laptop is his study. Shweta came and threw a pillow towards him.

Vansh: Opps! Someone is angry.

Shweta:Because that someone wants something.

Vansh: And what that someone wants?

Shweta: She wants that you should keep your laptop aside and take your girlfriend to her home town.

Vansh: Like seriously?

Shweta: Yes Vansh. Please I want to go there. I am missing my home town.

Vansh: Okay we will go.

Shweta: Tomorrow?

Vansh: No today only better to say now only.

Shweta: Love you Vansh.

Vansh: Love you too sweetheart. Now get ready fast. We will leave in 15mins.

After 15mins:

Vansh: Ready?

Shweta: Yup!!!

Soon they reach airoport and they depart from there. They were going by Vansh’s private plane.

Vansh: sweetheart tell me why you miss your home town so much?

Shweta: That is my hometown. My everything my last memories with my parents. Moreover it is the city of joy(excited).

Vansh: Ok understood.

Soon the reach “The city of joy-KOLKATA”

Shweta was driving as she know all the roads. Vansh went their for first time. They went to Victoria Memorial, Science City, Howrah Bridge, Famous Kalighat and Dakhineshwar Temple,Indian Museum and many more.


When they were coming back to the airport via Vidyasagar Setu or the Second Bridge they witnessed a beautiful scene. The sky was full of cloyds and the sun rays makes them totally golden in colour. They were so happy to saw that. The golden clouds get reflected on the river. It enhances the beauty of Kolkata.

Shweta: Vansh look how beautiful it looks.

Vansh:Yes sweetheart,best scene ever!!It happens because of you only.

Shweta: In this situation only one song come into my mind.

Vansh: Sing it..


Tujhko… main rakh loon wahaan

Jahaan pe kahin… hai mera yaqeen

Main jo… teri naa hui
Kisi ki nahin…
Kisi ki nahin…

Le jaaye jaane kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein
Le jaaye tujhe kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein

Begaani hai yeh baaghi
Hawayein, hawayein
Le jaaye mujhe kahan
Hawayein, hawayein

Le jaaye jaane kahaan
Na mujhko khabar
Na tujhko pataa

Oh Ho Ho ….
Oh Ho Ho ….
Oh Ho Ho ….
Oh Ho Ho ….


Vansh can’t control his tears. They are continuously flowing. He was engrossed in her thoughts when someone aim a gun towards him.

Done with this update. I know it’s very small. But pardon me as I am not well. I will try to upload a big one in my next update if I am well. I hope you can adjust it. Stay home and stay safe. Love you all❤❤.


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