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Star crossed lovers: Episode 6: happy ending i guess

so hey guys this is the last episode as i wont be writing because we all know the plot is really boringggg ik as writer i myself am accepting it but actually this mwasnt my ff my younger sister wanted to try and then she used my ACCOUNT I WAs PISSED OFF ON HER but then it was fine then again she asked me to continue as she didnt know what to write so ya lets end this ff here finally

riddhima and sejal went back home finished their packing and next day they woke up took a bath

riddhima wore

See the source image

and thenn they packed some foood and snacks the jeep came and they left to goa, they soon reached goa and changed quick headed to the beach they played swam ate went to the farmhouse

vansh pov

today  i will tell my feelings for you riddhima

they had dinner vansh and riddhima were strolling when vansh took her aside to a gazebo

vansh: riddhima since the day we met u have made an impact on me i always wanted to tell u this but i didnt know how will u react i love you riddhu

riddhimawas  in tears : i love you to vansh

everyone were happy with this pair they dated for a year until riddhima proposed to vansh they got married

one day in vr mansion

vansh : what are u doing there may I ask

riddhima : nothing just staring at the birds the sky

vansh came closer to her

vansh : why do u need to look outside when im here

riddhima: yuck  vansh that is so cheesy you sh-

before she could complete he crashed her lips with her and she started to feel nausea ran inside the bathroom

vanhs: riddhima riddhim what happened

riddhima came out and fainted in his arms

he summoned a doc

doc: congrats Mr. raisinghania ur wife is pregnant

vansh was really happy everybody congratulated them

vamsh: thank you riddhu

riddhima ; ok now go get a medium sized cheese pizza for me while vansh was out for pizza riddhima was busy watching peppa pig he entered and burst out laughing

vansh : why are u watching this srsly

riddhima : see u make fun of me like this i will never talk to u (crying)

vansh: hey don’t cry look i bought pizza he placed the pizza box on her lap and hugged her

vansh: I’m so sorry

riddhima: yuck vansh go take a bath i hate that smell

vansh: but u liked it my cologne

riddhima: I SAID I HATE IT

he soon took a bath and came out by the time riddhima had eaten the whole pizza when she forwarded the box to him

riddhima: i saved a slice for you

they cuddled and slept

months passed like this

the 9 month


vansh took her to the hospital he heard riddhima screaming


all the family members laughed while vansh stood there embarrassed

congrats Mr. raisinghania its a girl

vansh went inside held his daughter kissed riddhima’s forehead

riddhima :anaya

vansh : ya  anaya

thats it im sorry ik im so bad i messed up please excuse my sis u know how annoying younger siblings are

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