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Shaurya And Anokhi in the world of LOVE And RESPECT.. Part 2

Shaurya And Anokhi in the world of LOVE And RESPECT (chapter 2)

Story starts with Anokhi getting up from the bed.

Anokhi : kya hua reema kiska call tha.

Reema : Shaurya sir ki sister ka bol rahi thi ki wo bina bataye kahi chale gaye,tujhe utne ke baad call karne ko kaha.(shaurya sir’s sister she was telling that sir went some where with out informing anyone).

Anokhi : what!give me the mobile.

anokhi spoke to shaurya’s sis and got to know that her PS is in goa.She started packing her stuff.t

Reema: anokhi kya hua, aur tu kaha ja rahi hai.( what happened anokhi and where are you going)

Anokhi: reeema tu kisi ko mat batana ki mein Goa ja rahi hu.(reema dont tell any one that iam going to goa.

Anokhi left her room within seconds,she reached the airport which is full of passengers waiting for their flights in waiting room.

after an hour she borded into her flight and within no time she reached goa.

then she checked in to the same hotel ,where shaurya is there. she went to her  room followed by a hotel staff member, the moment she went inside her room shaurya vacated his room,which is just beside shaurya’s room.

Shaurya went to the beach ,sat on a bench and lost in his thoughts.

Here in the room anokhi  got freshen up and started thinking about shaurya.

Anokhi’s POV:

Aapp kaha ho ps, aur kaha dundu mein aapko.( where are you ps, and where should i search you.)

she made her self strong from  getting break down and went to the same beach where shaurya went.

Anokhi ‘s eyes were searching for shaurya.the moment she saw shaurya she cant believe her own eyes.

anokhi gently rubbed her eyes and saw again,she was seeing shaurya.

she was glad that she found her PS and her happiness is clearly seen in her face.

anokhi called out PS, Shaurya got distracted from his thoughts,when he heared someone calling him PS.

When he turned ,there is no one present.

Anokhi got caught by a group  of men,who were fully inberiated, they are starting mis behaving with her.

she tried hard to escape from them but in vain.

some one came from behind and beat those goons very  hard in such a way that, they cant even  stand again.

Anokhi was shocked to see thst the guy who protected her is non other than herPS.

The moment she saw shaurya, she hugged him at least for 5 min.

Shaurya : anokhi are you ok? aur tum yaha kaise.(how are you here)

Anokhi : aap ko dundthe aai hu,bina bataye aap aise kaise aa sakte hai.( i came to search youy, how cn you come here with out informing)

Shaurya : woh mein thoda up se tha.( iwas upset)

Anokhi : mer wajah se( due to me) ek bat bolne thi aapse( i wanna tell you some thing)

shaurya: kya?( what)

Anokhi ; mujhe nahi pata aap kis se pyaar karte hai lekhin mein Aaapse bahut pyaar karti hu,I LOVE YOU.( I dont know whom you love, but I love you a lot)

shaurya was completely shocked with Anokhi’s confession,and he hugged her more tightly.

hope you like this chapter……

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