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Riansh OS Love story Haters to Love Part 2

Vansh comes to the room and sees riddima crying and asks what happened

Riddima : just answer one question do you love me ????

Vansh 🙁 in mind) yes riddima i love you (to riddima) no i doesn’t

Riddima : seriously meri aankhon ko dekh ke batao (really see in to my eyes and say )

Vansh : i doesn’t ……(he turned of his head and tears roll down from his eyes)

Riddima : (crying) why have you turned your face Mr .Vansh Raisinghania ??? Continue saying why have you stopped after saying”I doesn’t” continue saying
Vansh suddenly hugs riddima and says “I can’t live without you jaan I love you Sweetheart ”
(Guys when they are in love they used to call each other vansh nickname to Riddima : sweetheart , riddima nickname to vansh: jaan 😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😚😚)

Riddima too reciprocates his hug
Riddima : vansh of course our family has rivalry but we both love each other right then why did you left me if betrayal shattered you then what is my mistake here ??? To leave me like this I can die but can’t live without you vansh I love you jaan

Vansh : I won’t leave you once again sweetheart

Suddenly riddima ‘ s late father’s manager comes and gives riddima a letter and says minutes before his death he want to give this letter to you but I gave it late to you as bcoz of an issue sorry and he said you should definitely read this letter pl do read it he says like this and leaves from there

Riddima reads the letter and gets shocked vansh too reads the letter and get shocked
And it is written :

Riddima beta My princess pl listen to me carefully actually my ……My ……New business partner Mr .Thakur wanted to separate my friend from me (I.e vansh’s father ajay raisinghania) and wanted to do partnership with me and betray me but I get to know before he betray and I reconciled with ajay and pl don’t seperate from vansh as he is good and ajay doesn’t want to see your separation bcoz he wants you to be his daughter-in-law and I and ajay are not rivals bcoz we have misunderstood each other bcoz of us you both turned into rivals don’t do that as I want to tell you this directly but we are going to die in Mr.Thakur’s hands so what I am saying all this in a letter pl don’t separate or misunderstand vansh and leave him bcoz he doesn’t want to betray you but bcoz of rivalry he thought to breakup with you bye riddima mine and your darling mom’s blessings will always be with you

After reading this riddima starts crying but she wipes her tears and decide to avenge the death of her parents and in-laws she says something to vansh and then riddima calls the manager and informs him to ask Mr .Thakur for a partnership when Mr Thakur learns this and says

Mr Thakur : so after mr rathore(Riddima’s father ) even his daughter wants to do partnership with me and get betrayed (laughs) (to his manager)ok agree to the deal I am going back to india book tickets

When he comes back he sees riansh fighting first laughs later (doing drama) children why are you both fighting

Riddima and vansh (unison ) : we hate each other !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riddima explains how they got married and how they want to take revenge from each other from a very long time bcoz of each other’s parents deeds Mr . Thakur was very happy that they are fighting and want to take revenge without knowing the whole truth and how they are very big fools

Riddima : Anyhow , sorry for keeping you waiting Mr Thakur let’s start the meeting

Mr Thakur : yah sure

And then riddima makes him sign the partnership papers which are actually the property papers which he took from riansh’s parents by cheating them

Riddima and vansh Smirks and remember their plan
Flashback :
Riddima : vansh we have to avenge our parents death by fooling Mr thakur by making him sign the property papers which he took from us as partnership papers and to divert his attention and make him believe we hate each other we should start a fight at the meeting hall when he will enter that we hate each other and we should act like we doesn’t know anything and he will believe us and without doubting he will sign the papers

And Plan B is that when he will learn that I made him sign the property papers he will definitely confront me and I will say him that I only have him partnership papers and I will make him believe that you replaced the papers and he will believe me but he will not leave me and so that he will try to kill me and he will definitely confess what he has done and then you be ready with police men and the proofs we collected against him so we can catch him red handed and handover to the police ok darling

Vansh : yes sweetheart I am with you in this
Everything goes how they want and when he was about to kill her still doesn’t arrive so she decides to record the confession he is confessing of how he killed riansh’s parents and other crimes he did to get property and money and when he is about to kill her riddima takes a gun from her pocket and says
Riddima : Riddima Singh Rathore ko choti baat mat sochna kyunki Meh ek CBI officer hu I’m RSR — Riddima Singh Rathore
This confession shocks him and when he was about to stab her vansh arrives with the police and shows them the actual face of Mr Thakur and makes them see the proofs which he and riddima have collected and thakur gets arrested
And and happy ending of Riansh story hope you all like this

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