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Riansh FF – You are precious to me (Chapter 8: will happiness turn into sadness)

I had this done from a long time and I liked it that you guys did complete the target and this time the target is 


Pls do complete for a new chapter.

So the day was Navaratri  (none guesssd it)

Flashback starts-

It was Navaratri and Vansh was with his sweetheart as always. They were dancing and then they both promised each other in front of everyone who was present.

When they were doing the Aarti they wished that they never get separated..

Vansh: Riddhi 

Riddhima: hmm 🤨 

Vansh : can you promise that you will never leave me and be my support forever?

Riddhima: ok Vanshu I promise I won’t leave you and will listen to you always! Until God wants us with him,we will live together forever.

Mere jine ki wajah ho tum

Mere dil me dhadkano ki jagah ho tum

Jo tum chle gye toh mujhe kon apnayega

Kon mujhe tumhari tarah sine se lgayega


(Translation- U are the reason of my life,U are in my heart on the place of my heartbeat,If u will go who will accept me,Who will take into arms like u do)

After saying this, Riddhima looked at vansh and so did vansh: they had an eye lock 

Ishq mein marjawan (female version plays)

Vansh: no Riddhi you won’t be separated from me as we are childhood best friends and I saved you from Death and will continue to do that. Our friendship is such that not even god can break it.By the way I need to meet your Aishu di. What amazing shayari (quotes) she makes especially these are for us. 

Riddhima: nope you won’t be able to meet Aishu di but you can surely praise her as we talk a lot with each other and why did you ask me to promise twice as we did in childhood? 

Vansh:Riddhi now that you have promised, let’s celebrate and this promise had been done before in our childhood  and this was just to remind you that you can never leave your Vanshu and go to god. This was a good chance to relive our memories..

Riddhima: hmm 🤔  you are the best Vanshu 

Both of them laughed 🤭 

-Flashback ends-

Vansh: why Riddhi? why? I made you promise twice and god can’t snatch you from me. That childhood memory in which I was about to lose you was the most bad and most good memory we had as that day you promised me to never leave me…

His thoughts were interrupted by the doctor 👩🏼‍⚕️ 

Doctor: sir her reports have come and it’s normal and medicine have been prescribed. Please do give them on time and since a lot of poison had been given she is weak. You have to take good care of her or else it will affect her later. 

Vansh: thank you doctor

He put the photograph back in his wallet and left.

He went to the room and sat on the stool;

 Vansh: Riddhi pls get up. See I prayed for you also and if  not for my sake,Get Up for the sake of our friendship… You promised and you can’t leave me alone without completing it.

He sensed some movement in Riddhima’s fingers and called the doctor.The doctor checked and said that she is fine but needs to be kept under observation. 

He came inside the room again;

Vansh: Riddhi 

Riddhima: Vanshu see I didn’t break  my promise. How can I leave you and break my promise you know that Riddhi never backs out from her words.

Like this three days went and vansh never let Riddhi get down from her bed even. Even Vansh’s family members supported him and took special care of his sweetheart.

Now it was the day of her freedom. She got up early in the morning and again got panic attacks. Like always her Vanshu came and calmed her then both of them came down for breakfast and had breakfast. They were smiling and then they left for office. Riddhima was very happy as it’s her first day after a long break.

They stopped a bit before the office and Riddhima stepped down and  left while vansh and angrey went towards the office. Riddhima has a special door to enter as media are always right outside the office and she doesn’t want her face to be shown.

She always reaches the office early.Vansh reaches his cabin;

Riddhima: good morning Vanshu and you broke last week’s record.

Vansh:good morning  Riddhi  and VR record break nahi karta set karta hai. ( VR sets records but doesn’t break them)

Riddhima: whatever

They both laughed!!

Then both got stuck with meetings and dealings. Riddhima found from Angrey that Vansh had not taken a break or lunch. She went to Vansh’s cabin and then took the lunch with her.

She went to Vansh’s cabin;



She was like this angry and sad.

Riddhima: Vanshu

(In a stern voice)Vansh: who is that? Get out or else the consequences will be bad! And I can fire you right now!

Riddhima: accha thik hai! (Really ok then)But first look who it is !

Vansh looked and found Riddhima near the door. 

His face went pale and was scared 😱

Vansh: omg Riddhi. sorry I am  really sorry. Why are you staying outside? Pls mujhe maaf kardo (pls forgive me)

Riddhima: so who are you going to fire and why should I get out? What consequences should I face? Well you are doing the same thing what sweety did to her bhaiya (brother)

She was angry..

Vansh: sorry nah pls I will give you milk chocolates,head massages for a week (wish I had someone to give me one 😐) and also a big bouquet 💐 of red roses 🌹 

(There are my favorites 😅)

Riddhima: ok so now you are trying to please me by this things but can’t you ask a sorry from me that too properly. Like how sweety asked from her bhaiya. She even included her bhaiya in her book. 

Vansh: first I am not sweety’s  bhaiya nor am I yours but ok . My dearest Riddhi pls forgive me for not recognizing you.

Riddhima: ok forgiven but I need the bouquet , chocolates and head massages.

Vansh(murmurs): thank goodness but sweety’s bhaiya was so good that he forgave  her but look at Riddhi,better not complete.

Riddhima: did you say something?

Vansh: no nothing 

Riddhima: why are you stressed?

Vansh: this file 

He gave her the file and Riddhima sat down and completed it in a jiffy. 

Vansh: You are such a sweetheart Riddhi and you completed this. No wonder our business is the best.

Vansh: Kon kehta hai jine k liye sb accha chahiye

Bs ek yaar ho wo bhi saccha chahiye


(Who says that we need everything prefect for living, I just need a friend who is honest)

Riddhima: ok thanks but now shut up and eat your lunch….

Vansh ate lunch and the day went on and then they came home. Angrey was offered water by ishani, Riddhima by Siya and Vansh by Siya. 

Riddhima: thank god the day went well.

Vansh and Angrey : yes 

Siya: Riddhima how about organizing a basketball match tomorrow?

Riddhima: ok 

Vansh: ok sure but we will have two matches 

Everyone: ok 

Everyone was going to their respective rooms when Riddhima felt dizzy and fell in the arms of Vansh….

Done for today..  Do complete my target and  question of the day;

Why did Riddhima faint?

Also this  Message is from Aishu di (author of the ff -the saga of truth unfolds) she said she is not updating today as the target is not completed and comments have dropped.. Please go and complete the target guys..

ok bye sweethearts and take care. Please do complete Aishu di’s target!

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