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Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 10 YAY!

1 din mein 2 updates dene ke baad maine aapbe aap ko god samjh liya tha to aab thoda late karke aam aadmi ban jati hun ok ok ok
2 days later!
Riddhima’s room is shown its very clean! Woah! Riddhima’s room is clean! There are many medical stuff around and Riddhima is sleeping!
Kabir: princess take your food
A glass window is shown from which kabir is talking
Riddhima: hmm throw the food I’ll take it!
Kabir: oh c’mon riddhi you’re not a prisoner or something like that!
Riddhima: bro I’ll make you guys infected that’s why I’m saying! And I don’t wanna eat food!
Just then vansh comes
Vansh: eat riddhima!
Riddhima eats
5 days later   Morning at VR mansion
Dadi: bappa please save my child. riddhima is very kind hearted girl just please do some mercy on us (crying)
Vansh: dadi, today reports will come lets hope for the best!
Ishani: bhai let’s go!
At RB mansion
Kalpana: god god god!! Please reports negative aye!
Dadi: don’t cry kalpana everything will be fine!
Courier boy: sir your parcel!
Kabir: give!
Kabir reads the reports and again drop of tear falls from his eyes
Vansh: ka..bir!
Kabir: she is covid negative!
Whole family was in ninth cloud!
After 2 hours
Riddhima was sleeping! Dhol voice broke riddhima’s sleep
Riddhima: ughhh koi chain se marne bhi nahi dega (copied by mummy ke taane 😂) whattttt happened!!?
Vansh: you
Kabir: are
Avinash: covid
Riddhima: positive I know
Whole family: negative(shouting)
Riddhima: what!? Stop joking stop!
Vansh: take this report!
Riddhima reads
Riddhima: O my god I’m I’m covid negative yeahhhhh!
Avinash: come my baccha I’m craving for your hug!
Riddhima: pehle main naha lun
After bath!
Riddhima: mom!
She goes hug kalpana, avinash and kabir and it was time to hug vansh

Tera hona mera hona kya hona agar na dono mile tu pehla pehla pyaar hai mera..

Riddhima hugs vansh!

Riddhima: I love you!

Vansh: love you too sweetheart

After they all share group hug
Pheww.. I was singing pehla pyaar while writing my doctor was like: sau pagal aye par tum jaisa ek bhi nahi 😂 agle episode mein jhatka lagega thanks for reading 💙

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