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#Riansh Born to be united.. Episode 20!

Hello everyone..hope you all are doing well..

Today I am on nine clouds because I have not imagine that I will receive such lovely response from you all..and because of your comments I am here with my 20th episode…I have never thought that I will be writing 20th episode of my FF… Thank you so much….


So lets start without no more bakwaas..


Episodes starts…


Vansh:- Yes doctor how is she??? Is aksh alright..??pls tell..


Doctor:- mr.vansh pls calm down..

Let me speak..

Mis.Riddhima is out of danger..she is absolutely fine..

Yay but she is weak.she need bed rest for about 48 hours…

And this is only possible due to Aksh..he is really a brave child..

And he is also fine..he is just little weak..but he will be fine after 1-2 hours..just see his diet it should be perfect..


Vansh:- Thank you so much doctor..Can I meet Riddhima..


Doctor:- yes but now she is not in concious state..she will be after few minutes then you can meet her.


Vansh:- And Aksh..


Doctor:- you can meet him..


Vansh:- okay Thankyou doctor..


Doctor:- Don’t thank me it’s my duty..and yes I need one of you to do the leftover formalities…


Aryan:- Yes doctor I will do the leftover formalities..


Vansh reached where Aksh was..


He saw Aksh was trying to get up.


Vansh:- Champ what are you doing.? doctor said na you need rest..


Aksh:-hmm..I know but you know na I can’t sit in one place..


Vansh:- I know but you are weak you need rest..or else how will you meet your bua..


Aksh:- She is alright?? I want to meet her..pls mamu Don’t say no..🥺


Vansh:- okay but first you have to finish this juice..


This scene was seen by two pair of eyes..Siya and Ishani..


Ishani:- Aksh loves his bua very much..if something happened to her then he have been broken..


Siya:- di why are you talking about the thing which did not happened..he saved his bua..I am proud of him..he is so brave..now I can say very proudly to everyone that my di is the best mother she has raised her child so perfectly..☺️now don’t cry..


Ishani:- hmm..


They share a hug..


Aksh:- akele akele..this is not fair mom…

Masi I need this more than you..😑..


Siya:- so someone is jealous.. don’t worry your mom will be yours only..☺️


Vansh:- okay now let’s go..

Ishani how is Angre..


Ishani:- He is fine.. sleeping due to medicines..


Vansh:- okay take care of him..


Kabir,Sejal were already in Riddhima’s ward..


Vansh,Ishani,Siya with Aksh entered there..


Aksh:- Sejal masi how is bua?


Sejal:- She is still unconscious..


Aryan entered..


Aryan:- Guys come you all should eat something you all haven’t eaten anything from yesterday evening..


Siya:- No Aryan..


Aryan:- No Siya you will spoil your health..


Kabir:- Siya Aryan is right.lets go..


Vansh:- you all go I am here..when you all will come Then I will go ok.!!


Aryan:- Okay.. come on Aksh…


Everyone one left.. except Vansh..


Now there was complete silence in the room…


Vansh:- Riddhima pls get up now..pls now no more of teasing..

If you now don’t get up.?I will not talk to you.?you have to answer also..I am waiting for your yes..


When he saw some moments… Riddhima’s fingers were moving..


Vansh:- Riddhima!!(excitedly)


Riddhima:- vansh(with a weak tone)


Vansh:- Are you okay?


Riddhima:- yes..are you okay?


Vansh:- shh… don’t stress What will happen to me..I am alright..

Just answer why did you that..why you took that bullet..?

Huh!! What you think yourself you are a superwoman??


Riddhima:- Done with your lecture??

I am thirsty..want water..


Vansh:- She ignored me.?😒😏(she ignored Vansh Rai Singhania)

Here you go..

(Ignore this sindoor)


Vansh:- kuch or chaiye?(want something else?)


Riddhima:- No… (remembering the last thing she remembers…she starts sweating.)


Riddhima:- B..h..a..I where is b.hai..He is back..!!

Bhai he will again hurt us..bhai!!! Bhai..


Vansh:- Shh.. nothing will happen..calm down..angre is not here..calm down and nothing will happen..I am here with you..first stop..shhh….


Riddhima:- pakka?


Vansh:-hmm..pakka..You forget I am Vansh Rai Singhania..😉

Chalo you need rest..


Kabir, Aryan,Siya,Ishani,aksh enters


Aksh:- Bua are you okay??

You know I was so worried..Is it paining?


Riddhima:- No it’s not paining now.. don’t worry I am alright..


Aksh:- hmm..why will you not..apko mere jaise champ ka blood chada h.(you have blood of champ like me)


Riddhima:- What !!

Ishani is he saying right how can you he is so small to donate blood..

Aksh are you okay na??


Aksh:- Bua relax..I am alright..and I have juice and healthy breakfast also..and doctor also said that I am absolutely fine..


Ishani:- Don’t worry Riddhima..he is okay..and you don’t take stress..


Riddhima:- Where is bahi is he okay..why he not donated the blood??

Aryan where is bhai?


Aryan:- Riddhima relax he is okay..he just got some minute injury so doctor doesn’t allow him to donate..and why are you ask so much of questions are you playing KBC??


Siya:- Yes Riddhima you should take rest..


Kabir:- Vansh you come with me..(he Singal Vansh something and went out with him…)


Siya:- Riddhima now don’t tell me that you don’t love bhai..now you have proved also..so no more lies..


Riddhima:- Siya it’s nothing like this it was just a reflex action..that I did..and why not a friend can safe his friend’s life..you are just overthinking..(our zidi Ziddhima)


Sejal:- Siya leave all this she should rest now..


Siya:- I am leaving you now but I will take your class…😌


That’s it..

I know it’s small but I am having a busy schedule today lots of assignment..

So I thought to update something so just updated this much..


Hope you like it..Do comments..

And target is same 25+ comments..try to complete it if you want next one..😉


And yes questions that will be troubling you:-

1)Who was the one whom Riddhima was talking about..who is back?

2)why and what Kabir signal Vansh??


Stay tuned to get the answers..


Take care and have a great day ahead…

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