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In Srinivasans house

Ishaan decides to call Rhea. But he doesn’t find the similarities in the phone number of Rhea and the the girl with whom he fought on the phone.

“ Why is this Mr.Lunatic calling me?”

She lifts the call.

“ hello, why did u call me Mr.Lunatic?”

Ishaan gets surprised with her voice.

“ This girl… that means Rhea is the same girl with whom I fought.”

“Hello.. Hello.. why did u call if u don’t want to speak ?”

“ Hi, it’s me Ishaan.” He says as politely as he can.

Rhea feels chill down her spine learning that both the guys are one and remembers her kiss with him. She immediately cuts the call in embarrassment. She crusher her face to pillow. Even Ishaan also gets confused to what to do.

In Shashank’s room

Shashank remembers Ranbhir’s words. He remembers during their breakup Mishti was speaking on the phone. He connects all the dots.

“ Does that mean she was ….. she was forced to accept her alliance with Aryan?”

In Abhigya’s room

“ I am so happy that Prachi and Shahana are alive.”

“ I am also very happy, Pragya. But I don’t understand why did they leave?”

“ we will know that once they return.”

They hug each other in happiness but frees from themselves from the hug. Kiara who is standing at the door observs their awkwardsness.

“ I don’t think your daughter must return” says Kiara.

Abhi and Pragya turn towards Kiara and replies in unison “what?”

“ yes, u see, I heard that Prachi and Rhea were never on good terms so, she can’t stay happy here.”

“ But,we will help them to sort out their differences” replies Pragya.

“ I don’t think so u will be able to.”

“ why do u think so?”asks Abhi

“ Because, u can’t solve your own differences. U love each other since nearly thirty years, but u used to get separate, even now, though u are together but…..”

Abhi and Pragya displays a questioning face.

“ Yes, I know your little secret.”

Pragya and Abhi look at each other and then looks at Kiara with embarrassment.

“ I am so sorry, I didn’t want to know. It was just a coincidence. I just want to let u know that until u both are united u can’t unite your daughters, then it would be impossible for Prachi and Rhea to stay under the same roof.”

Kiara leaves from there.

Abhi and Pragya look at each other. They remember their moments with each other and then their fight after  Prachi’s accident. They cry and apologize to each other and promises never to get separated from each other at any cost.

Aliya watches all this from far. She goes to her room angrily. She breaks all the stuff in her room

“ I should find who this girl is before she unites this family together.”

She calls someone.

“ I had asked information about Arya, what happened? did u find anything?”

“ Yes , mam. Meet me at café coffee day tmrw. I will reveal all the info I gathered about her.”

Aliya cuts the call

“ Ur time has come to an end , Arya.”

Next day

In Mehra office

Sunny comes to Purab’s  office to meet him. He dashes with Kiara and her guitar falls down from her hands and breaks.

“ I am sorry I didn’t see…”

Kiara remembers Pragya and Abhi giving the guitar to her after their reconcilation as a blessing to her.

She scolds Sunny very badly but finds out that he left. She gets more angry that he left.

In Purab’s cabin

Sunny barges into the cabin.

“ Hey, boy do u have an appointment or permission to come into?”

“”As if u will leave others with their permission, Mr. Purab Khanna”

“ Execuse me? Who are u ?”

“ Sunny singh, Son of Disha singh.”

Tears starts rolling from Purab’s eyes. He starts remembering his moments with Sunny. He comes near him . He tries to carasse his face but Sunny moves backwards.

“ U lost this right of yours 20 years ago. I had enough with this act of yours, Purab Khanna.”

“ What?”

“ What do u mean by what? U kicked me and my mother out of your lie for another woman and now you are pretending to care about us. ”

“ No, listen to me Sunny.”

“ I don’t want to hear anything from u. I just came here to warn u to stay away form my mother. She has gone through a lot, I knew she was never happy after drifting away from u but she was at peace but now u are taking that also away from her. She will not be able to make it through if she suffers more than this, so stay away from my mother.”

He turns to leave but feels a chill down the spine seeing Kiara at the door step.

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