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Hii!! I saw the comments that you all are very excited for the marriage. Here it is…..

Episode starts…..

Riddhima was thinking about Vansh and guess what! She was smiling! This was her most graceful smile she has ever had. She was lost thinking about Vansh when Siya came. Siya was very happy to see Riddhima smiling.
Siya: Bhabhi!
Riddhima: Bhabhi?
Siya: I mean…. Yes, you are going to be my bhabhi in the next hour! Get ready!

Riddhima nodded and closed the door. She got ready. She was looking so gorgeous.
Riddhima: Is this love! I am really scared to share my feelings with Vansh. What if he is doing this just…. No no I should not think. I am getting married. She gets a call to be on the mandap.
Riddhima came and sat near Vansh. Vansh looked at her. He couldn’t stop looking at her. They both were looking at each other with no expressions. Riddhima looked at Siya.

Siya was also smiling. Then they had pheres and Vansh putted sindoor in her hairline. Riddhima had teary eyes but she didn’t cry. All the wedding rituals where completed. ( I don’t remember more than these😂)
They all sat together and had dinner. Then Siya took her to Vansh’s room. It was decorated beautifuly. Riddhima turned back to say something to Siya. But she was gone. She was looking at the beautiful decorations when Vansh came. He took a pillow and a blanket and went to the couch. Riddhima was still standing looking at him.
Riddhima to herself: He has such a kind gesture. He knew I wouldn’t be comfortable so he is there in the couch.  I really do want to confess my feelings. I love you Vansh.
Riddhima smiled and went to the bed.( 13 Saal ki bachchi zyaada deep nhi jaayegi🤣)
Vansh to himself: She was smiling. Does she also loves me? I will confess my feelings to you soon. I love you Riddhima.
Next morning
Vansh woke and saw Riddhima was not there. Riddhima came out of the washroom. She was looking gorgeous in wet hairs. She came to Vansh.
Riddhima: Good Morning
Vansh: Good Morning
Both of them came downstairs and prayed to God and took blessings from Dadi and Anupriya.
Dadi: Riddhima beta, as per our riwaaz you have to make something sweet in the breakfast.
Vansh walked away.
Riddhima: Dadi, what is Vansh’s favourite?
Dadi smiled: Meethi bhaat. Anupriya will help you.
Riddhima smiled and went to the kitchen. Anupriya came from behind.
Anupriya: Riddhima
Riddhima: Ji mummyji
Anupriya: Look, you might be Vansh’s wife. But you will never make any space in my heart. For me, you are just the daughter in law of The Rai Singhanias. I will send D’Souza to help you.
Anupriya walked away. Riddhima was in tears. But she tried her best not to cry and prepared all the breakfast. She joined everyone on the dining table and sat next to Vansh. Both of them smiled looking at each other. Riddhima blushed and went to take the breakfast. She came up with Meethi bhaat and served to Vansh first. Vansh was happy seeing the Meethi bhaat. Dadi went to her room to take her medicines.
Ishani: Aren’t you tired Bhai?
Vansh: No, why?
Siya: Of staring Bhabhi?
Aryan, Ishani and Siya laughed.
Siya: You have your own room to stare at her.
Aryan: That would just stare each other in the room?
Vansh: Shut up Aryan!
Anupriya: Thank god your Dadi is not heated. She would take you for Ganga snan.
Everyone laughed. Vansh looked at Riddhima. Her eyes were filled. She looked at Vansh. She wiped her eyes and went to the room.
Precap: Riddhima was crying bitterly and Vansh sat next to her. She hugged him and cried more.

So why do you think Riddhima was crying? Tell in the comments 💕

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