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Ishagre OS by Dr SoniaMathews

This comes to me randomly while listening this song.. It’s an Ishagre OS

Angre’s POV

“When she will gain consciousness?”, Vansh Bhai asked the doctor.

“Couple of hours..”, doctor replied and left.

I stood and peeped inside the room where Ishani was asleep. I still remember how afraid I was to see her in this condition. How happy she was about her birthday party.. she wanted everyone to wear the clothes which were designed by her. We all wore her designed clothes, and her happiness was easily seen through her eyes.

But suddenly, an injection hit her arm and she.. she lost consciousness. I was mad.. I was shocked.. What happened to my Ishani? I held her and took her to the room fastly, tears were rolling from my eyes, non stop. Bhabhi called the doctor on time and thus our child got saved, otherwise..

I was so helpless when doctor told us that anything could happen to the child.. I was terrified.. How was I suppose to meet her gaze, if anything would have happened to our child? I could not lose our child, neither her. But fortunately, child and mother both were safe and sound.

I entered her room, sat beside her, waiting for her to open her eyes so that I could hug her..

(Listen to ‘Bas ek baar‘ song sung by Soham Malik)

Meri nazron ko tumne sapna dikhaya

Jagaya mujhe raton mein

I still remember the day Bhabhi told everyone that I should marry Ishani. Though Ishani never liked me, but I always loved her. And I was too happy to marry her after knowing about her pregnancy.

I always dreamt about her and our child.

Dabi dabi saanson mein khushboo le aaya

Kabhi jo na thi rahon mein

I still remember how my life changed after our marriage. Though she never gave a damn to me..but I always cared her, even before our marriage I used to take care of her, but after our marriage I got the official license.

I was an employee who used to work day and night for boss, but after marrying her I was a husband and a father, who also had to take care of his wife and his unborn child. She had unknowingly brought happiness in my thorny path.

Aisa mera dil kabhi na tha

Jaisa ye ho gaya, karamaat teri hai ye

I never loved anyone. But she was different. Her attitude, her tantrums, her annoyance, I wanted to face all of them, I wanted to bear everything for her. I was never like this, but she made me the one.

Bas ek baar tum ko dekhne ko tarsu

Mano na kehna mera

I held her hand and cried. I just want to see her in conscious state. Just once.. Can’t she do it once for me?

Mai to bas ek baar tum ko dekhne ko tarsu

Kehta  hai dil ye mera

My heart wanted to see her big blue eyes staring me in annoyance just once. I wanted to hear her scoldings, just once. I wanted her to shout at me, just once. Ishani, please scream..call me ‘servant’ just once.. Please Ishani.

Aate aate tum le aana

Bemausam ki kuch baarishe yaha

Aadhe aadhe bheeghe dono

Ho fir apni kuch khwahushein riha

After you gain consciousness I will never let you leave me.. I will protect you and our child from every trouble. Please open your eyes Ishani..  I cried.

Aisa mera dil kabhi na tha

Hairan bewajah, saugat teri hai ye.

I never was like this. I never begged. I was never so helpless, I was never so miserable.. but today I am.. you are the reason. And I am happy to get a beautiful reason like you.

Bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsu

Mano na kehna mera

Mai to bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsu

Kehta hai dil ye mera

Just once Ishani. Please.. I wanted to hug you, though you never want. I wanted to keep you with me, though you never wished. I closed my eyes.

Baithe baithe soche tum ko

do ankhein ye bunti kahaniyan

Haste haste baatein karte

Ek duje se khwabon ke darmiyaan

I closed my eyes and saw that wonderful dream again. Where only you, me and our child is there. Where there is no trouble, no problem. Where you love me, where I love you. Where you want me, and I desire you. Where we had our kid, who is just like you. Where we talk whole day, whole night long.. without thinking about time. Where we three laugh all the time.

Aisa mera dil kabhi na tha

Is baar ho gaya, khurafat teri hai ye

I was never like this. I always liked you. But after today’s incident I got to know, that I love you. And I can’t live without you. You are my oxygen, you are my life, you are my everything.

Bas ek baar tum ko dekhne ko tarsu

Mano na kehna mera

Mai to bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsu

Kehta hai dil ye mera

My heart yearns for your one smile, for your one look at me. Can you listen to me once?

Ha, bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsu

Mano na kehna mera

Mai to bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsu

Kehta hai dil ye mera.

Finally!, You gain consciousness . You don’t know, how much relieved I am after you opened your eyes..


Ishani’s POV

Kisi shaam ki tarah

Tera rang hai khila

I opened my eyes, as I gain consciousness. And I first saw Angre. His face.. He was so relieved as he saw me, opening eyes. His face shined, as he got a new life. I looked around and saw everyone inside my room, surrounding me. Angre was holding my hand, his eyes were red, probably due to constant crying and his cheeks had stains of his dried tears. Was he crying? I looked towards bhai. His face was not different than Angre’s. Same satisfaction covered him, when I saw him.

Main raat ik tanha

Tu chand sa mila

I looked around and found bhabhi behind bhai. Her eyes were blood red, her nose was also red and her cheeks still had tears. Were they all crying? For me? I never thought that I was so important for them. I thought that after ma’s death, I am alone. I always felt lonely, but today’s scenario is making me hard to believe this.

Haan tujhe dekhti rahi

Kisi khwaab ki tarah

I once again glanced at Angre. I blinked my eyes as I saw something in his eyes. His eyes held extreme love, care and affection towards me. Was it a dream? I glanced all around and saw love in everyone’s eyes for me. Was it really a dream? Do they all love me? I kept on staring Angre.

Jo ab saamne hai tu

Ho kaise yakeen bhala.

Angre caressed my face, and tugged my lock behind my ear. I kept on staring him. He leaned  and kissed my forehead. Wait! Angre kissed me? Why? I always scold him..so that he could never love me.. I always irritates him.. so that he could never fall for me.. But.. Did I failed in my mission of making him hate me? How should I believe?

Toota jo kabhi tara, sajna ve!

Tujhe rab se manga

I remembered how I always wished to get Angre in my life early. I had always hated him, but he always cared for me and my child. Though it was not his child, still he cared. And I couldn’t help but fell for him.. But I was afraid. Afraid of losing my love again..so I started scolding him, shouting on him, thinking it would compel him to hate me. But I always longed him. I always wished, if I had him as my husband in my every life.

Rabb se jo manga mileya ve

Tu mileya to jaane na dungi main

I always prayed to god about Angre’s well being. First Dadu.. the person whom I admired the most, then Dad, my first love, then my Ma.,everyone left me alone. Sunny, whom I loved madly, left me alone.. I thought I am cursed. I thought I never deserved love. I become short tempered, I become irritated. And then I got Angre. But I was always afraid of losing him. Because, whoever I loved, leaves me, so I make sure that he never fell for me.

But instead, I fell for him. I always longed him. If I had got him, I will never let him leave me. I will never let anyone leave me.

Thinking this, a drop of tear escaped from my eyes.

Itni bhi haseen main nahi, o yaara ve

Mujhse bhi haseen to tera ye pyaar hai

And as I cried, Angre wiped my tears and hugged me. Why? Why is he doing this? I am not worthy of him! I never deserve love.. I am not worthy of affection.. He deserves all happiness and love, not I!

Haan Itni bhi haseen main nahi, O yaara ve

Mujhse bhi haseen tera pyaar..

Just then bhabhi held my hand. Why are they loving me? Why they care for me? This woman, whom I always taunted, whom I hated to the core, whom I wanted dead. She is crying for me. She is caring for my health? Am I so important for them? I always hated bhabhi.. but in the core of my heart, I always had respect towards her, as she was the one who had changed my bhai.

“Why? Why you care?”, I cried looking at Angre and Bhabhi.

Ki tera mera pyaar ye

Jaise khwaab aur dua

“Because I love you!”, Bhabhi and Angre said together. Love you? They love me? Me? Didn’t they remember I was the one who taunted them? Didn’t Angre remembered how I treated him? Didn’t Bhabhi remembered how I tortured her?  Did they love me so much, that they forgave all my sins? Is love so powerful?

Haan sach kar raha inhe

Dekho mera khuda..

I smiled as they both hugged me. I always wished for such a loving and happy family. But I never got one. But it seems like god is showing his mercy today. He is showering love. He is making my dreams come true..

Toota Jo kabhi tara sajna ve

Tujhe Rabb se maanga

“I love you too.. both of you!”, I shouted. I can’t believe, I admitted. Bhabhi hugged me and kissed my forehead. She is indeed angel, who forgot my sins so easily. And now I will never let any harm touch her. I promised to myself.

Rabb se jo maanga, mileya ve

Tu mileya to jaane na dungi main..

“I love you Angre.”, I spoke.  Tears came from my eyes, and from my blurry eyes I saw his tears too. He fused his lips with mine, and I heard hootings and whistles. He smiled and joined our foreheads.

I hugged him tightly. I had got him, and now I will never let him leave me. Never ever!


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