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Imlie 24th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Malini Realizes Reason Behind Aditya And Her Fights

Imlie 24th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Aparna asks Aditya why is Malini angry on him. He says its his and Malini’s problem and until he informs Malini and sorts out issue with her, he cannot inform them anything. Aparna says this house is also Malini’s and if Malini doesn’t return home, she will do whatever he is doing to Malini to him. Taiji asks not to say that. Aparna walks away saying Adi is doing whatever he wants, but she cannot let that happen. Adi calls her to come back. Pankaj warns Adi that he will not let him do whatever he is doing to Malini to his mother as he cannot see his wife in pain, this is his warning and not suggestion. Nishant tells Adi that he is doing wrong with Malini without seeing her condition. Dhruv asks Adi to speak to Malini once. Aditya (with same expressionless face for all emotions) says if he goes and informs Malini what he wants to, she will not come home at all. He walks away ignoring them. Nishant thinks what he wants to say that Malini will not return home and reminisces Imlie and Adi’s growing proximity.

Dev and Daadi return home. Malini asks why did they go to Adi’s house. They say they want to sort things out. Malini says Adi lied since Imlie saved his life and then he left somewhere lying that he went to Jamshedpur, reminiscing enquiring Adi’s boss. Dev asks why did Adi lie, if she didn’t question him. She says she tired her best to question him, but he always gets angry on her. Daadi asks if his misbehavior only with her or others also. She reminisces Adi being happy when he is only around Imlie and thinks he was always tensed except when he was around Imlie and further reminisces Adi obeying Imlie and having medicines. she sits down shattered. Dev asks what happened, Daadi says she just asked when she was happy with Adi last time. Malini says Adi is happy even now and problems between her and Adi started since Imlie entered their life. Dev is shocked to hear that. Malini says she realized her answers finally that Adi cares for Imlie and not her and be happy with Imlie and not her. Dev says this is because of Anu’s brainwashing. Malini says maa was always right and even she can see it now. She walks away shocked thinking Adi is ignoring and doing injustice to her because of Imlie.

Daadi tells Dev that situation has gone out of control. Dev says he wanted his both daughters stay under same roof happily, but Anu’s brainwashing has sown a seed of doubt in Malini’s mind. Daadi says Adi is not completely wrong. He says its his mistake that he didn’t stand up for Mithi and Imlie before, else Anu wouldn’t have spent life with bitterness and Malini wouldn’t have tought wrong.

During breakfast, Rupali tells Tauji and Pankaj that she prepared their favorite dish. They say they are full. She then asks Nishant to check it. He says even he doesn’t want to. She says she will show it then and shows news paper. Tauji asks if she cooked news paper. She shows Imlie’s photo in newspaper and says there is full page article regarding Imlie. Taiji with Aparna joins them and says if things were normal at home, they would have celebrated. Rupali asks if other’s sorrows are more important than Imlie’s happiness, if they had done same with her, Malini has just gone to her parent’s house after a fight and they are giving so much importance to her. Aparna warns her not to say that. Nishant says they should celebrate with cool dude/Imlie and inform her about this news as she must not be knowing about it. Pankaj reads article and informs that Adi wrote this article. He continues reading it in detail. Family rejoices hearing that. Landline rings. Aparna picks hone and smilingly says she will come for sure. She informs family that minister wants to present award for 3 topper students, so Imlie is invited. Rupali gets excited that Imlie will receive an award.

They show article to Imlie and congratulate her that a whole page article is printed in her name. She thanks him and asks if they spoke to Malini, when will she return home. Adi enters and says tonight, he will speak to Malini tonight and orders her to concentrate on her celebration as it is not her problem, the whole country will congratulate and praise her, she should thank Seeta Maiya that her dadda and amma’s dream has come true and she has brightened Pagdandiya’s name in the whole world, etc. Imlie smiles. Pankaj says kid smiled at last. Nishant asks if she will take them for award function. Aparna says they are all invited and Imlie should call her amma as she will be happy seeing her receiving award. Adi says maa is right. Imlie thinks what is Adi saying, already there are many problems and she doesn’t want to increase them by calling her amma here. She says she will not call amma here as she has her whole fmaily here. They get happy hearing that.

Malini reads article in detail and thinks Adi wrote it so beautifully, even she knows Imlie, but according to Adi, Imlie is perfect and she is not; if Imlie is light, she is darkness; she is lost in darkness. She picks her and Adi’s photo and says Adi can touch his happiness; if darkness leaves, light enters. She keeps Adi and Imlie’s photo together and says Adi removed her from his heart, she just needs his love, he is not bothered about her at all.

Precap: Imlie comes to meet Malini and is shocked to see Malini already attempted suicide.

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