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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-6)


In Hotel:-

Everyone came downstairs and sat in the hotel table in such a way everyone were able to see each other except Vansh and Angre as their back were shown to Mathur’s

On Raisinghania’s table:-

Vansh- Kabir are you guys able to see her?

Kabir- Vansh everyone is there leaving Riddhima

Vansh- Even today I guess we won’t be able to see her….

Aryan- No bhai….see Kabir she is came there

Kabir- Yaa Vansh…just now she came and sat beside Sejal

Aryan- Bhai….she is going somewhere…I guess for ordering breakfast

Angre- Vansh this is the perfect time you can see her….under the excuse of ordering breakfast

Kabir- Yaa, Vansh

Aryan- Yaa bhai…..and even bring something for us we are hungry

Vansh- Ohk……Just stay there and keep a proper eye on those three girls and their actions

Aryan- Why? Do we need to go on a date with them?

Angre- Why? Before going on date you observe actions of each and every girl

Aryan- Yes… I do…Otherwise who knows what they will do with me….I’m an innocent child

Kabir- Innocent…..After observing you and then too saying innocent then that will be the insult of that word

Vansh- Guys….For god sake…stop these useless and rubbish fight of yours and Aryan we need to observe their move so that we can easily kidnap them…….. remember we told you…

Aryan- Ohkk….go now otherwise this time even you won’t be able to see her….weren’t you desperate last night…Kabir told me

Vansh glares on Kabir…..while he pretends as if he is indulged in Menu book

Vansh- Kabir we need to talk about this an….

Aryan- Ohh…..This early

Vansh- Shut up Aryan…and Kabir stop this nonsense (snatching the menu book and keeping aside) and focus there

They all nodded and Vansh left

On Mathur’s table:-

Veer- Guys… After having breakfast we will leave car will come here to pick up us so everyone sharp at 12:30 pm we will check out and leave and yaa Sejal inform Riddhima even So that we can leave ASAP because Dad wants to talk to me urgently

Sejal- Why to bother myself bhai……she will come here only within few minutes you yourself tell her

Ishani- I’m excited to meet mom and dad after years as they were too sad after that incident and in rush we need to leave India

Siya- Yaa even in that rush we weren’t able to talk with mom and dad

Veer (anger) – Guys…. We aren’t here to discuss about our past and yaa…dare anyone to speak about this infront of Riddhima after all Varun had helped her to come out of that trauma

Ruchi- Yaa…we are thankful to Varun at that stage in Paris he helped Riddhima a lot

They all nodded and after sometime Riddhima comes there in anger

Siya (whispering to Ruchi) – I wonder why these two bro and sis duo are always in anger

Ruchi (Chuckling and whispering back) – Let’s ask directly

Ishani- Riddhima….what happened why are you erupting like a volcano

Riddhima- Ishu just because of that guy…. I need to stand in the queue for that long time….God knows what does he think of himself and thanks to that cute lovely guy don’t know who he was I hadn’t seen his face but he saved me from falling………

Ishani- Chill Baby Tell me what happened?

Riddhima- Actually…..

Flashback Starts Of Riddhima’s POV:-

Riddhima went to the queue of the counter and stood in front of a girl and after her there was a boy who stood their and was talking on his phone in a complete anger and was shouting like maniac……. And that was disturbing everyone present their…..

Riddhima asks the girl in front of her

Riddhima- Hii!!! Do you know who he is?

Girl- Yes…..He is the manager of the hotel

Riddhima- And he is himself disturbing the peace….let me show him his place

Girl- No no….he is a complete short temper person…..he is always erupting like a volcano….Let him be

Riddhima- No way…he is wrong and I don’t accept wrong people’s presence

Riddhima turns back and saw the boy as he his back was facing towards her

Riddhima- Excuse me

Boy- Yes…How may I help you

Riddhima- Thank You for your concern but I don’t need you rubbish help…..It’s not your room or your home….so either you low down your voice or just leave the place right now

Boy- Now you excuse me

Girl- Excused and Yeah if you are short tempered even then just show your anger in your room….

Boy was about to say something but after watching the crowd

Boy- Sorry for disturbing everyone and sorry ma’am

He leaves from there and Riddhima went to the counter and was leaving suddenly she bumped into someone but before she could fall he holds her by her waist as her stole came in front of her face and he was about to remove it but as his phone rang….She wasn’t able to she his face and leaves from there and came back to her seat

Flashback Ends Of Riddhima’s POV-:

Veer- Woah….Riddhu You got in fight with the manager of the hotel while you are staying in his hotel only……

Ruchi- Afterall, She is our tigress……Right Riddhu

Riddhima- Right Bhabhi

Then their Order came

They started eating there breakfast

Veer- Riddhu.. After breakfast we will leave car will come here to pick up us so sharp at 12:30 pm we all will check out and leave So that we can leave ASAP because Dad wants to talk to me urgently….ok

Riddhima- OK bhai!!!

They completes their Breakfast and leaves to their room

Meanwhile On Raisinghania’s table:-

Vansh came on the table while smiling

Aryan- Had you seen her face bro, because after watching your face…I guess you had seen?

Kabir- Yes, Bro had you seen her face…..?

They all were looking at him while he was smiling

Vansh- No, I had not seen her because you guys hadn’t told her look….I mean which color of dress she was wearing….

Kabir- Ohh shit…

Aryan- Then you should have immediately come here and what made you take this much time while coming

Angre- Yaa Vansh…even you hadn’t seen her you are smiling like a crazy….. Are you okay?

Vansh- Yaa I’m absolutely ok….. Actually…

Flashback Starts Of Vansh’s POV:-

Vansh- Where she had been …..Ohh shit….There are too many girls….How will I identify her here….. Let me call Kabir

As Kabir had forgotten his phone in room only so he wasn’t able to pick it up

Vansh- I guess he had forgotten his phone in his room…..

Before he could call anyone further he witnesses a boy talking on phone in a high tone he was about to go towards him but before that he saw a girl talking to him….He wasn’t able to she her as her back was showing towards him but he liked her fierceness and kept on looking towards her and then saw her moving towards the counter he even goes towards counter but before he could talk to her she leaves the place…..He moves back to the counter and then turn to leave

Before he could move further…….he bumped with someone and to stop her from falling he hold her by her waist and her stole came over her face he was about to remove it but before he could his phone rang and she leaves the place

Flashback Ends Of Vansh’s POV-:

Aryan- Who was that duffer whose call came at such a romantic time

Vansh- Dad Aryan….

Aryan (biting his tongue) – Sorry…by the way that means you weren’t able to see her face..

He nods

Angre- It’s ok….What was dad saying?

Vansh- He was asking where we are since last night ……so I told him everything…..He is calling us back…. so will leave now after breakfast

They all nods and their order came

After finishing their breakfast they check out from the hotel and leave

At 12: 30 pm:-

All the Mathur’s check out from hotel and leaves for RV Mansion in their cars

At RV Mansion:-

They all were welcome by Sandhya and Sooraj with the Puja plate

Riddhima, Ishani, Sejal and Siya went to hug Sooraj and Veer and Ruchi went to Sandhya and then Vice Versa

Sandhya- Riddhima You all must be tired after such a long journey and you all must had taken your breakfast… so go to your rooms and rest, at the time of lunch we will call you

They departed to their rooms

Sooraj- Veer…. come child I want to talk to you about the case

Veer- Ok dad……

Sandhya- Come Ruchi…. I will take you to your room

Ruchi- Ok mom….

At 2:30 pm:-

Everyone was on the Lunch table-

Sooraj- Veer…. From you will help me in catching that Ajay Raisinghania for his deeds

Veer- Yes Dad….Why not

While they were talking Sooraj’s eyes went on Riddhima who was talking to Ishani, Sejal and Siya

Sooraj- Riddhu…. Is their any problem why are you four talking in sign languages?

Ishani- Dad actually….we came to India after such a long time…. So we want to go outside for sometime as our vacations are going on

Riddhima- Please dad….actually I was the one who was willing to go…

Sooraj- Ok…but wherever you will go…Our bodyguards will come with you guys…ok?

Riddhima- Ok….Super duper ok!!

In excitement she stood up from her chair and went to Ajay and hugged him

Sooraj- Btw…..Where you guys want to go?

Sejal- First we will go to mall and then to nearby café and then at night to nearby Club

Sooraj- Ok….but

Siya- We know that we have to come before 12 pm…. we will come

Sandhya- Ok…..Riddhu but go and finish your food…. See yourself standing like a statue…..What happened to you

Riddhima (with tears) – Dad and Mom…. I missed you alot

Saying this she hugs Sooraj and Sandhya while her eyes were filled with tears….

Sooraj – We even missed you child….now go and then I will tell some officers to accompany you guys ..ok?

She nods and then all girls went to Riddhu’s room

Riddhima- Guys….. see I made them agree

Siya- That’s ok Ridz… but why our all mansion are of same design

Riddhima- Had I told you earlier….I guess I did?

Siya- May be but I didn’t remember

Riddhima- Ok..

Sejal- That’s because mom had a phobia of getting lost at huge places …. It’s a phobia dear

Riddhima- Yes………..so dad decided to make all mansions of same design

Siya- Ok…..But Riddhu you tell me if your bodyguards will come with us how will we enjoy

Ishani- ohhohh……We you didn’t realize ok…Riddhu tell her

Riddhima- So listen

Precap- Riansh Meet


Guys!!!! I guess you all are felling this storyline as boring because comments are decreasing day by day……….So do comment and tell me if you all are feeling it as boring I will end it and wrap up the story in the next chapter only

Sorry for any grammatical mistake

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