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Choti Sardarni 24th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kulwant decides to get Sarab and Sandhya married

Choti Sardarni 24th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sarab, Sandhya, and the kids serve the food to people. Kulwant looks at Sarab and Sandhya giving it together. The man says stay happy son. Your wife is beautiful. Sarab says she’s not my wife, my friend. He says, girlfriend? You two look happy together. Make her your wife. Kulwant recalls how Sandhya took care of Seher and the kids. Kulwant looks at Meher’s photo and says you killed me by leaving like this. I want to bring your back but who can fight death. You have left a void no one can take but I don’t know why I feel like what I am thinking would make you happy as well.

Scene 2
The nurse says try to remember who you are. What is your name? She sees blurred pictures. Meher cries and says I have a family, kids. I don’t remember them. The nurse says if you don’t remember you will be in big trouble. There is a huge danger. Meher says what danger? Another doctor comes in and says to the nurse what are you doing here? She says I came to see her. The doctor asks her to leave. He gives Meher medicine.

Seher serves food to the family. Sarab says let me serve. Seher says mama used to say that serving people gives you blessings. Harleen says when does your mama tell you all that? Param says she tells us 3 good things every morning. Karan says she tells mama’s friend and she tells us. Param says mama’s friend is the best. Seher says she’s the best. Seher says mama’s friend, come serve with us. Sandhya gives food to Kulwant. She recalls what she thought. Kulwant hears Meher saying you’re thinking right mummy ji.

Scene 3
Meher is unconscious. She sees her family’s flashback. Meher wakes up and says son.. She hears a kid saying my stomach hurts. Meher looks at who is there. It’s a little girl. She says mama’s my stomach hurts. Meher says don’t worry. Mama is here. Everything would be okay. I am your mama. I will fix everything. Meher is confused. Meher says here does it hurt She massages her feet.

Kulwant stands outside alone. Harleen comes to her and says why are you here? What happened? You have been lost since morning. Kulwant says how long will this last? Harleen says what? Kulwant says we have to think about Sarab and the kids and this house. How long will Sarab live alone? How long will these kids cry for their mother? Harleen says what are you trying to say? Kulwant says my daughter won’t come back. I don’t want my Sarab and kids’ life to be colorless. I want to see this house happy. Don’t get me wrong. But.. What I can see, you try seeing it as well. Kulwant looks at sandhya eating and enjoying with the kids. Harleen says how can you even think that. The lying media is saying you want us to convert that to the truth? Kulwant says I only care about this house. I don’t care what anyone says. No one can take Meher’s place. See how happy kids are with Sandhya. She has similar kindness. Harleen says no more, please. Meher was your daughter and you’re saying all this. Kulwant says yes Meher was my daughter that’s why I am saying this. I am taking this decision on Meher’s behalf. The Meher who saved Sandhya’s life and Sandhya who took care of this house.

Some people come outside and say we want to see Sarab. The watchman asks them to stay outside. Sarab asks what happened? Those are party people. They say we are here to resign from our seats. We don’t want a leader like you who has ashamed us. Let’s go. Sandhya says you are doing wrong. Sarab says Sandhya ji please go in. Sandhya says I won’t. Resign. What has he done? Educated a million people, started an ambulance service. A leader shouldn’t be like him. He’s shameful. There are no corruption charges on him. The only accusation on him is by the media and it even goes to the court because it isn’t even a thing. The man risked everything in his career, including safety to save a stranger woman. He did so wrong. People attacked him and his kids. He stood there to protect me. Any other man would run but he kept protecting me. Meher and Sarab saved my life from my own family. But well done, you’re believing media over him. Ask him to resign right now. A man like him doesn’t deserve to be a leader. She leaves. All the party leaders apologize to Sarab. They say we are sorry. We were blinded.

Kulwant says to Harleen did you see how she fought for Sarab. Harleen says but Sarab won’t agree. I will talk to Sarab. You can talk to Sandhya.

Scene 4
Meher says see your pain is gone. Mama vanished your pain. A woman comes and says she’s my daughter but thank you for healing her. Do you have kids? Meher says I don’t remember their faces or name. She cries. The nurse and doctor come. They say let’s go. We have to do your surgery. Meher says leave me. I have to go to my kids and Sardar ji..

Sarab says Meher ji.. Kulwant comes to him. Sandhya tries to solve the riddle with the kids. Sandhya says Meher mama used to say if the problem is big, make it your friend. Harleen says you have to befriend a problem as well. Come with me.

Kulwant says to Sarab when the problem is big you have to make big decisions. In your life, it’s time to take a big decision as well.

Scene 5
Meher screams leave me. The doctors say give her anesthesia. The nurse says sir please.. She looks like from a good family. You have sold organs of many homeless people. Please leave her. He says shut up. I have already made a deal for her organs. She has a rare blood group.

Sarab says what are you trying to say? Kulwant says how long will you love on false hope? Meher is no more. Why don’t you put a garland on her photo. The doctors give Meher anesthesia. The doctor says take out her organs then we will declare her dead and do her funeral.

Sarab says God made me and Meher a couple. She can never go away from me. This isn’t false hope, this is true love. My Meher ji will come back. And if what you’re saying is right then put a garland on my photo too. Kulwant says don’t say that. Sarab says tell me what is it clear? Kulwant says I want to talk about your wedding.
Sandhya says whose wedding? Harleen says Sarab and yours. Sandhya is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Sarab is getting married to Sandhya. Meher comes there disguised as a groom on a horse. Meher says you said true love never dies. Will you marry me again? He runs to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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