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Becoming Mrs. VRS journey OS – Part 1 IMMJ2 Riansh

Becoming Mrs VRS journey.

Hi guys, I’m back with another OS. @ Stuti Abigail Tyagi had requested for this one, so I’m writing on it. It’s following a normal story from where Riddhima entered the mansion, and this one will show their love story. I will have this OS in parts. Please do support by commenting, all your comments encourage me to write more. And please do also read my FF and support it too! It’s called The Twisted Game of Destiny.

Becoming Mrs. VRS journey- Part 1

An old lady, sitting on a wooden rocking chair, rocked continuously with her eyes tightly shut as if she were in deep thoughts. Her hair, half black and half grey were styled into a low bun. Her face, beautiful but with wrinkles. Her hands, each one resting on the arms of the chair. Beside the chair was a hospital bed, with all sorts of machines surrounding. It was a hospital room. On the bed lied there an old man, eyes wide open, staring at the love of his life, his wife, on the rocking chair. Many wires were joining him and the machines. The man had deep brown eyes, wrinkles on his handsome face and quite a few strands of grey hair on his beard and head. He smiled seeing his wife. Then she spoke:

Old woman: Why are you staring at me? (She questioned with her eyes still closed)

Old man:  You’re awake? (Shocked) Anyway the answer to your question is that (Smirking) Taadna is free of cost!

Woman: (smiled) You and your flirty behavior!! (opened her eyes) Shouldn’t you be taking rest!

Man: Riddhima… I’ve been taking rest for more than 2 hours, isn’t that enough? (Acting stern) And why are you scolding the great… (cut by her)

imagine him to be old

Riddhima: Vansh Rai Singhania!

Vansh: Absolutely right, see you’ve learnt a lot while staying with me.

Riddhima: Right now sleep and rest! (Ordering)

Vansh: Don’t worry sweetheart, I will soon be resting forever.

Riddhima: (stood up and went to him) don’t you say that! You’re not going anywhere get it!! (Sat beside him and held his hand) Why didn’t you tell me about this early, you could have been cured!

Vansh: Sweetheart, leave it now. Its stage three now, blood cancer, leukemia, nothing can be done!

Riddhima: Shut up you idiot! Be positive (tears in her eyes) you’ll be fine.

Imagine her to be old

Vansh: I don’t want to be positive, otherwise they’ll put me in the quarantine and isolation Centre! (Riddhima glared at him in anger) Okay, sorry. Let’s do something, I don’t want to rest now.

Riddhima: Hold on, I’ve got something for you. (Went to her bag and removed book) Album.

Vansh: An album….oh this that one right where you took pictures and wrote about it. (cute face) And you never let me touch it!

Riddhima: (let out a laugh) That’s why I brought it here today. We start! (she turned the first page)


VR Mansion

Vansh: I want the best physiotherapist for my sister now Angre!! I can’t let this matter delay any further!

Angre: (Vansh’s bodyguard/ PA) Boss but we have tried everything possible for Siya, even the best doctors concluded that she might never be able to walk again then physiotherapist? I mean what much can a physiotherapist do?

Vansh: Angre! (shouted) Do as much as you’re told!! Just a contact a damn physiotherapist! I know the doctors said it’s impossible but nothing is impossible for Vansh Rai Singhania. Siya has to get better and on her legs. Get that!

Ishani: (Vansh’s sister, not like the show) Bhai, please calm down. We all are worried for her but that doesn’t mean you hurt yourself by shouting. Angre please go get a physiotherapist. (pleaded)

Angre: Don’t worry boss, Ishani, I have called my aides and asked them to get one. (getting a call) Yes did you find one? Okay, she’s an orphan but one of the best physiotherapist of Mumbai. Get her here to VR mansion. (ended the call and to Vansh) Boss, we’ve found, she’s an orphan, doesn’t have much background information, seems safe for this house and Siya. She’s very dedicated and she’s a simple girl.

Vansh: Hmm, I need her now! (Angre nodded) Ishani, go to Siya, who’s with her?

Ishani: Aryan and dadi are there. (Aryan is also not like the show, all characters are good)

Vansh: Okay, Angre how long will it take? (Impatient) You know how I am strict with punctuality!

Physio: I’m punctual too sir!! (Shouted from the door) I’m here on time.

Vansh: (mesmerized with her beauty) Beautiful (he murmured)

(Immj 2 bgm plays as she enters)

Ankhon ki hai tu talab ba khuda 

Mujhme Mei hai tu beintehaa 

Iss Ishq mein marjawan

Physio: Can I come in or am I supposed to cure the patient from here? Even if you wouldn’t tell me to come in, I will. (She entered) Well I am Riddhima! (Forwarding her hand to Vansh) No handshake? Okay never mind then but you’re Vansh Rai Singhania and I am to cure your sister Siya right? She met with an accident a few months ago, it was a fatal one. No doctor was able to cure her so you decided to opt for physio and therefore asked your man (indicating to Angre) to drag me here. (she talked non stop)

Vansh: How do you know what you’re supposed to do? Where did you get all that info from? (curious)

Riddhima: Oh sir, you’re Vansh Rai Singhania and you keep all the information of people, then why not me? (she smiled cutely)

Vansh: (to himself) Haaye mein marjawan iss smile pe! What’s happening to me? Gosh! (brushing off his thoughts) You talk more than you’re asked to! It isn’t allowed here! (stern) (to himself) But her sweet melodious voice is what I want to hear every day.

Riddhima: Sir, my mouth is my friend, and the way friends talk-non-stop that’s the way my friend does, my mouth does. But if you have a problem then… (thinking) sorry but I’m not going to tape my mouth! Your problem is your problem, none of my problem!

Angre: Ms Riddhima, can we please start with the session? (trying to divert the topic)

Vansh: (in his mind cursing Angre) Yes ofc, you’ve come here for work so you’ve got to do that first.

Riddhima: Of course sir, no doubts on my work! I am very dedicated and anyway once I start doing things I never back off!

Vansh: Like talking! Now let’s go, follow me to the room.

The three of them went to Siya’s room and found Aryan, dadi and Ishani there. Siya was on the bed sitting. Vansh took the opportunity to introduce Riddhima in front of everyone. They all greeted her and Riddhima approached Siya.  They had a small talk. Vansh was amazed to see how Siya had talked to Riddhima wholeheartedly and freely. She had never cooperated with any of the doctors before as she had given up but today he saw a hope. Surprisingly Riddhima managed to convince Siya for the Ayurvedic Physiotherapy. Siya gradually got comfortable with Riddhima in a few hours of time.

Riddhima: Siya you rest for a while, I’m coming, I need to collect a few of my equipment from my hostel. I will come in an hour and I will then start one session today. (caressing her cheek) You’ll be fine, trust me. (signalled Vansh to come outside)

Vansh: What happened Ms Riddhima?

Riddhima: FYI you can just call me Riddhima, no need to add that Ms in front of my name.(he nodded) Anyway I had to discuss about Siya’s condition. She needed support and encouragement to be able to do it, which I have done. Now it’s going to be her who has to react with the medicine and the treatment. She’s got a slight feeling in her legs, which is a good news, now just that I have to put my part.

Vansh: (delighted) meaning there’s a chance that she can walk?

Riddhima: Yes, not a chance, I’m fully confident!

Vansh: (in happiness hugged her) Thank you so much!! I don’t know how I should thank you! (realizing that he hugged  her) Sorry It happened in excitement.

Riddhima: It’s fine Mr Vansh, I know your happiness has no bound, that’s what my job is, and I’m passionate about it, I’m glad I can bring smiles and happiness in people’s lives. (she smiled)

Vansh: (to himself) she’s such a pure soul, selfless beauty! (to Riddhima) You can call me Vansh, not Mr Vansh.

Riddhima: Copycat!! (she hit him playfully while he was stunned) Anyway I’m going to my hostel.

Vansh: No need! Your stuff and items are already in VR mansion, and from now onwards you’re going to stay in VR mansion. The entire staff stays here and so will you! (commanding)

Riddhima: But I can manage as well, and with who’s permission did you touch my stuff and bring it here?? Please don’t cross your limits! You can’t boss around me even if you’re my boss! (angry)

Vansh: VR doesn’t need permission!! VR doesn’t cross limits but sets limits! (attitude) Welcome to VR mansion! (he smirked and left)

Riddhima: (thinking) What does he think of himself? Am I toy, that he would just use me like this. But one thing, he’s quite attractive. (smiled and talked out loud) Welcome Riddhima to VR Mansion! God knows what’s waiting for me.

Part 2 precap:

How dare you do this!! I’m not going to bear you here even for a minute now!


I can’t believe this!

Guys this was the first part of this OS, Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. I will post part 2 soon.  Keep commenting and supporting! Thank you


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