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Anupama 24th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Reaches Wellness Center Searching Vanraj

Anupama 24th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anupama sits tired on bench after searching Vanraj. Kavya walks to her and asks if she called back the number she received Vanraj’s call from. Anu says she did, but its not reachable. Kavya insists to try again. Anu asks to try herself if she doesn’t trust her. Kavya says V left home because of her and asks Anu if they don’t want divorce, want to stay together, if something happened during 2 days in resort that changed their mind. Anu says nothing of that sort happened and she will not change her decision; she will not do what Kavya did to her; its not necessary that Vanraj left home because of Kavya as he didn’t inform anyone; she feels he is fine wherever here is, they will search her or he himself will return. Kavya asks why did Vanraj call Anu and not her. Anu says maybe her phone didn’t connect. Kavya asks why always her phone doesn’t connect, but Anu’s does. Anu ties a protective thread on Kavya’s wrist and promises that she will not interfere between Kavya and Vanraj and whenever Kavya gets a doubt, she should look at this threat.

Toshu and Nandini return and inform that they didn’t find Vanraj and even Samar didn’t. Anu gets a call and emotionally nods yes. Toshu asks whose phone was it. Anu says a man called and informed that Vanraj is in wellness resort. Toshu says he and mummy will go and search there while Nandini and Kavya search Vanraj here. Kavya insists to accompany them. Anu says she should search Vanraj here as she isn’t sure if Vanraj is realy at wellness center and someone just called. Kavya agrees and asks Anu to remember her promise as she broke her trust always.

Anu with Toshu reaches wellness resort in a taxi and then reaches reception. Receptionist greets them with flowers. Toshu says they want to meet yogi Advaith ji as he had called and informed that his papa who is missing is here. Receptionist shows resort map and yogi ji’s location. Toshu asks how will they find yogi ji in such a big resort. Receptionist says yogi ji says one should search their destiny themselves even if the the route is tough. They both rush searching yogi’s location. On the other side, Kavya nervously waits for Anu’s call. Nandini asks her to relax and offers her juice. Kavya asks why is she worried about her. Nandini says she gets angry, but doesn’t hate. Kavya says even she gets angry and doesn’t hate. Anu fumes why did Vanraj come here and asks Toshu to find where yogi ji is. He says they need to reach happy tree. She heard fruit and flower trees and not happy tree. Toshu finds tree and says yogi ji must be here. Yogi ji is seen playing bansuri. Anu covers her head saying one needs to cover their head when they go in front of elders or saints. She greets Jai Sri Krishna guruji. Yogi ji wearing modern dress walks to them saying whats up. Anu confused asks if he is Guruji. He says if she learns, he is guruji or else a random man. Anu says Toshu let us search Guruji. Toshu says he is guruji. Guruji says if they expect that he would be wearing tilak and saintly clothes, they are wrong; he has 2 other gurus who accompany him always and don’t look like old saints. Toshu asks who are they. He shows his wallet and says empty wallet teaches a person a lot. Toshu asks who is his other guru. Guruji says his broken heart, these 2 gurus taught him which others couldn’t. He calls Anupama. She surprised asks who told her name. He says 4 people, 4 masala smells from her indicated that she is Anuapama. He introduces himself as Dr. Advaith Khanna, the owner and caretaker of this beautiful property. Toshu excitedly asks if he is the great neurosurgeon Dr. Advaith Khanna and informs Anu that he has millions of fan following for his lectures. He asks Advaith if he is yogi also. Advaith says he is even batman and laughs. He then notices Anu’s tensino and asks if there is any problem.

Advaith takes them on a ferry vehicle and says her husband praised her food and hence he identified her via her masala smell. Toshu asks what about yog siddhi. He can touch his feet via yog siddhi, thats it. Anu asks where is Vanraj. He stops vehicle and says their destiny. Anu searches Vanraj and finds him sitting on a grass. She looks at him emotionally. Vanraj asks how did she come here. She asks if he is fine. She says yes, who informed her about his location. She says guruji. He says he told guruji not to inform her, but he didn’t listen to her. Anu blasts him that Pakhi, Baa, Bapuji and whole family is tensed because of his irresponsible behavior; how can he leave house uninformed. Vanraj stands aside fuming. She asks why did he come here. He says he doesn’t want to talk now. She says always his wishes will not work.

Precap: Vanraj says until he understands what he needs to do, he will not return home. He sees Anu unconscious on floor and rushes her to Advaith who checks her. Vanraj asks what happened to Anu.

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