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Anuama FF – Will Toshu reveal the truth? Ep: 23

Samar: Ohh! So you are actually his classmate! Oh cool

Pakhi: Hi bhaabi..I am Pakhi! You can call me Sweety. And he is Samar and I call him winter(Pointing at Samar).

Kinjal: Ahh I know the 2 of you! I have heard that you both fight often.

Samar: So how long have you been with him?

Kinjal: Almost 2 years.

Pakhi: And by the way how did it start?

Kinjal: Paritosh joined late and he looked worried. I asked one of my friend to go and ask him why he was worried.

Toshu: I told that I was new to that place and didn’t know where to go ad what to do! So her friend took me to the class and introduced himself and Kinjal too.That is the first time we met each other.

Kinjal: He sat next to me.We got to know about each other more.I started liking him gradually.His behavior,his talks and many.

Toshu: She is the one who proposed me first.I was surprised because it was the first time that a girl was proposing me. To be honest even I liked her before but was afraid how her response would be.

Kinjal: But I was sure that he would give me a positive response.He first said he was afraid of his Paapa.(mocking)

Toshu: I never said that I was afraid of my Paapa I just said that I didn’t want my Paapa to be sad.Don’t exaggerate.

Kinjal:I am not exaggerating.Now,you tell… Aren’t you afraid of your paapa Samar?

Samar:Yes, ofcourse. We three are afraid of him.

Kinjal: So am I wrong?

Samar: No,not at all….

Toshu:Are you my brother or hers?

Samar: Now I am her brother too.

Kinjal and Samar looks at each other and laugh.

Pakhi: So now I got one bhaabhi!!!

Kinjal: Always yours!

Toshu: No! You are always mine and not their’s.

Kinjal: HaHa!Toshu baby!!

Samar and Pakhi together :Toshu Baby???Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

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