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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 19) SOMEONE FROM PAST IS BACK!!!


Man : Are u shocked to hear my voice baby doll. I missed you very much these 3 years. You had thought that I won’t come back after so much happened, right ?

Riddhima have understood that who kidnapped her. But she remained silent. Some memories from past flashed in front of her eyes.

Man : You thought that you can easily escape from me and can love someone else. No way. I won’t let it happen. Baby doll, why are you silent ? Oh let me see….you are eager to see me right…Ok.

Then he removed the cloth from her face. He is shocked to see her but Riddhima smirks seeing his shocked face.

Man : YOU !!!!

Riddhima : You !!!! Oh you are shocked right. When did you released from jail ? Hope you didn’t forget this face Vyom…

Yes..The man is revealed to be Vyom.

Vyom : Riddhima….you… here..

Vyom seems to be very confused.

Riddhima : I think you kidnapped the wrong person Vyom.

Vyom (to goons) : How can you make a mistake ? I asked to kidnap someone else and you guys kidnapped her.

Riddhima : So you’re mistaken Vyom. Oh how can I forget that you always do mistakes.

Vyom thinks for a while. Suddenly a smile crepted on his face. Seeing his smile, Riddhima felt something is going to be wrong.

Vyom : You are right Riddhima, I always do mistakes. But what can I do..this is my nature. But what if I kidnapped the wrong person, I can reach the actual goal through you. I have solution for every problem and u are my biggest problem. If u aren’t present in the story then I would have reached my goal 3 years ago.

Riddhima : You can never reach your goal. I stopped you from reaching your goal 3 years ago and I will continue to do so now and in future too.

Vyom : You are overconfident Riddhima. This is not the old Vyom. This is new Vyom. life is a full circle, right. My name is Vyom, zero, circle, you also got trapped in this circle.

Riddhima : I won’t get trapped so easily, if I have trapped then I can get out from this trap too. When my Vansh get to know that I am kidnapped then you’re gone. He would give a painful death to u. If u don’t want that then leave me.

Vyom : How can I leave you. I didn’t get what I wanted so I will achieve it through you. Till then rest here. Bye.

When Vyom is gone, Riddhima looks around. She found the walls full of photos. But they are not clear due the blinking light of Bulb. Then somehow she saw the photos. There is a girl in every photo.

Riddhima to herself : He won’t change. His obsession also didn’t change during these years… instead it reached a dangerous level. I don’t know what will happen. Vansh please come fast….we can’t let Vyom reach what he wants….

Precap : Vyom – MARRY ME

SHOCKED !!!! Right… Wait for the next episode to the know the past Riddhima and Vyom shares. I know today’s episode is a bit short but I’ll compensate it in next episode.

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