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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita scolds Arushi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Roshni that Aaliya has sworn to go against him, she joined office and now she is proving that he can’t do any work. He tells everything. He says I will do work and prove that I m better. Roshni says relax, you know your potential, you don’t need to prove anyone, we will make the presentation together, I will help you. He thanks her. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Adi. Aaliya says he went to office for work. Mrs. Bhalla asks are you sure. Raman says I will call Adi and clear your doubt. Aaliya says Adi is serious about this presentation, I know we have some problems going on, but I trust him, he can’t do anything wrong behind my back. Raman says trust is most imp, right Ishita. Ishita sits lost. Ruhi says Ishimaa, Papa is saying something. Raman says we trust

each other and that makes our relation so strong. Ishita thinks what shall I do, Lord please help me, my family needs me.

Roshni says its done. Adi says I would have not done this alone, thanks. He hugs her. Police comes there. Adi and Roshni get down the car. Inspector scolds them for romancing at an isolated place. Adi says we are husband and wife, and wanted to come on a long drive, what’s wrong if we park the car and talk. Inspector doesn’t believe and asks for marriage proof. Adi says I can show license, but it doesn’t have wife’s name. Inspector asks Roshni if she has a proof. Roshni says I have proof. She shows the marriage pic. Inspector jokes on her for not wearing mangalsutra. He says fine, you can go, husband and wife shouldn’t go out at nights, times are bad. Ishita thinks of Arushi’s words and loses sleep. Adi says thank God you had this pic, we got saved, do you always carry this pic, I mean you would not recall this bad incident. Roshni says yes, I was going to burn all pics. Adi says its good you didn’t burn this pic, we look good together right.

Its morning, Shravan says thank God, I took money from Raman and got my chain back. Raman asks him about the laptop. Shravan says I paid advance and didn’t buy the laptop yet, I will return your money soon. Raman says Bala will like the surprise, he will be proud, have some weight loss. He goes. Romi talks to the bank manager. Mani asks was this about Mihika’s credit card, you should file a fraud case, my friend is in police, you can talk to him.

Ishita meets Arushi at cafe and says my husband isn’t involved, I have a list of recruits, see it doesn’t have your sister’s name. Arushi says its a fake list, you will believe your liar husband. Ishita asks her to stop blaming him. She scolds Arushi and says maybe you forged Raman’s sign you all do drama well. Arushi shows Raman’s sign and says its Raman’s sign, see it. Ishita says its not tough to do. Arushi says my family warned me not to take your help, you will know the pain of losing someone when this happens in your family. She goes. Ishita says I understand your pain, don’t know how to help you.

Inspector comes home and asks are you Mani’s daughter Aaliya. Aaliya says yes, Mani told me you are coming for Mihika’s card theft case. Mihika greets inspector Sharma. She goes to get bank statements. Aaliya goes to call Adi. Sharma sees Adi’s pic. He recalls Adi. Adi gets shocked seeing him. He says I have to go for presentation, I will go. Aaliya asks him to sit. Adi gets tensed. Ruhi gets the recruitment papers. She asks what happened, you can tell me. Ishita says I can’t share anything, I m fine, I will solve this mess. Ruhi goes. Ishita says how to solve this problem, Lord please help me prove Raman’s innocence. She checks the two different letterheads and says how could I miss this, what’s this matter.

Mihika asks Adi to give photocopy of the bank statement. Adi says Aaliya will get it. Aaliya asks him to sit for some time, inspector is Mani’s friend. Adi says I have work and goes. Aaliya says sorry, he had some work. Sharma says I also have some work and goes. He stops Adi and says you were there last night, we met right, that woman wasn’t your wife. Adi says she is just my friend, you would have arrested me if I told you the truth, Roshni was married to me before, Aaliya knows about this, you would be thinking that I m cheating Aaliya, its nothing like that, I m getting late for meeting. He goes. Aaliya looks on. Ishita sees the letterhead and says even logo is same, Raman’s sign is forged, who can do this, I need to find out.

Arushi gets attacked. Ishita hears her screaming on call. She asks Raman to help the girl. Arushi comes there in injured state. Raman says you are Sonakshi right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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