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‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L…part-1

HEY BUDDIES….. It’s M_L back.. how are you folks? I’m not starting with my blabberings, coz if I start, then I’m sure I won’t stop… so off to the part… please just kick out the errors you see while reading…. Enjoy the part..

@9.30 am in Shangumugham railway station…

The train horned it’s last one and moved forth with slow rounds.. the people began to bid bye to their relatives… the train speeded it’s wheels and moved swiftly…

“ Arrey! Stop you Mukesh Ambaani… what do you think of yourself? Huh? Aaya bada fraud… stop.. I’ll show you who I am… stop I said.. “

“ will you stop it you Annamma! The train is going!..” screamed Shivaay pulling Anika into the station…

“ wait let me show him what I can do… “ Anika  moved near the auto enraged…

“ chetta, onnu kondupoye ee pranthiye..  ( brother, please take this lunatic away.. ) shouted the auto driver cleaning his auto where Anika kicked..

“ how dare you… ruk, abhi bathaa thi hoo… “ Anika exhaled a huge raged air and fired her engine towards the driver..

“ just Stop it Annamma, the train is going.. “ Shivaay pulled her into the station but his lines were not entering into her ears… finally Shivaay pulled her hair for which Anika turned to him with a weird face..

“ what’s wrong with you ? I’m too busy right now…. Can’t you see? “ Anika answered firing..

“Yeah, I can see on what you’re busy in.. but look..”

“ look what? Huh? “

“ you duffer, the train is passing away… “ Shivaay banged her head replying..

“ what? Is train an animal? To pass away? Uh? “ Anika took her hand back from his clutch..

“ whatever.. stay here if you want to… I’m leaving.. “ Shivaay said and ran inside the platform chasing the running train.. Anika looked the running Shivaay and suddenly it clicked her mind about the train..

“ Oh pete ki!!! The train…. “ Anika too ran behind Shivaay to catch the train.. but the train was too speed to catch up with… Finally the train went out from the platform leaving Shivika disheartened… Shivaay slowed his legs and rested his arms over his kneel panting.. he closed his eyes weakly recollecting his moments with Omru…

“ Oh God! Has train gone? “ came Anika’s voice sadly.. Shivaay opened his eyes angrily…

“Nehi, Train is dancing here!… can’t you see.. it’s gone!! And only bcoz of you… “ he pointed his forefinger at her censuring..

“ what? What did I do? “ Anika acted innocent…

Shivaay “ Oh really! If you didn’t fight with that driver,  I could have caught the train.. “

Anika “ hey, wait! You could have gone.. why did you wait for me? “

Shivaay “ whoah ho ho.. I should.. I should hear this.. thought that you’re a girl that too in this unknown land… thought to help you by stay.. but NO! madam doesn’t want anyone’s helpl! Right? Don’t know when I thought to help you to get into that train.. I should have never helped you… it’s been a day, I’m wandering in this damn land.. I must reach OM by any means.. I’ve no money! No fame and no one in this junk land knows me.. and the money I had, I spent in buying train ticket.. but what happened? Iss ladki ki wajah se voh bhi haath se nikal gaya… what will I do? c’mon…. “ Shivaay murmured to himself while Anika gave a ‘ What’ wala face.. by now the station seemed empty..

“ kyaaaa Veerappan.. “ Anika closed her face flaggy..

“ hey, first of all, My name is not.. V..Vee..

“ Veerappan! “ Anika helped him..

“ yeah, that’s it…. Veerappan.. did you get that? “ Shivaay shouted..

“ Oh hello! If you can call me Annamma, then why can’t I call you Veerappan? “ Anika intruded.. Shivaay closed his ears hearing this name..

“ such a beautiful name… haaah.. Veerappan!! Veeeeerappan! Wow, I just love it… “ she smiled widely shouting the name..

“ urrrgghh!!!….  This is so annoying… why on earth you shout? And… and what was going with that driver? Huh? “ Shivaay was hell disturbed…

“ haw… don’t talk about him Veerappa, didn’t you hear how much money he asked? That too just for 2 km.. 30 rupees.. God Veerappan! How will I allow this? That’s why I shouted.. “ Anika made an angry face..

“ is that so? Then why was he screaming back at you? “ asked Shivaay..

“ Oh voh, I said that I won’t give the money, then he said something in a language.. I thought that he bad worded me so I cursed him.. I think he understood what I said, so he stared to shout at me, so I kicked his auto then he pulled my hair.. Veerappan, did you hear? He touched my hair! How dare he touch a woman’s hair? So I pulled his hair much harder… then I doomed that pot over there at his auto.. huff… bass ithna hi kiya mai ne.. “  Shivaay gave her the weirdest look ever to her..

“ Annamma, “ he smiled a bit.. “ bathaaya kyu nehi ki paagal bhi hai!.. “ Shivaay said in a lower voice.. Anika’s face dimmed down..

“ everyone’s asking me this? Aakhir yeh hai kya? Ok then.. let’s move.. there’s no advantage standing here all alone… “ Anika walked back placing her hands on her hip..

“ urrrghhh…. This girl is so annoying!!…. “ Shivaay looked her walking away..  “ where are you going? “ he asked quite loudly echoing all around…

“ I don’t know.. come along.. “ Anika waved him and jumped around..

“ she’ll make me mad.. can’t believe Shivaay Singh Oberoi is standing in middle of a railway station with nobody around.. huh! My fate..“ Shivaay self-talked banging his head


This is it buddies… how was it? Do tell me your reviews… I can’t text a bigger one.. This is the only time I could gather… next one will hit the page a bit later.. but no worries, I’ll try my best to post it soon…

Till then this is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell…

Take care and stay safe..

Buddies, the great Thrissur pooram is on the way… that’s a hilarious festival of the south… I’ll be a little busy with the stuffs friends… so this is gonna be a little big bye from me..



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