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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh destroys jalandhar’s kailash.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all gods saying, mahadev you saved the entire universe from an evil demon. Mahadev says indra dev, don’t thank me, thank ganesh, he is the vighnaharta and if he hadn’t found a way to get jalandhar killed then probably this wouldn’t have happened. Indra dev says yes ganesh ji, today because of you the world is safe and peaceful. Indra dev says you are the vighnaharta for everyone. Ganesh says indra dev I just did my duty, and even vrinda ji got salvation in that case as jalandhar was killed. Narad muni says indra dev, everytime a problem arises you come to mahadev and ganesh ji and then the problem is solved, you only come when you have a problem, don’t you think this is selfish? Everyone smile as indra dev looks down and all gods too. lord Vishnu then says, devrishi

narad, in every problem the gods are here, even this time all gods were here but where were you? Indra dev and all gods smile and indra dev says yes narad muni where were you? Narad says I was busy in work, I knew vighnaharta ganesh ji is here and he will find a solution for this problem for sure so I was doing my other work.
Mahadev says what work devrishi? Narad muni stutters and then says prabhu, I was busy in writing the stotras of vighnaharta ganesh ji as he was doing his duty here. Ganesh says my stotra? Narad muni says yes and then he plays his veena and starts singing the prayer for ganesh. All gods join their hands and then ganesh’s various forms are seen in statues around ganesh. After the payer is over, ganesh ays amazing narad ji! I was mesmerized by listening to this. Ganesh says from today, whoever will say this stotra for me, I promised I will remove all their problems and sadness from life. everyone smile.
There as mahadev meditates, ganesh goes to him. mahadev says ganesh, see that kaialash built by jalandhar, as jalandhar was fake and evil, that kailash also need not exist now, it has no purpose in this universe. Ganesh says I understood father what you are saying. Ganesh sits on mushak ji and goes flying.
There ganesh removes his huge axe weapon and attacks on jalandhar’s kailash, the kailash is hit by the weapon and it starts descending from the air into the ocean. The kailash slowly goes and submerges into the ocean and is destroyed. Ganesh sits on mushak ji and starts going back to his home kilash as it is morning.
There parvati bathes and gets ready doing her make up, with jewelry and flowers and tilak. As she does her make up beautifully, the earth starts blossoming. Nand and all gan are plucking flowers and news flowers rise up and their scent sweetens the air as nandi and everyone smell it and feel pleasant. Ganesh comes towards kailash from air and he sees the clouds making different shapes of beautiful birds and animals. Ganesh says mushak ji, everything feels so pleasant today, mushak says yes prabhu. There 2 demons are flying in air.
Parvati gets ready and comes in balcony with a basket of fruits, her gold ornaments start shining and the shine hits the eyes of the 2 flying demons. The demons say see that woman, she is the one because of which we did not get our prey. As ganesh flies towards kailash, he says mushak ji I don’t feel something is right. Ganesh then says anyway, lets go and pluck some fruits, mother will be happy. Ganesh goes.
There parvati comes towards mahadev who is meditating.
There the 2 demons land on a mountain on kailash and see parvati, they say wow she is so beautiful, just look at her. One demon says I want her. The other says yes, she is truly beautiful. There suddenly parvati stops. Ganesh lands near mahadev’s tree with his fruits. Suddenly parvati looks at the 2 demons with her mata kali eyes and in anger. Both mahadev and ganesh look at parvati. The demons are scared.

Precap: mahadev says kartieya now it is time for you to go and start your duty in the west, parvati smiles. Suddenly parvati gets angry and in her mata kali voice, she says no kartikeya you will not go. parvati picks a stone, kartilkeya, ganesh and mahadev are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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