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The story belongs to us (Part 2)

It was night time. The sky was fully adorned by twinkling stars. There was total silence everywhere except the sound of someone’s sobbing. A girl was sitting on a chair near the window and she was gazing the moon with her tear filled eyes. The moonlit was making her beautiful yet sad face glow.
She then whispered slowly,”I will never forgive you Laksh for this.”

On the other hand a boy was also gazing the moon remembering his moments with her love.

″I am sorry Ragini for playing with your feelings″he then saw her face in the moon and a smile occurred on his lips but then he saw her saying,”I will never forgive you.” And that smile got vanished.

He lowered his head and mumbled,”I hope you get someone who will love you and would never play with your feelings.”

Here she was thinking about him or we can say they both were thinking about each other. One had the feeling of guilt and the other one lost all the feelings as the feelings lives in heart but she got heartbroken already.

Piya lage na 
Jiya lage na 
Tere bina… Tere bina 
Tere bina… Tere bina
That girl leaned her head on the chair and closed her eyes by which the tears which were unshed till now started rolling down on her cheeks. Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you ok?” She heard a voice.
She stood up still that person who asked her was facing her back.
She wiped her tears and said,”Yes I am.. Why you are asking this Swara”she tried to control her inner turmoil somehow but maybe the sister who was connected with her by heart and soul got to know that she is not ok.
“ everything is fine..hmm..ok..if everything won’t be fine then too.. someone never tells me. I am just a sister by name you don’t accept me in real means na.” Swara said while doing a little drama.

“Don’t even dare to say that Swara.. don’t say that I don’t love you or don’t accept you as my sister. And why I will hide something from you…we are—”
“Swaragini” Swara said immediately and hugged her. She hugged her back.

On the other side Laksh was standing hugging a picture and tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. He saw that picture and his tears fall on that photoframe and he traced that glass and said,” I miss you everyday..sooo muchh.If you would have been here then you would have guide me after all you are my best friend” He smiled faintly and continued,”I wish you would be here Bhai..I wish I could return to those moments in which you were with me, I wish you could come back to me” Now he won’t be able to control himself and he fell on his knees crying and whispered,”I wish you come back to me..”

Me,Sanjana di i.e -SanjanaM and our camera person i.e the great VanishaaR Vanisha ji parked our car in front of Kali Badi which was decorated fully with lights, flowers and with a great hustle bustle of people. Afterall they are here to witness city’s most in the talks wedding
The crackers were busting in the sky.
The enthusiastic sounds of the instruments were coming from that Badi.
Don’t ask what we are doing her. We are reporters and Vanu di is..😅😅

“Vanu di start the camera” I said.
She hold the camera in her hands and gave the thumbs up sign as the camera got started and focused on a big heart shaped board on which with golden bold lettering it was written,’Swara weds Laksh’
“So here we are in the wedding of the great business tycoon Durga Prasad’s son Laksh Maheshwari with the beautiful Swara Gadodiya.” I said.

“Ya.. and here you can see how beautifully the whole Badi is decorated and people are here to witness the memorable moment after all It’s the marriage of DP’s son who want to miss it.” Sanju di said.
Vanu di focused the camera on a couple now. Who were checking the preparations with enthusiastically.

“ are the parents of the beautiful bride Mr. Shekhar Gadodia and Sharmishtha Gadodia.” I said.

They smiled towards us and Shekhar said,”Excuse me I have to go to check other preparations.” Saying this he left.

Then we focused the camera of Shomi. She said,”I have to go to check whether Swara got ready or not.. Excuse me.” saying this she too left from there.

And i pouted because no one was ready to give us interview after all we are writing this story and they are not giving any heed to us

“Ok so we will focus on food items now..” Sanjana di said moving towards the food diverting my mind
“oh wow so many dishes even bengali too now nowadays i don’t get to eat them, now i will enjoy .yeiii” Sanjana di said squeezing like a child

“And I am Marwadi so here are our food items too..” I said with a smile
We both started tasting the food but didn’t let our poor camera person taste anything nor even the readers who are thinking now how cruel we are (😝)

Now we shifted the camera to a room where in front of a mirror a beautiful girl was sitting.

Now we shifted the camera to a room where in front of a mirror a beautiful girl was sitting

“Aww…how beautiful my Shona is looking!!.” Shumi exclaimed coming inside.
“She is my grand daughter it’s obvious that she will be beautiful.” a old lady said happily
“What you want to say..?? She is my granddaughter too so its obvious she will look beautiful huh. Bangalan see your face in mirror…”another lady of the same age of previous old lady said while glaring the previous in whereas Shumi and Swara started giggling.
Oops we forgot to introduce these two warriors these two are dadi and dida of swaragini.

“Oooo marwaran” Dida shouted angrily.

“Ha bangalan!!” Dadi shouted with same intensity And we both quietly moved from there not before a world war 3.

So Here we both were eating the food items just then heard the loud sounds of the music instruments.

We went to the main entrance of the Badi and saw that the baraat had come.
We focused the camera on the handsome bridegroom i.e. Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.

"Here the baarat is

“Here the baarat is.. and meet the handome bridegroom Laksh.” Sanjana di said.
Then we saw two couples,”And they are the parents of Laksh,Mr.Durga Prasad Maheswari and his wife Annapurna Maheswari. Then his younger brother Ram Prasad and his wife Sujata Maheswari.” Sanjana di said and they smiled.

Gadodiyas welcomed them and did some rituals.
Now Laksh sat in the mandap but there was no sign of happiness on his face. His smile was fake. He was sitting there lost in his thoughts.bride was called who came with her friends dressed beautifully but was having a long viel on her face. She came and sat with laksh and rituals got started

AP was continuously was seeing here and there searching someone said ,”Where is Ragini?”

Our camera caught a girl who was seeing the whole sequence from a far point hiding her face with a cloth only her eyes were visible and noticing us she leaves from there. Strange isn’t it?

Then the wedding rituals started they made each other wear the garlands,then it was the turn to fill her hairline.
All were seeing them with happiness and giving blessings to them.

“You both are made for each other. Sorry I came between you..I wish now you both get all the happiness in your lives.” That girl who was seeing them from far said with in sad voice with teary eyes which can be seen and hear

Just then she felt someone pulled the blanket’s end from behind and the face of that girl revealed she was Swara!!!.
And here Shumi lift up the veil so that Laksh can fill the hairline of Swara.

But everyone got shocked to see the beautiful face behind the veil especially Laksh.

But everyone got shocked to see the beautiful face behind the veil especially Laksh

“Ragini…” He uttered in shock.
Ragini closed her eyes knowing what is going to happen now.

And there on the other side, swara who was hiding got shocked by the sudden action of her blanket being pulled and her eyes became wide in shock. She then closed her eyes tightly praying that god please let her plan to be successful, please don’t let anyone see her.
She then heard the sounds of clappings and squealing. She opened her eyes and turned towards that person.

A boy with brown orbs and dark eyes, messy hairs was jumping like a kid

"Yeiiii game over, game over You got out!!"and everyone turned listening to the sound and got shocked seeing Swara who was standing with that boy

“Yeiiii game over, game over You got out!!”and everyone turned listening to the sound and got shocked seeing Swara who was standing with that boy.

The sindoor which Laksh was holding in his hand got slipped from his hand in shock and fell in Ragini’s maang
Making marriage complete

He hold Swara’s hand and took her to the hall where the marriage was happening.
“Yayy!!! See..I won I won…” He clapped and jumped.

Laksh looked towards him and uttered,”Bhai..”

So everyone how’s the episode? Do tell us hope you all will like 
We are going to give equal importance to Swasan and Raglak. 
Soo take a deep breath and relax.

Sanjana and yashasvi

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