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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 20)

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Sanlak met…

Lakshya was sitting besides sanskar. It was midnight.
Lakshya: Bhai… Don’t you do this next time. This kingdom needs you. This palace needs you. Don’t you ever play games like this.
Sanskar smiled.
Sanskar: and your bhai needs you. This applies to you too.
Lakshya wiped a tear from his eyes.
Lakshya: i am happy for you. I used to wonder always about your life with kavita. But destiny played a cute game. Swara is very nice. Perfect for you.
Sanskar smiled again. He put a hand over lakshya’s cheek.
Lakshya: i can still read your eyes… You love her na…
Sanskar: yeah… But i have done a big mistake. Not only have i mistrusted her but also left her vulnerable to be devoured by that beast. Has ragini been not there I don’t know what would have happened.
Sanskar’s eyes got moist remembering that night.
Lakshya: bhai… She loves you… She doesn’t have any issues. She has forgiven you. And above all the only way to correct your mistake is to fill her life with your love.
Sanskar: you are right right bhai… Well i suppose you must leave now. Ragini must be waiting.
Lakshya smiled at him.

Sanskar closed his eyes to sleep. But it was far away from him. All he could remember was swara…..her eyes……her voice…her everything. Suddenly he felt the tinkling of anklets. Sanskar opened his eyes and found swara looking lovingly at him.
Sanskar: what happened… You haven’t slept?
Swara: nah…
Sanskar: why?
Swara: aise hi…
Sanskar: don’t worry.. i am fine now..
Swara: i want to thank you..
Sanskar: for what?
Swara sat on the floor near the bed.
Swara: you saved my dignity by marrying me…. You gave me family… I don’t want anything else… Thank you so much.. hum mar kar bhi aapka ehsan nhi chuka sakte…
Sanskar kept his fingers on her lips.
Sanskar: shhhh…. You don’t look good talking this way..
Swara wiped a tear trying to come out of her eye.
Swara: you should take rest now…
Sanskar nodded. Swara turned to sit on the couch. Sanskar didn’t know how he fell asleep watching her beauty.

Swara came inside her room and saw sanskar getting ready. Swara smiled.
Swara: so.. doctor has said that you are completely fine now and see… You became ready for rejoining your duties.
Sanskar smiled.
Sanskar: your care made me fine so fast…
Swara blushed. Sanskar felt his heart skipped a beat.
Swara: ji woh…
Sanskar: you have still not given me my answer swara… Who am i to you?
Swara tried to go but sanskar held her hand.
Swara felt her heart beating fast. Her veil which she kept on her head fell down. Sanskar came closer to her. Swara moved a step back. He moved a step ahead. She moved back. He moved ahead. Swara felt her back touching the wall. Sanskar gave a sweet devilish smile
Sanskar: i want my answer…
Swara felt her breathing become fast.
Sanskar: I know everything swara… I want to hear it from you…
Swara looked down. Her cheeks flushed due to blushing.
Swara:.. woh….i….i want to go…
Sanskar: you can… But first answer me…
Swara lowered her gaze again.
Sanskar: swara…. Look at me once..
Swara looked at him. Their eyes met. They felt their heartbeats synchronized.
Sanskar: you are very beautiful…
Swara again blushed hard. Sanskar touched her cheeks lightly. Swaraa’s smile melted him.
Suddenly sanskar felt a push on his chest and next moment swara was out of his grip.
Sanskar: this is not fair..
Swara smiled and ran from there. Sanskar was mesmerised by her gesture.

@dp’s room
Sanskar took the blessings from dp and ap. Lakshya too bent to touch their feet. Dp and ap were beyond happy. Their happiness crossed all the limits.
Ap: don’t know since how long we were longing for this moment.
Dp: Guruji had said that lakshya and ragini should remarry with all the rituals to ward off evil eyes of the paper. After 15 days there is a good day. Sanskar from tomorrow the preparation must be started.
Sanskar nodded. He looked at lakshya who was blushing like a girl.

Sanlak came out of the room. Lakshya was blushing still.
Sanskar: bas lakshya.. even ragini will not blush like this..
Lakshya : Bhaiya… I want to give this news to her…
Sanskar smiled. Lakshya ran towards his room. Sanskar looked back and saw swara giving orders to servants. Her smile clearly indicated about her happiness. Sanskar was lost for a moment in admiring her beauty. He came near swara.
Sanskar: swara…
Swara: ji..
Sanskar: had your breakfast?
Swara: ji… I ll take it don’t worry…
Sanskar: pakka..
Swara nodded. Sanskar went. Something fell down from swaraa’s hand. She bent down to take it. Suddenly she felt her head spinning fast. She held her head and tried to compose herself. A servant held her hand.
Servant: ji… You ok..
Swara: ha….
Servant: you are having high fever…
Swara: don’t tell this to anyone..
Servant: ji but..
Swara: it’s not an order but a request..
Servant nodded. Swara went away from there. She was feeling dizzy. She came inside her room. She thought to take rest but she heard ap calling her. Without even thinking twice swara came out of room.
Ap: are beta… Woh i was thinking to go to nearby temple.. you and ragini both get ready fast.
Swara nodded.

They came back in the afternoon. Swara was still feeling dizzy. But anyhow she managed to keep a smile on her face. The journey was exhausting. Swara had nothing since morning. Her weakness was increasing.

Swara served ap food. Ragini was there too.
Ragini: swara… You too have food. You didn’t have anything since morning.
Swara: didi… Let sanskar come… For sure i ll have food.
Ragini smiled. Swaraa’s eyes were waiting for Sanskar.
It was late afternoon and still sanskar didn’t come back. Swara was sitting in her room. She was hiding her weakness from everyone. Suddenly the same servant who helped her in morning came.
Servant: prince has sent this letter to you.
Swara opened the letter. It said:

Dear swara,
I am extremely sorry for not coming today for the lunch. Actually an old lady requested me to have lunch with her as she was missing her only son whom we had lost during war. I know you will understand. Please take your lunch and take care of yourself. I ll be back in night.

Swara felt a great joy to see sanskar’s care. She felt proud to be the wife of such a loveable person. The servant was looking at swara.
Servant: can i ask something ?
Swara: ji..
Servant: i have been watching you since the day prince got injured. You have seldomly taken your meals. You slept rarely. But now prince is fine. Then also why are you forbidding me to tell him about your fever?
Swara laughed a little.
Swara: if sanskar will find out he will be worried. And i am sure he will blame himself.
Servant: but at least ragini ji..
Swara: lakshya has come back after 2 long years. I want her to spend time with him.
Servant: but what about your health?
Swara: haha.. sanskar’s voice and ragini Di’s smile is my medicine.
Servant smiled a little.
Servant: you are different from others.
Swara smiled again.
Servant: but please eat something. You will get sick.
Swara: yeah i will… I know you all care for me. Don’t worry..

Although swara agreed to have her lunch but she forgot to have anything. Ap again assigned duties to her. Nor ap not ragini even had a hint about her fever. Swara accepted all duties happily.

It was late at night when swara came to her room. Sanskar was still not back yet. Swara was feeling dizzy. Her head was aching badly. She drank some water. She lied on the bed. She closed her eyes. Fever and not having meals took a toll on her body. Her whole body was aching badly. She placed her hand on her head. Her head was spinning. Suddenly she felt footsteps. She opened her eyes and saw sanskar staring at her. Swara got up at once.
Swara: when did you come? How was your day?
Sanskar: you OK swara? Your eyes are red.
Swara: yeah… I am fine… Just a little headache. You freshen up… I ll ask servants for dinner.
Sanskar: did you have dinner?
Swara: nah… I ll have it with you?
Sanskar: how many times i have to ask you to take care of yourself too… But no… You never.
Swara: nah… I was actually waiting for you.
Sanskar: ok baba… I am coming in 5 minutes. By the way why have you waited for me?
There was again a devilish grin on his face which made swara blush hard.
Swara: you come fast..
Swara stepped forward but she again felt dizzy. This time her body didn’t support her. She tried to hold something but whatever it was fell down. Swara remembered a noise and then two arms supporting her. Her head was spinning fast. And then she passed out.

Sanskar saw swara falling down and hold her before she fell. Her eyes were closed. Sanskar lifted her and put her on bed. He sprinkled water on her face. His concern was clear from his eyes. He touched her face. It was burning with fever.
Sanskar: servant… Call doctor…. Fast.
He tried to rub her palm. Tears were building up in his eyes.

Sanskar had a good conversation with doctor. The reason for this sudden fever was weakness. Sanskar remembered how she had drowned herself in taking care of him. She slept after him and was awake before him. She had dinner with him but just a little. Even on insisting hard she rarely took her meals on time. All she cared for sanskar and his health.
A guilt was building inside him. He looked at swara. She was still unconscious. Sanskar sat near her. He held her hand and looked lovingly at the ring on her hand. He never thought of loving her when they were getting married. But now….swara was his life. He looked at her face. He caressed her hair. Swara opened her eyes. On watching sanskar near her she sat on the bed immediately. The immediate change in posture made her headaches worse. She held her head tightly. Suddenly she felt a hand on her head. It was sanskar.
Sanskar: didn’t have anything since morning na?
Swara looked at him. His eyes were twinkling with tears.
Sanskar: let’s have dinner together. Then you ll have your medicines and then a long sleep.
Swara: are but… I have to wake up…
Sanskar put a finger on her lips. This was enough to stop swara from uttering anything.
Sanskar: this is order…
Swara nodded. Sanskar made her eat with his hands. Everytime he looked at swara his love for her increased. He gave her medicines.
Sanskar: headache?
Swara: a little..
Sanskar: i know what little means!
Before swara Could understand a thing sanskar put her head in his lap and started to massage her head lightly. The love and care swara was getting was something new for her.
Swara: are… Don’t worry.. i am fine..
Sanskar: listen… I am very angry with you but don’t want to scold you in this condition. Don’t increase my anger.
Swara knew even a word will increase his guilt. So she kept mum and closed her eyes.

@ morning
Sanskar came out fully dressed. Swara was still asleep due to medicine. Sanskar put his palm lightly on her head. Fever was not there. He felt a relief in his heart. He tucked her properly in her blanket and planted a light kiss on her forehead. He stepped out of his room.

@ap’s room
Ap was roaming here and there. Dp too was tensed.
Ap: why swara didn’t come to our room to take blessings.
Dp: i was thinking the same. Doesn’t it seem so wierd.
Sanskar entered the room. He took blessings from ap and dp.
Ap: beta… Swara didn’t come..
Sanskar: she is sleeping ma.
Dp: sleeping… Is she fine.?
Sanskar narrated the story of night to them.
Ap: how is she now?
Sanskar: she is fine but sleeping. It was all due to stress and fatigue.
Dp: yeah… I have been watching her care and responsibilities towards family. She ignored herself for the family and kingdom.
Ap: we will take care of her… Don’t worry.
Before anyone could say anything swara entered their room with arti plate in her hands. She bent down to take blessings from ap and dp. Sanskar looked at her angrily.
Ap: you can’t even agree to take rest? Why did you wake up?
Swara laughed a little.
Ap: beta… It’s not a matter to laugh. You should take care of yourself.
Suddenly swara felt a tug on her ear. She looked in the direction and saw ragini.
Swara: didi… You have your own ears… Why are you trying to take mine?
Ragini: you were not well yesterday and you didn’t even tell me. You lied about taking meals.
Dp: beta .. we know you care for us. But don’t forget we are family. If anything happens to you then we will feel equally sad.
Swara nodded. With the gaze noone could notice she looked at sanskar. He was staring with his eyes full of love. She blushed hard.
Suddenly sanskar felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked back. It was lakshya with a mischievous smile.
Lakshya: my Bhaiya can’t stop himself from staring at my bhabhi.
Sanskar: who…me..
Lakshya: no…this stool..
Sanskar: kya lakshya…
Lakshya: i am going to tell pitaji to arrange your remarriage too.
Sanskar: no lakshya….
Lakshya: haaa Bhaiya…
Sanskar punched hard on lakshya’s stomach and cupped his mouth.
Sanskar: will you…
Lakshya: mmmm hmmmmm
Sanskar put his hand away. Lakshya took a deep breath.
Lakshya: woh pitaji….
Dp looked at him. Sanskar interrupted in between.
Sanskar: woh lakshya was not feeling well too. So i was thinking to give him medicine.
Lakshya looked at sanskar with awe. Sanskar smiled devilishly at him.
Ragini: are.. this season na… Wait let me bring a perfect remedy for this. Neem wala kadha.
Lakshya looked as if he will kill sanskar any moment.
Sanskar: sure.. add karela palak and ginger too. My bhai will feel much better
Lakshya: no no… I am ok..
Ap: ragini go and make. I ll see him.

Ragini went away. Lakshya was looking at Sanskar who was trying to control his laughter.
Dp: lakshya beta.. how did you fell ill.
Lakshya: due to Bhaiya…
Dp: what…
Sanskar: woh actually pitaji i made him eat 20, gulabjamuns out of love. And…..
Swara: oh…. Then i should add black pepper too. Let me tell ragini didi.
Lakshya: Bhaiya… Wasn’t your love enough that god gave me so loving Bhabhi.
His face was resembling a prisoner on the death row. Sanskar held him and made him sit on the bed. Ragini came with the kadha in her hand.
Lakshya: i will not….
Ragini: you have to…
Sanskar held his hand and with his another hand he made him drink the kadha. Lakshya’s eyes were popping out. Finally kadha was over and so was his ordeal. He sighed. He tgen looked at sanskar.
Lakshya: my brother loves me so much. I want to play with you. Run and I will catch you.
Sanskar ran from there and lakshya ran behind him leaving all four confused.

It was afternoon. Sanskar entered the room. Swara was standing near the window. Without saying anything sanskar held her hand and made her sit on bed.
Swara: ji… Tell me… What happened.
Sanskar kept a finger on her lips.
Sanskar: why you don’t take care of yourself?
Swara: nhi ji… It’s not like that.
Sanskar: really… Oh so it was me who fainted yesterday.
Swara laughed a little.
Sanskar: swara.. try yo understand. You are precious. Don’t overlook your health and happiness for anyone…. including me.
Swara took his hand in hers. She looked in his eyes.
Swara: when i fainted were you worried?
Sanskar: my heart came to my mouth.
Swara: did you have dinner last night?
Sanskar: no.
Swara: you have your answer.
Sanskar felt himself at lack of words. He lowered his gaze.
Sanskar: swara… Please.. i felt restless seeing you in this condition.
Swara: ok… So you are giving justification for your not having dinner.
Sanskar: i forgot about it because i was taking care of you.
Swara: and i forgot because i was taking care of you.
Sanskar: 3 months… Since 3 months you have been not taking care of yourself. Mine was just a night.
Swara: ji… If only a fever and fainting of mine created so much tension in your mind then imagine what havoc your condition had created in my heart. My only aim was to make you fit and fine again. You had almost left me that night but god gave me second chance. Your life is now a gift of god for me. Sanskar felt himself for lack of words. He looked at her.
Sanskar: i have understood your point of view swara. But can you do one thing for me? Please take care of yourself. I can’t live without you…….
His last line was enough for swara to get red. She held his hand and nodded with a smile.
Swara: ok… I will …. Don’t worry…

Raglak’s marriage preparation starts. Kaveri to create misunderstanding again.

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