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Siddhi Vinayak 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjiri wants Vin dead

Siddhi Vinayak 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor checking Manjiri. He asks Siddhi to take care of Manjiri, she has taken much stress. He goes. Siddhi comes to Manjiri and apologizes. She asks Manjiri to just take rest now. Manjiri says do one thing, just sign on the blank paper. Siddhi does the sign. Manjiri asks won’t you ask me the reason. Siddhi says no, I completely trust you. Manjiri says there is a big reason, you doubted on family reading a paper, and this is also a paper, I want you to write, whatever happens, you won’t let this family break. Siddhi apologizes.

She promises to keep family united and protect Vin. Manjiri takes medicines. Siddhi says you have to promise me, take care of yourself. Manjiri smiles. Siddhi goes. Manjiri says don’t worry. She sees the pics of Rajbeer and Prachi. She says

Riddhi passes my test, amazing. She laughs. She says Riddhi has become my puppet. Vin will die soon, I will take his property by Riddhi, will Vin die now. She calls Chandu and says its time to kill Vin.

Pratima and Siddhi have a talk. Siddhi says I miss you, I couldn’t come to meet you, I m living here by an excuse. She tells everything to Pratima. She says I want phone records of Manbir and Rajbeer, so that I can know about their truth. Pratima says I will do this, but I can’t promise. Siddhi asks her to try. Pratima says I m worried for you. She ends call. Vin calls her and asks her to come to his room. Shooter shoots at Vin’s dummy. Manjiri gets glad and praises his aim. Shooter Kabir says my style is different, Vin is your son, why do you want to kill him. She says someone else asked this to me, my style is also stylish, I killed that person. He says I did mistake, sorry. She says just kill Vin, I will message you when and where to do this work. She goes laughing. Gauri talks to her lover. Prachi and Rajbeer come to her. They confront Gauri’s lies and ask where was she all night. Gauri thinks do they know about my affair. Gauri asks who are you to ask me, stop making plans, I have no relation with you both, mind your own business. She goes.

Rajbeer says we have to know Gauri’s planning. Siddhi thinks what are they talking, are they planning against Vin, I have to find out. Siddhi goes to Vin and asks so many icecreams, will you have it alone. He says its for both of us. She says its a good way to say sorry. They argue. They choose the same icecream. They have an eyelock. She smiles. She says you picked my icecream. He says not done. She says its my fav. He says we gave something in common, you have it, I will have another one. She says why, we can share this. He recalls Siddhi and says no, I just shared chocobar with one person. He sees Siddhi’s pic. He cries and goes. She cries.


Kabir aims the shot at Vin. Vin is with the film crew. Manjiri asks Kabir to shoot Vin. Kabir shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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