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Shakti 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman convinces Soumya to return in his life

Shakti 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with neighbors coming to Harak Singh’s house and tells that they heard that he is getting his son married. Jasleen says you heard it right and tells that Harman was getting married here. She tells that Harman and Soumya met today on this day and that’s why Papa ji thought to get them remarried again. They left for honeymoon after marriage. Harak Singh asks them to go. Balwinder thinks Jasleen made their doubt to rest. Veeran comes there with goons and cooks up a fake story. Neighbors hear them and leave. Veeran tells Harak singh that Harman eloped with kinnars’ help. Harak Singh asks why they are showing their faces and asks them to die in the pond. Preeto laughs and asks them to die in pond as Harak said. She says Harman and Soumya’s names are written in God’s book and nobody

can separate them. Harak singh gets angry.

Soumya is about to get inside the bus, when Harman comes there and sees her. He calls her. Soumya turns and looks at him. Harman runs to stop her. Soumya is about to get in the bus, but Harman stops her holding her hand. He asks where are you going? Soumya says very far from you. Harman asks can you stay without me? Soumya says yes. Harman says I can’t live without you. Soumya is surprised and asks where is Jasleen? Harman calls her Gulabo. Soumya says Tarana. Harman says you are my Gulabo.

Soumya says my responsibility is over now and asks him to go and handle Jasleen and his new responsibility. Harman says I can’t let you go and asks if she wants to take his life. Soumya asks him to let her go. Preeto comes to Jasleen. Jasleen says I am first bride to take off my marriage bangles happily. Preeto says you are world’s best friend and apologizes to her. Jasleen says Harman loves Soumya and we couldn’t be happy together. Moti Lal comes there. Jasleen says if Soumya left as Harman didn’t come till now. Preeto says Harman will return with Soumya and asks her not to worry. Moti lal comes there and says my daughter has become matured today. She says if you are same jasleen who would asked for moon. Jasleen says I know that you will bring it for me, but it is not in anyone’s destiny, let it be happy wherever it is. She cries hugging him.

Soumya asks Harman why is he stopping her with which right. Harman says with the same right which you gave me. Soumya asks him to return to Jasleen and start a new life with her. She says I am happy with your happiness. She asks him to go and says she will also search her living. Harman says I am part of your life and you are my part of life and I will not let you leave. Soumya asks him to think about Jasleen. Harman tells her that he didn’t marry Jasleen. He tells her that he has realized her importance in his life when he was in the mandap with Jasleen, and realizes that he can’t stay without her. he says you have done a mistake, and I thought I can’t do more big mistake to ruin our lives. He says I was stubborn and thought of our relation as game, and was angry. He says it was his mistake for deciding to marry Jasleen.

Soumya says you have broken up with me to punish me and today you have left Jasleen. She says you can’t run away from responsibility and asks him to go and marry Jasleen. She says our relation is like wrestler ring where fights will not end. She is about to leave.. Man hears them and thinks Harman is teasing Soumya and beats him. Soumya asks them to leave Harman and says he is her husband and it is their personal matter. Harman asks Soumya to return home. Soumya says she said that to save him. Harman asks don’t you regard me as your husband now. Soumya says you will get ruined with me and says it is better to end relation. Harman asks her to listen and gets teddy from her hand. Soumya gets inside the other bus.

Harman tells teddy that he will do as she says and he hopes that she don’t leave him. Conductor asks Soumya to get down from the bus and says he loves you a lot. Soumya asks driver to start bus. Harman says so you will not agree and asks her to go. He takes knife from water melon’s seller and cuts his palm. Soumya gets shocked and shouts Harman ji. She comes out of bus and tries to see his hand. Harman says you was leaving me so I have cut my hand. He says if you had left then I will kill myself. Soumya asks him to give his hand so that she can bandage his hand. Harman asks her to promise first. Soumya promises him that she will never leave him. Harman smiles.

Precap: Harman and Soumya have food in the restaurant. She bites his finger teasing him. He shows his injured hand and asks if this is not enough. Soumya reminds him about their past and asks how much he loves her. Harman tells her that he can leave anything for her love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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