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Savitri Devi 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant asking Priya to steal the painting and even helps her in the theft. He sees Dadi coming there and signs Priya. Priya hides. Dadi comes there and asks why you are whistling. Vikrant tells her that when he don’t get sleep, he whistles. Dadi says she used to whistle to make Veer get relieved. Vikrant says even he is feeling pressure now. Dadi laughs. Vikrant says he is jolly type. Veer wakes up and says good morning to Sanchi. Sanchi also greets him good morning. Alarm rings. Veer asks Sanchi to go far so that he can go to washroom. Sanchi is about to fall down as she slips. Veer holds her. Alarm rings at jaya’s place.

Everyone gather to have dinner. Gayatri asks Sanchi about Veer. Sanchi says he will come soon. Veer comes and says good morning. Savitri asks

him to sit. Sanchi and Veer sit far away from each other. Gayatri gets up and goes to sit near Veer. She asks why you both are sitting far. Savitri asks him to sit beside Sanchi and start breakfast. Veer thinks I will see you Mrs. Gayatri Malhotra. He starts walking towards Sanchi and tells that he forget that he has to go to hospital. He will have fun in the hospital. Gayatri asks him to take Sanchi with him. Sanchi says I will complete my kitchen work and come to hospital. Veer says see you at the hospital. Savitri tells Gayatri that they are staying far from each other. Gayatri says Jaya came yesterday, it seems she said or done something. She thinks she will expose the truth in evening.

Dadi finds the painting missing and asks Servants to go and search. Priya thinks painting is still in room and thinks to ask Vikrant to hide it. Dadi asks her to search painting with her. Priya says ok. Sanchi and Veer looks at each other and at the alarm band. They stop seeing the alarm beeping. Sanchi keeps tiffin for him. Bangaya pal bhar me…plays…She moves back. Veer comes forward and picks the tiffin. He gets note and reads it. Pragya asks Sanchi to study now. Isha asks him to give message to her for Sanchi. Pragya says we got admitted in this hospital so that we can deliver your letters and asks to give kisses also. Sanchi says thanks, but no thanks, we will wait. Pragya says did something happen between you both. Sanchi and Veer looks sad. Pragya says you both have cut my nose, I was hopeful.

Dr. Kabir comes and asks Sanchi to study ifs he is done with the laughter and joke. Sanchi says ok and asks him to come. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi go to study. Veer, Isha and Pragya looks at her. Dadi is worried about the painting. Savitri says it will be found and asks Dadi not to worry. Servant gets the painting wrapped as a gift behind the bed and says it might be same painting. Vikrant says I will open it. He opens it and says he brought this gift for Priya. Savitri says you would have told us. Vikrant says I have opened it so that you don’t think that we have stolen the painting. Savitri says this house is of you also. She scolds Servant and asks him to keep it back. She says sorry to Vikrant. Vikrant says no problem.

Dr. Malhotra comes to the hospital. Jaya says everything is fine in the hospital without you, and infact when you are not here, there is no problem and asks him to go on a holiday for more days. She asks did you get good news or not, and tells that they are going to get affiliation from international medical well being. Dr. Malhotra says you think your daughter will get affiliation for you and says she is now married and her priority is changed now. He says if sanchi fails to get affiliation then you will repent. Jaya says it was Sunil’s dream to get affiliation and Sanchi will do it. Dr. Malhotra thinks don’t know what mother and daughter if they get affiliation.

Gayatri tells Savitri about jaya giving bands to Sanchi and Veer, and tells that she wants to stop Veer from fulfilling his husband rights. Savitri is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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