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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Forgives Mohana And Succeeds To Get Back Their Respect

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohana tells Diya that she has conspired against Yash so that they (diya and ratan) break friendship with him. She tells that Yash has married her, but cares for them more than her. She has become name sake wife and he don’t tell her anything. They see Yash coming there. Mohana thinks it seems her truth will come out and her relation with yash will break. She tells Diya that she will face Yash and tells that she has deposited all jewels in the police station. Diya hides with Mohana seeing Yash coming there. Once Yash goes, Diya tears the prescription and tells Mohana that since she came in his life, his smile and happiness returned to his face. She says you are more important to him than our friendship. She says she will not tell Yash about this ever. Mohana feels guilty and apologizes

to her. she hugs her and cries. Diya says she will take Ratan and Yash from there and asks her to hide till then. Yash and Ratan also search Diya. Diya comes there and tells that an old woman working in Kesar Mahal heard our plan and stolen the jewels as she was in need, but soon deposited in the police station. Yash asks why did you let that woman go? Diya says she was repenting from heart and that’s enough. Ratan says we shall go there and get the treasure before the sponsor’s deadline.

Later, they watch news that Police found 800 crores of jewels and that the news of their bankruptcy is wrong. Bhuvan, CT and others get happy. Yash comes and says they got sponsors and vivah event contract is ours now. Ratan says we will welcome everyone grandly. He hugs CT and asks her to forgive Diya.

Mohana says Diya made everything fine, she hugs Diya and thanks her. Ratan asks CT to smile. CT asks him to go and rest. She takes Diya to side and says you got the credit, but it all happened because of you, he did mistakes so that he don’t break her heart. Meethi comes there in the box and shows the bill to Diya. Diya asks who are you? Meethi says she is Meethi Halwai. She tells that she made shahi food when she thought him to be bankrupt and helped them. She didn’t even taste the food and asks them to pay the bill. Diya says you will not get even a rupee or 25 paise. Meethi says you have a big palace, but small heart. Ayush says we thought to call you to invite you to keep stall at vivah event. Meethi thanks him and hugs Diya. She says she will give them sweets. Ayush says we shall give her a chance to make sweets on Maan Singh’s birthday. Diya says ok and asks her to make sweets.

Meethi goes to kitchen. She asks jhunki to bring maung dal aata and says she will make halwa. Ratan comes to drink water. Meethi sees him and pats on his head calling him Deepu, asks what is he doing here. Ratan asks who is she? She asks if he forgot her. Diya comes and asks Meethi why is she misbehaving with Daata Hukum. Meethi says he is Deepu, Sarju kaki’s son and asks him to say. She asks him to say. Ratan says do you think I am not Daata hukum. Meethi says Daata Hukum will be heavy build old man. Yash says he is not Deepu, but Ratan Maan Singh. Ratan says I am Daata Hukum. Meethi apologizes to him and holds his feet. She asks him to let the stall be hers. He says ok. Diya asks Ratan to come.

Ratan gets to know that someone took Maan Singh’s statue saying his name. he calls Diya and wonders why she is not picking his call. Diya looks on as Ratan’s imposter unveils the statue.

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