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Raglak TS: Unusual Love Story (Part 4)

Ragini’s POV,

It’s been one and half month I had undergone the surgery. I recovered fast because of ‘his’ words. ‘Come back to me soon. I will be waiting for you. Bye Amica mea.’ Whenever I remember it my body gets a sudden goosebumps. Only he has such effects on me. But…but that stupid idiot monkey hadn’t showed his face again. He said he will be waiting for me and asked me to come back soon. Now I came back, but where was he? Really he is an imagination?! No! I really felt his touch, heard his words, saw his eyes, and held his hand. I couldn’t just say that he is an imagination. I tried to ask about him to my family but shut myself thinking not to embarrass myself. But still I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Why are you always making me to feel dejected?

I sighed and looked through the window of cab. I am returning to house after the regular check up. My sister Ishani ditched me saying she has a date with my doctor. I couldn’t help but feel very happy for her. She finally got the man of her life. But me?! I sighed again. I came back to reality and looked the road. It’s like an abandoned road. It’s not the usual way to house. I started to panic and looked at the driver with terrified look. I think he noticed me through the mirror because he smirked. I couldn’t see his face as he was wearing a white cap covering till his nose. Don’t know how he manages to drive by wearing it. But wait! He is kidnapping me. I need to shout now. Come on Ragini; open your mouth and SHOUTTT! “HELPPP! SOMEBODY HELP ME! HE IS KIDNAPPING ME!” Wait! It’s already an abandoned road. Then how come there will be someone to help me. I slapped my forehead and looked at the driver with all my courage hiding my fear and shouted on his ear “HOW DARE YOU TO KIDNAP ME, YOU HOOLIGAN!?” I think I had done something stupid because he shrieked aloud and applied the break suddenly. I closed my eyes tightly like it will save me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around then at the driver. But he is not there. I felt more scared and little hope for escape now. I quickly opened the door and jumped off the car and looked at my surroundings. I was sweating badly, I was about to run away from the car but felt someone tapping on my shoulder. I turned around and my breath struck on my throat.

“Yyyoouu?!” I stammered but he smiled widely and said “Haan! Me! Hooligan! Oops! Laksh!” He said so coolly and grinned at me. I saw him without even blinking. He was wearing a neatly ironed and buttoned white shirt and black pant with grey blazer and black coolers taking my breath away.

“Like what you see?” He asked while closing my mouth. That is when I realized that I am checking him out. Instantly my cheeks become red. “Aww blushing!! Blushy Blushy!” He said with a wink. I immediately rubbed my cheeks and turned other side saying “Nope!” But he came near me and whispered in my ears making me numb “You look more beautiful when you are blushing.” I looked at him with wide eyes and of course my cheeks will be crimson red. He just smiles like he was admiring me. Oh god! I can’t take this anymore I just looked away to make my rapidly pumping heart to beat normal.

At that time only I remembered about his meeting in hospital then the kidnapping. I abruptly turned to ask about this but instead I was shut down by his just one finger. He kept his finger on my lips and muttered “Don’t! I know you are having many questions in your pretty brain; I will answer them but not now amica mea! First let’s go for lunch, then spend the whole day with each other and meanwhile I will answer all your questions. Ok?” I just nodded like a goat. He smiled widely and said “Good girl! Come on let’s go.” I just followed him like a love sick puppy. Suddenly I stopped and asked “But how do you mention ‘Hooligan’? I said it to the kidnapper.” He turned towards me and showed that big cap of that driver. “I am your kidnapper dear!” He said with a smirk while I looked at him with ‘o’ mouth. He closed my mouth saying “I think I will be doing this to you throughout our life.” Before I could drown myself in my thoughts he dragged me to the car and started driving.

At a restaurant,

We both were sitting quietly after ordering our food. I was really excited… come on who won’t be excited to have a lunch with your favorite actor or say your first crush or say your secret love. I couldn’t control my excitement and it’s clearly visible through my eyes. He was just looking at me with amused face and I couldn’t help but blush more and more. Suddenly he forwarded his hand and said “I am Laksh Maheshwari! Glad to meet you.” He introduced himself. I was amazed. Well maybe he wants to start everything with the formal introduction. Ok! I shook my hand with him while saying “I am Ragini Gaddodia. Glad to meet you too!” My voice, it didn’t even reach my ears. Then how could he hear it. Stupid Ragini! You and your shyness! I face palmed mentally. Then I took some air and tried to say them once again little bit audibly that is when I noticed him already giving me an awe face! OMG! I know my face would turn into crimson red. How could he do this to me? I pouted on my thoughts. At that time our food came. I was so excited to see them. My stomach growled loudly signifying everyone I-am-hungry. I was embarrassed. I reminded myself that I would punish my stomach by giving an extra load to it after reaching home. That’s when I felt a rough hand holding my soft hand. Just by the contact of his hand I felt butterflies in my stomach. I bit my lower lip and looked up at him. He gave me a soft smile and said “It’s natural! Don’t be embarrassed. Come on now let’s dig on our foods.” His words made me grin at him. He made me feel comfortable. God! My love for him is increasing more and more. I controlled my racing heart and started to eat the food. Everything is my favorite. “I love eating but hate cooking!” I don’t know what made me to say that, but I know that I had said it loudly. I slowly looked up at him. He had a smirk and you know what it made me to do. Blush! Blush! Blush! I heard him saying “No worries! I would cook your favorite dishes every day. After all I love cooking that too for the people whom I love.” My breath got struck in my throat. What does he mean by that? Many questions were clouded in my brain but I decided to ask him later. I will wait for a perfect time to ask them. Our lunch went so beautifully with sharing of our likes and dislikes also knowing more about each other. I found that we have many similar things and also I found that we love some things that the other one hate. The best example is cooking!

After lunch he took me to a nearby park. Aww it was so beautiful! We both enjoyed a lot. We didn’t talk but we played like 5 year old kids along with the children in the park. I saw his hearty laugh, peaceful smile, mischievous grin, glorious smile, naughty pranks…everything.

This side of his’ made me realize that he loves children a lot. He will be a great dad one day. My eyes widens on the thought I got. I shook my head to stop my over thinking brain and live the moment. I showed my mischievous side to him. He seems to be amazed and the next moment he was chasing me. I yelped and ran away not getting caught on his arms. I was laughing loudly shouting “Aww someone couldn’t get me!” I heard his groan while saying “Don’t run Ragini! I am gonna catch you!” I was about to be caught but I bend down and escaped like a ninja! He was having a triumph smile but when he realized that I am not in his arms his eyebrows frowned and lips twitched. I laughed loudly looking at his expression. I heard him saying “I am not gonna leave you.” I grinned at him and said “Let’s see Mr. Maheshwari!” and jumped like a monkey and ran away from him. I turned around to look at him but he was not following me. I frowned and tried to look here and there that’s when I felt someone lifting me to the air from behind by my waist. I was shocked and looked at the person. It was him! He was having a triumph grin. I couldn’t help but laugh out loudly. He didn’t let me stand but rounded around making me to look every direction. After what felt like hours, he slowly made me stand on the ground but he didn’t take off his hands from my waist. My heart beats rapidly feeling the closeness between us. I felt his breath on my neck, taking my breath away. His soft lips meet my chubby cheeks. He pressed it softly making my face shine with my crimson cheek. He kissed me like a baby. I felt overwhelmed. He slowly takes his hands off and turned me around making me to face his chest. I couldn’t look at his face after what had happened just now. His one hand cups my chin and lifts my face to meet his eyes. He whispered “I got you!” A grin was plastered on his lips. But soon his face changed into serious and he said “Now your punishment is you are going to spend the every second of your time with me…throughout your lifetime!” His words made me to look at him intently. Suddenly he winked at me and takes my hand and started to walk off from the park. My mind is blanked with only one question “What the hell had happened here?”

I slowly opened my eyes and found myself sitting in the car. I turned my head towards right and found him driving the car with a small smile playing on his lips. He loves driving! I smiled looking at his smile. Suddenly he turned his face towards me and winked at me. I bit my lower lip and looked away blushing. What’s with me and blushing? I shook my head and looked at the road. It seems the sun had already gone and moon is shining brightly with the help of sun. I suddenly worried about my family. They would be worried for me. I looked at the road and found that it’s not the way to home. I wanted to inform my family. So I looked at him hesitantly. He too looked at me and frowned seeing my expression. His hand which was on gear now came and rest on my hand. It was so soothing and comforting. He asked “What happened?” I tried to open my mouth but it looks like I had forgotten to speak. Come on Ragini! Speak up! I cleared my throat and said “My family! They would be so worried for me! So…” I don’t know how to complete. He just gave me a soft smile and said “Don’t worry! They know that you are with me also I will drop you at home after enjoying sometime here.” That’s when I noticed that the car had stopped. I looked to my left and found a beach. A big smile replaced my sad expression. I immediately jumped out off the car. I was so excited because it’s my dream to come to beach with my love holding each other’s hands while the moon shines brightly. My dream came true. I looked at him with all my love on him. I felt him too looking at me the way I am seeing him now. My body got goosebumps because of his stare. I looked down and bit my lips. His hand slowly holds mine and intertwined our fingers. I looked at his face whereas he was already looking at mine. I wish the time should freeze and this moment would long forever.

We were standing with our bare feet being caressed by the small waves. We both were looking ahead and enjoying the beauty of the nature. I inhaled the scent and closed my eyes feeling the cold breeze caressing my skin. A soft smile was playing on my lips. That’s when I felt I should shoot my questions. “How do you know me Laksh?” I slowly turned towards him and found him already looking at me intently. I gulped the saliva, closed my eyes and took deep breaths to control my blush. I opened my eyes and looked at him for the answer. “I know you from the day you started to haunt my dreams.” I raised my eyebrow in confusion. “Huh?” But he didn’t explain. He just smiled and looked ahead. I pouted. Then I asked the next question. “How did you come and met me at hospital? I mean, that day was your engagement with Swara.” My voice dropped into whisper at the end. I remembered seeing the engagement ring in his fingers. My body stiffens. I heard him saying “I got a video in which your sister and your doctor said about your surgery and the help they needed from me. So I came to you immediately.” I asked him “Why? Why you have to come here Laksh? You could have called and spoke with me. Maybe by humanity you could have come…” My eyes blurred but I controlled my tears and continued while he was waiting patiently for me to complete. “But now why are you standing here with me? What’s the reason behind for all this?” I sniffed and waited for him to say. His eyes twinkled. He stared at me intensely like I am the world for him. I heard him saying in a soft yet firm tone. “Love!”💖

My eyes widen. I tried to take at his word. But I couldn’t. I stared at him with disbelief. I think he got my reaction because he continued saying “One day I had a dream of my marriage and when I looked at the bride, it was… you! (I stared at him with my ‘o’ mouth. He smiled and closed it and continued.) From then you came in my dream in different forms. I don’t even know if you are real or not but I started to search for you. But I couldn’t get you. That’s when Swara and I was about to be engaged. But from nowhere your video came.” He stopped and asked me “What will you do Ragini, when you find the love, whom you were searching days and nights, has given you a clue to reach him on your engagement day?” I gaped at him and without even thinking I said “I would leave the engagement and run towards the direction my love is!” He smiled widely at me “That’s what I also done Ragini! I called off the engagement and ran towards you to meet you.” My heart swelled in happiness while he continued “I came to the hospital and saw your lifeless body Ragini. The sight was like as though someone was chopping off me into pieces. I always thought that our first meet should be so lovely and beautiful but it came out opposite. And so I didn’t meet you after that day. I was waiting for you to be completely cured also I wanted to convince your parents to take you with me. You know what Ragini?” I looked at him curiously and he continued “Your parents had accepted us! They have no objections for our marriage also for my parents too! I am so happy!!” His eyes twinkled more while saying them but for me…I don’t know. I felt happy and at the same time I felt scared. I don’t know for what exactly I was scared for. But I feel uneasiness in me. That’s when I heard him saying “I don’t know when I fell for you. All I know is I had fallen so deeply that I can’t come out of it anymore. I love you Ragini 💕! I wanted to live with you throughout my lifetime as your husband. I wanted to pamper you, fight with you, have kids with you, love you, care for you and your family and many more Ragini. But for now I want is your ‘yes’ for our marriage. Will you marry me Ragini?”💞

I don’t know what to answer. I stuttered “I…I…Laksh…I don’t know…I am…” I exhaled the breath defeated. I don’t know how to express to him while I myself was in big confusion! Great Ragini! I looked at him. His face had lost its excitement just his eyes looking at me hopefully. I closed my eyes painfully. I couldn’t look at him like that. I opened my eyes and looked into his eyes hoping he would read my inner battle. I heard him saying “Whatever it is! I am ready to hear Ragini! Spit it out!” I don’t know what took over my, I just looked into his eyes and started saying “Laksh! I love you.💖 I love you so much that I can’t look at you like this. It pains here (I lightly punched my chest where my heart is while his throat gulped looking at my action.) But I am really nervous about this marriage Laksh. You and me…Us…I don’t think it could even happen. A flat-lander like me cannot live at the attitude you were in Laksh!” Finally I said what I made me feel nervous. “Your lifestyle is very different from mine. I…I can’t be able to live like you Laksh. But at the same time I can’t live without you. I am so much attached to you…” Before I could complete he said “So do I!” I gaped at him while he continued saying “I can’t live without you Ragini. I want you. I can do anything to make you be inside my arms. I will leave everything and come to you Ragini.” I gasped in shock. I breathed out “What?” I looked at him in disbelief while he looked determined “Ragini! If at all my lifestyle, my profession is the one which makes us to stop uniting then I don’t want them. I am ready to leave them.” I shook my head vigorously. “NO! What are you saying? It’s your dream Laksh! Acting is your dream. How can you let it go for me?” He closed his eyes and shook his head and said “Exactly! It’s my dream! But you are my reality Ragini. I don’t want to lose my reality while chasing a dream!”

His words made my eyes to well up with tears. His eyes show me how much he was meaning his words. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I hugged him tightly like my life depends on him. I sobbed out while hugging him even more tightly. I felt him hugging me back while rubbing my back trying to sooth me. I spoke out “Laksh! How can you think that I will allow you to leave your dream? Laksh, I love you! That means I will be always supporting you, caring you with my whole heart. Then how can I not support you to continue your dream? I can do anything for you Laksh. I can change myself for you. I will be always with you, no matter what happens. Don’t leave your career for me Laksh. Your happiness is what matters most to me and I know that your happiness lies in your career. I won’t be a trouble to pursue it. I love you Laksh! I am ready to marry you.”💞 Yes I am ready to marry him. He is everything to me and I will do anything for him. I so much love this man inside my arms. He broke the hug and made me to look at his face. His face has a big smile with eyes pouring his love for me… only for me. I felt warm inside my heart. He cupped my face and rubbed off my tears with his thumb while I closed my eyes feeling his touch. He started to speak which makes me to lock my eyes with his’. “You don’t have to change Ragini. Be yourself! I promise that I will not let anything or anyone to come in between us. I promise that I will always support you and stand by your side no matter what happens. I promise that I will give my shoulder to you while your eyes are tearing. I promise that I will cook for you every day {Vidhu akka 🙊} and feed you with my own hands. I will pamper you, cherish you, protect you and spoil you. I promise that I will always make you smile like you are doing now. I promise that I will give our children everything. I promise that I will be with you in making our children a better person in the society. I promise that I will get old with you and we both will be playing our grand children. I promise that till my heart stops beating I will be with you. Be my wife, Ragini!” What more should I ask for? I nodded continuously without trusting my words.

“I love you Ragini.”💕

“I love you Laksh.”💝

We both leaned in till our lips met. We shared our first kiss under the cool breeze of moon and ocean.

Few months later…

Laksh’s POV,

I was sitting in the couch while she was sitting in my lap and munching the chips made by me and watching something seriously. I didn’t care about that. I was just hugging her so closely to me and kissing her cheeks and neck. I heard her gasping and moaning sometimes, she tried to nudge me to release her from my arms. But I was too busy in teasing her to notice them. But the thing stopped me was when I heard her saying in awe “Aww Satya I love you!” Did she just said ‘I love you’ to him??? Seriously?! “WHAT?” I shouted in shock. She turned head towards me, finally, with a bored expression “What WHAT?” I huffed and asked “What did you just said?” She, still with that same expression, said “What did I say?” “So you are asking ME now? Fine! I am saying myself! I heard you saying ‘I love you SATYA!’” I waited impatiently for her answer. “Do I?” she said with ‘o’ mouth but before I could close it as usual she closed it herself and smirked at me. “Come on Laksh! He is my latest crush!” “WHAT THE HELL?” I shouted at the top of my voice. She flinched and closed her ears and hissed at me “Don’t shout near my ears!” With that she again started to drool over him. I tried to get her attention but she was too busy in admiring him.

It got on my nerves. So I took the remote and switched off the TV and before she could protest, I pushed her on the coach and climbed on top of her, balancing myself on my arms. She glared at me while I smirked at her. Before she could fight with me, I started to kiss her like there is no tomorrow. First she tried not to kiss me but at last she melted like chocolate in my kiss. I grinned in between the kiss earning a groan from her. Finally for oxygen I pulled back from her. Her eyes were closed, lips were swollen and her cheeks…like usual…were in crimson red, her chest moving up and down rapidly due to our latest kiss. I was just admiring her but suddenly she opened her most beautiful eyes and looked at me with all her love. My heart skipped a beat. Only she can make my heart go crazy. I grinned at her while she pouted as she couldn’t stop herself from kissing me back. I kissed her forehead lovingly and got near her ear while placing a soft kiss, I said in my serious tone “I am your first and last! Got it?” I felt her shiver. I smirked seeing my effect on her doesn’t decrease but increasing day by day. I pulled back and found her still pouting. Aww mera bacha! “How you expect me to react when my wife is drooling over another man that too sitting on my lap?” She whined saying “But Laksh! He is your character. I was just admiring my husband’s work. Is it wrong?” She frowned at me. I said “When your husband is near you don’t give more attention to other men even if it was your husband’s character!” She giggled hearing it saying “You are a jealous monkey Laksh!” I pouted and said “Yes I am jealous ok?” Her eyes widen and so were mine. We both said at the same time “You remember that?” We both laughed and nodded our head. “How can I forget that? They were all the beautiful memories made by us together.” I kissed her forehead and lay on her side and pulled her to me till her back touches my chest. We both were having a content smile in our face. I know she is also remembering it.


After few days of our marriage, we both were enjoying our honeymoon. One day we were sitting in a restaurant waiting for our lunch. I was holding her hand in mine and just admiring her flushed face. At that time I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. I looked up to see a face filled with artificial make up and dressed in a small thing like she was so poor to afford a dress that would cover her body. Poor girl! She was smiling evilly at me. I don’t know who she was, but know what she wants. For god sake, I am on my honeymoon! I wanted to shout it on her face but I don’t want to embarrass ourselves, so kept quiet and raised my eyebrow at her. She introduced herself as my co worker in my previous project. I know she is not but still I gave her a small smile so that she could leave us alone. But I was wrong. She jumped in excitement and sat on our table, that too in between us. Till now I didn’t looked at Ragini. I slowly glanced at her. She was already red in anger. I haven’t seen her like that before, so it’s little terrifying to myself. I gulped my saliva in fear but still I hold her hand firmly like it’s nothing. She glanced at me then at that cake face. I sighed sadly. This cake face had destroyed my lunch with my wife. She was blabbering something that we both neither listened nor seem to be interested in it. But at times her hand finds a way to touch me like accidentally. At those times Ragini’s grip on my hand tightens and glared at that cake face even harder. But that cake face ignored it and tried to cling on me. My wife loses her cool. She stood up and pulled that cake face’s arms little forcibly that that cake face had fallen on the floor and started to croak like a frog. I couldn’t hold back my laughter. I was laughing loudly clutching my stomach. When I stopped laughing I found that the whole restaurant was laughing at that cake face. She is embarrassed. But my wife didn’t stop with that. She bent down to her level and gave her death glare.

“If you want to have your filthy hand with yourself then don’t dare to bring it near my husband. If you want to keep your ugly head with yourself then don’t dare to turn it towards my husband’s direction. Don’t dare to come near my husband or else I will be your worst nightmare.” My eyes were wide open and I gulped a little looking at her threat. Definitely that cake face won’t cross our way again. I thought it was over but no. My wife gave a last punch at last. “And Haan! Next time don’t wear something like you are inviting some men to rip off your clothes and then pay for it. Wear something that covers you. Husband stealing witch!” With that she took my arms and pulled me out of the restaurant. I was amazed by this side of her. Though it’s little scary, she looks hot in it. I was just walking behind her mesmerized by her action while she was dragging me to the parking lot.

When we reached near our car she turned around and got on her tip toes and kissed me. I was surprised. It was the first time ever she had initiated a kiss. I was so happy by that and pulled towards me and kissed her senseless. She kissed with possession and it overwhelmed me. We broke the kiss for air but she pulled me closer till our nose tips touches. She looked into my eyes with the love and possession. She said “I am your first and last Laksh. Got it!” Before I could respond she kissed my cheeks then my jaws making me to close my eyes and feel her soft lips on my skin. She bit my earlobe and whispered “When your wife is near you don’t give more attention to other women even if it was your co actor.” Her words made me smile. I looked at her with awe face. “You are a jealous swan Ragini!” I teased her while she pouted “Yes I am jealous ok?” I chuckled lightly and kissed her lips softly with much care and my love. I pulled back and whispered “I am yours Ragini!”

Flashback ends…

She slowly stirred in her sleep while whispering “I am yours Laksh!” I grinned and pulled her closely to me.

“I love you Ragini.”💞

“I love you Laksh.”💞


So finally completed? How is the final part? How about Raglak’s scenes? I hope you guys liked it. Will try to post my other works soon! Have a nice day! Take care! Bye! Love you all!

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