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Porus 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Bamni Pronounces Puru as Crown Prince/Yuvraj

Porus 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alexander with his soldiers on boat reaches Fars shore. Posenius tells their warriors are afraid as Farsi army is very huge with strong soldiers. Alexander says they will head towards Sway now. His friend ass why they are going there. Alexander says he will know once they reach there.

In Pourav rastra, Puru walks into royal hall. People chant rajkumar Purshotam ki jai. Puru walks to Bamni and hugs him emotionally looking at Anusuya. Bamni tells Puru that he is not only Pourav rastra’s rajkumar and his son, but also protector of Bharath, years’ old forecast came true and he really became Bharath’s protector. Puru’s team gets happy while Kanishk, Kadika, and Shivdutt fume in jealousy. Bamni asks Piru to come on stage with him. People chant Rajkumar Purshottam ki jai, Maharaj Bamni ki

jai. Bamni addresses people that a king’s duty is to protect its people, but he forgot his duty blindfolded by Farsi business, but Puru opened his eyes and united Pourav rastra, Takshashila, and Dasyu lok which was impossible. He considered Puru as traitor, but Puru is a patriot instead. People chant Puru’s name again while Kanishk, Kadika, and Shivdutt fume in jealous.

Bamni continues his speech and says it is time to announce their next king, he is happy to announce that Pourav rastra’s next king will be Purshottam. Kanishk, Kadika, and Shivdutt get more jealous. Puru’s team rejoice. Bamni says Purshottam will be called yuvraj instead of rajkumar. People chant Yuraj Purshottam ki jai..Bamni says during mahayagna, Puru will be coronated as Yuvraj. Puru says when he came here, he did not dream of becoming Yuvraj, he does not want to enjoy as yuvraj, but will work for his praja, he will not let his praja in tears and will make sure his praja walk with pride, he will continue to keep his dream of united Bharath. A person gets his identity from his family, but not only Bamni, Anusuya and Kanishk are his family, whole Pourav rastra praja, Takshashila praja, Dasyu praja and whole Bharath’s praja is his family and he wants them to be united always so that a foreigner like Darius should not attack them.

Darius angrily pulls Barsin’s hair and punishes her for supporting Porus and alleges that because of her, he lost his dream of ruling Bharath. Barsin warns to mend his ways as he does not know who Porus his, else he will burn his hands. Darius says this time, fate was not in his favor, else he would have killed Porus.

People continue chating Puru’s name. Puru walks among them. Laachi smiles at him. He walks towards her, but people surround him and pamper him. Laachi leaves smiling at him. Puru walks behind her. Their romance starts. Laachi says he was a dasyu, then became prince, and now crown price yuvraj. He says shhhh and says he wants to tell her something which he was waiting to say since long. She asks what. He stands nervous. She says she will meet him when he remembers what he wants to say and leaves smiling and taunting him.

Alexander reaches holy temple. Priest shows him Athlete’s war gear and says Athlete never lost a war in his life wearing this gear and whoever wears it will never face defeat. Alexander picks it. Priest objects. Alexander warns him that he is the king of this place.

Precap: Alexander tells priest that Athlete was also god’s son and even he is, Athlete was past and he is present. Kanishk tells Shivdutt they have to do something. Shivdutt says they have to spoil coronation ceremony and he will find out a way to kill Puru till then.

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