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Nimki Mukhiya 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki sets free parlors for women

Nimki Mukhiya 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadi says this ghat tola girl played with me. Nimki smirks at sweeti.

Abhi brings elena to her room. Mausa says give her meds. Abhi says we have to take her to child specialist. Mausi says she needs nimki. Abhi says what are you saying. ELena says I miss mama. Abhi says she can’t come. Abhi wears mask of lion and plays with her. she laughs.

Diamond says nehar lost. We did so well. Dadi says shut up and let me watch tv. Nimki keeps changing channels. Everyone is worried. Dablo says how is this happening. Dadi says there is ghost in this house. Nimki changes channels again. Dadi says how is this happening. Dadi says there is ghost. Annaro says are you crazy. Tettar says are you all mad. Sit down. He tells everyone what happened. Dadi says will he get the ticket? wow.

Ritu says we have to get votes from ghat tola. We have to reach out to women. Tettar says annaro will do something. Nimki says they vote for who their husband asks for. Do something for them. Lets set up beauty parlours for them for free. Tettar says good idea.

Nimki says I will get the make up list done. She says babbu get some makeup for me too. I will buy from switzerland too. Right Ritu? Tettar says beautiful every woman. I will have such a good name. Nimki turns on TV where fight of Diamond is shown.

Nehar says they ruined our game. Nehar says we have to be careful on Nimki too. She is doing so much for nimki. Nehar says we have to shut her too. He says we wont sit like this. We can defame her. Kundan says how? People love her. Nehar says there’s always a way. If nimki is out tettar is out too. You will get the ticket. Nehar says this will be fun.

Nimki calls babbu and says we will settle a beauty parlour in the village for all the women. We will do their makeup and facial. They will feel so good. Mauha says what good will this do? Nimkib says they will turn beautiful. Ram says what has that got to do with politics. Nimki says all people give food. We have to make people feel good. Get the setup made there. Tell all people that tettar is getting this done. He has to run in election contest. We will fix everything. Ram says don’t worry we will get it all done.

Nimki comes out. she sees ritu. Nimki says I have talked ot papa. They will arrange the set up. Now its your turn. He says what? She says my honeymoon? He says don’t worry about. Rekah comes downstairs and brings sweeti there. Ritu says go to London too. Nimki says yea good idea.

Sweeti and rekha see Ritu and nimki talking. Rekha says there is something between them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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