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My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) Chapter 3


in classroom..

Akash come to the class room and look ..

Akash in mind “I’m late today.. this is my first class but this class room is full.. only last bench is empty .. ganapati papa you’re too much.. ”

He goes and sit in the last bench…

in outside of classroom..

shivani :- Radhu you go.. I’ll come after meet badi ma and submit this papers …

Radhika:- what!!! I’m nervous shivi..please yah…you also come with me na….

shivani :- ohh..god.. don’t panic too much.. be brave and go in.. I’ll come fast….

(shivani leave the place and radhika goes to the classroom…)
(radhika come to class but never find empty bench so going to the last bench..
akash never see her and look at his phone)

radhika:-(she looked him and want to say him to move for in the bench because he in the corner of bench..)
shh… shhh…

(akash got panic and check under the table …)

radhika:-(loudly) shhhhhhh…

(now full classroom is looking at her)

radhika:- (looked embraced) sorry..

akash looked at her and smile ..
akash :- want seat na….
radhika smile and nods…

akash:-ok…..what one condition??

radhika looked surprise …

radhika :-what????

akash :- be friend with me .. i don’t have friends here yah… we’ll share bench , studies and do prank together okkk…..

radhika in thinking ..

akash :- RG don’t think too much…

radhika :- RG ??

akash :- yeh .. radhika Gupta short form..

radhika :- how will you know! !

(he show the book that she have like front page is in his infront)

akash:-RG If you never accept my friendship then my classroom will turn as hell.. because i want friends to manage my classroom bores ..
pls..(he make puppy face)

radhika :- (smiles) ok friends! !

They shake hands..
(background music plays)

akash sit in corner and radhika sit besides him…

when radhu and aku are speak each other..
shivani comes and see radhika sit in last bench and comes towards her and akash looked shivani and shocked …

Akash in mind “oh god .. why papa”(he looked at the up)

radhika :- everything ok na akash ..

akash :- ok ok….fine..
you move yar… danger is coming ..

(radhika confused and see shivani coming so move to last corner and teacher also comes to class.. so see think akash means teacher as danger)

in the middle of the class time akash is sit close with radhika to ignore eye contact with shivani because of the fear..but in shivani’s view she think akash is misbehaving with radhika ..mistackly he hit his leg with his leg so radhika shout “ahh”..

shivani got angry and..
shivani :- hey Mister ..

akash turns..
she slabs him…

he looked surprised…
teacher looked their fighting …

tearcher:- why are you slabs him..

shivi:- he misbehaved with my sister miss…

akash :-…no….

sadhvi is enter that time.. she hear the conversation ..

shadvi:-stop … you don’t have any respect .. cheap ..
(she hits money to his face..)
don’t enter my academy again ..

akash in full of sad …
tear comes from his eyes because he never felt like this ashamed …full classroom is looking at him….he run from the classroom ….

(radhika is shocked she try her best to speak but shivani stopped her ..finally when him leaved radhika shouted)

radhika :- stop all … just stop….

everyone looked at her shocked …

Radhika :- he is not cheap .. he’s my friend that why we’re sit closely …

shivani shocked :- then why are you shouted radhu..

radhika :- because by mistakes he hit my leg…

everyone are shocked and radhika run towards academy gate just then he leave the place in auto …
radhika sit in floor and cry badly …
shivani comes towards her and hold her shoulders and says..
shivani:-sorry di..
radhika :-(angrily) don’t speak to me ..
(she leave)

shivani looks sad..
sadhvi come there ..
sadhvi:- this is our mistake shivi..we’ll pace her later but first we should apologize to that boy….

shivani :- but who is him??
shadvi:- we should ask this to radhika ..

shivani nods and looks on….


in bedi mansion …

in telephone ..
madhavi :- kala .. i feel shivani will get hurt ..if i get her marriage groom against her wish so please don’t come today please …

kala:-(I’ll get your daughter married my son anyhow but now I’ll silent my plans)

madhavi :- kala..

kala:- as you’re wish ..but take you’re own time and think ..ok..

madhavi :-ok..

they end the phone call…
madhavi take deep breath ..


she looked tension “anshi”
she turn…
madhavi:-Rajan …

anshi :- why are you doing this mom…you know na.. i don’t like marriage ..

rajan:- madhavi why are you make her uncomfortable ..
you know very well she is never like this..

madhavi cry..
madhavi :- i know everything very well that’s the reason why i’m keep silent since many year buy you two people forget that I’m mom of the only daughter then how will i keep silent before my daughter life is get spoil ..

(anshi sign rajan and sit besides madhavi and hold her hand .. madhavi looks anshi)

anshi:- mom.. I’m your brave girl. I’ll never spoiled my life if i find world best sanskar to you then I’ll surely get married .. you know na I’m brave than your sons specially that akhu…

madhavi smile and hug anshi ..

madhavi :- promise me you get married before my death ..

anshi:- mom.. don’t say this I’ll promise you i never get spoiled before you ok..

madhavi nods ..
rajan smiles and hug both.. just then arjun and kk arrived the hall…

kk:-mom..emotional ah…

madhavi release from hug..
arjun :- i think mom start marriage statement again..
(they smile)
madhavi hit arjun playfully..

arjun :- ok sorry ..(side hug madhavi)
kk :- where your friend mom…

madhavi :-ahh.. she never have time..


rajan :-what ..

kk:- i think your friend will get her daughter then I’ll enjoy the party …

madhavi mouth turn o sharp ..

madhavi:- krish is this you??

krish:- just kidding ma!! and i know kala aunty have one son.. I’m not like akash …

(he smile…)

arjun :- where is akash? ? why he is late.. we don’t allow him drive because of his accident that happened last year.. today krish drop him then why he never call anyone to return from class.. drivers also never leave to pick him…

kk:-he tells don’t inform drivers .. I’ll call if class 5.00pm ..

anshi :- i think class will over 4.00pm..

rajan :- I’ll call him..


in Gupta mansion …

shivani room….
shivani remember that slapped akash and feel sad.. her heart hurting …
radhika enter the room with food plate…
she sits near shivani..
radhika :- sorry ..(she give food to her)

shivani :-sorry.. i..

radhika :- i know you don’t know our friendship and i also
kept silent ..

shivani hug her..
shivani :- ok fine.. tell me who is him..

radhika :- his name is akash ..i don’t now much about him….

shivani :-(surprise) what? ?
he’s your friend na..

radhika :- he’s sweet that why we make friendship quickly now it’s break also..

shivani feels more hurt..

radhika :- it’s ok.. now we want to find him..

jhanavi arrived the room …

jhanavi:- who???


Rajan :- akash phone is not reachable …

madhavi get tension :- what …

anshi hold her:-mom relax .. kk try to his academy number you have the number na!!!

kk nods…
he try to the number ..
kk:-hello.. i want to know if any classes going on…

kk:-what? ??

arjun :- what happened!!

kk cut the call…

kk:-academy is closed at 4.30pm..

they get more tension ..

rajan :- don’t panic .. I’ll check .. come arjun ..

“where are you going papa”
Rajan turns and looked shocked..

episode end with Rajan shocked face..

precab:- jhanavi tells sometime god make bad meeting between two people because they don’t forget each other, shivani smiles…. kk tells I’ll take revenge .. she will never do this again after that….

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