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Mere Sai 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Pandari Financially And Rescues His Family

Mere Sai 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandari looks helpless. His wife gets the Datura seeds, and shows to him. Pandari signs her. She grinds seeds and sees her kids playing with toys. Her elder son asks when will the food be made and tells that he is very hungry. She asks him to wait and says then hunger will go for forever. Son says ok. She serves it to her kids and tells that the taste is bitter, but will relieve them from hunger. Kids ask her to have food. She says I will come and goes out of house. She comes to Pandari and tells that she can’t see her kids dying infront of their eyes. Pandari says very soon we will be with them. He asks if she is ready? She says yes. He apologizes to her for not been able to fulfill his promises. She asks him not to apologize and says may be I am not good for you.

Sai comes there and calls Pandari.

He asks Pandari if you can give money to me now. You had said that you have no money in the morning. Pandari’s wife says yes Sai and gives 4 aane to him, says it can help him. Sai says I need only 2 aane and returns the remaining money. Pandari is shocked to see 2 gold coins in his hand. His wife asks what happened? Pandari looks for Sai, but he is gone. His wife asks what happened. Pandari shows two gold coins in his hand. His wife is surprised and recalls Sai asking him to give money. She tells that’s why Sai was asking money from us. Pandari says it is enough for us to pay Kulkarni’s interest. They run inside to see their kids. Kids come from outside and tells that Sai sent them to go and bring guava before having food. Pandari and his wife get grateful to Sai and realizes that he has saved them. Om Sai plays..

Sai helps a man keeps the rice bags in the cart. Sai tells that nobody cares for the farmers who works in their fields so that we can have food. He says he is anna data and his family is hungry now. Why don’t we worry for his insult. He asks People not to forget farmers when thanking God and never back off from helping farmers.

Ratnakar gets happy with Kulkarni and hugs him. He says I will get three villages control to you. Kulkarni asks him to sign on the papers. Pandari comes there with Appa. Kulkarni says I have taken his land as he failed to pay me back. Appa asks how much is the money which he needs to pay. Kulkarni says 10 Rs, although Pandari already paid him 8 Rs. Appa asks if he gives you money then will you return her papers. Kulkarni asks him to give money and take papers. Pandari gives him 2 gold coins and says this is sufficient to pay the principal amount and interest too. Kulkarni takes gold coins. Pandari takes papers. They are about to leave. Kulkarni asks Pandari, where did he steal and says you can’t repay with stolen money. Pandari says it is all Sai’s kripa and nobody will suffer in Sai’s shirdi.

Sai teaching, he asks people not to gets scared with bad times and not to get egoistic when good time comes, and starts walking towards their destination.

Appa and Pandari leave. Ratnakar tells Kulkarni that how did this happen? He asks why don’t he take money and may be he acts to be bairagi to fool people. He asks him to enquire about Sai and his strength.

Kulkarni comes to Pandari’s land and tells him that they came to know that stolen wealth is hidden in his farm land. Anta and Banta digs the land. Sai looks on.

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