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Mehrya My version Part 76

Part 76 24/04/2018

In the car Shaurya keep stealing glances at Mehak she turns her face away from him and looking at the window. Both Nehal and Jaggu at back watching them from back and giggling silently. Jaggu started Shaurya Ji please concentrate on the road later accident will happen, at least you both already enjoy marriage life and all Nehal and me yet to enjoy those phase so please for our sake, please look at the road please. Mehak giggled silently and turn her blushing face away, Shaurya smiled quietly and said ok bro I will only see the road now, I will go home and see my wife whole day okay, happy now? Nehal laughed and they continued their journey to PWG.

They reached and Mehak with Shaurya was standing in front of the house looking at each other how to talk and convince the people at Sharma house. They hold their hands and proceed to go in. As they enter the living area PD who was there she welcomes Shaurya and Mehak. Sonal was sitting with PD also gets up and ask them to come in. She smiles as she saw Shaurya and Mehak holding hands and she knows that they have reconciled.

Sonal quickly called Kanta chachi and others. All came to the living room and saw Shaurya and Mehak stands hand in hand. Ravi chachu came forward and asked Mehak beta what is this? Why are you holding his hands? Remember the accident and many incidents he was the root cause. We can bear anything but nothing should happen to you. Mehak went forward to him she bring forward his hands and asked chachu since the day mommy papa gone you and Jeevan chachu and everyone at home take care of me like a princess. Without asking all of you know what I want. Yes I was upset with Shaurya but it’s also my fault because I never listened to his explanations. On that day of accident he wants to bring me out but it was my fault I didn’t go with him but I been stubborn. So this accident happen. Jeevan chachu came forward as well beta this is your house you don’t feel offended who will say what and anything, you can stay as long as you want. Mehak holds his hands and asked since I am married isn’t I should be at my in laws, that’s how I can make my family proud right? Now bless me to go to my in-laws so I can leave happily. Daduji came and asked beta did this Shaurya threaten you he will do something to make you uneasy? That’s why you are following him is it, Shaurya’s chuckled. Mehak said no dadaji he didn’t do anything just I want to go home. Kanta chachi and PD came forward. Mehak is not a small child anymore but she will remain as our child, now she and Shaurya have discussed and sorted their misunderstandings so as a grownup we should allow them to go home and start fresh. Ravi chachu thinks and he said okay beta since you have decided we will agree with your decision but if this Shaurya Khanna do something not right please beta tell us soon we all are here for you. Shaurya step forward and said chachaji I promise you there will be no bad things happen in future and I promise Mehak will never complaint about me. We will both come and go as usual but I will not allow Mehak stay away from me. Please forgive me all of you for my behavior and all the inconvenience caused by me he said as he bring forwards his palms asking for forgiveness. Ravi Chachu and Jeevan chachu went to him and hugged him. This time you are saved next time we will not spare you okay? Shaurya smiled as chachu tap his cheek. PD asked Mansi chachi to prepare some dessert as this need to be celebrated. Kanta chachi and Mansi chachi rushed to kitchen to prepare some food.

Sonal and Nehal hugged Mehak and jumped in excitement. Mehak smiled happily looking at Shaurya. Jaggu side hugged Shaurya and smiled did fist bump seeing all the family are together and happy now. Mehak asked where is Mahima and Sonal said she is at room sleeping, must wake up by now let’s go see her. They all went into the room, Mehak saw in the baby cot, she already wakeup and as she see Mehak she wiggle her arms and legs happily. Mehak scooped her from the cot and started to talk baby Mahi did you miss bua? Did you drink milk baby? Both continue to talk in baby language till Shaurya admiring his beautiful wife playing with the baby. He can’t differentiate who is cute and beautiful here as both are babies to him. Mehak looked at him and ask him to come in quickly, Mehak showed Mahima to Shaurya and introduce baby Mahima this is your naughty phupa. He can buy for you everything you ask. Ice cream, chocolate, cakes everything he will buy for you. Mehak ask Shaurya to sit down he obeyed and she sit next to him. She took Mahima’s little finger and touch on Shaurya’s cheek. He smiled as the little finger touched his cheek. Mehak look at his face and his expression. She can feel he is very happy. She asked him whtr he wants to carry her or not? He looked surprised as he never carried babies before, she ask Shaurya to sit properly and ask him position his arm in cradle position and she place the baby in his arm, he holds the baby carefully. Baby Mahima looked at him and start to coo at him. He was very happy seeing her expression. Shaurya asked what is she saying Mehak. Mehak sees both of them and said, she asking who this bearded guy is never seen before, is this good guy or naughty guy. Now let me answer her, baby this is your phupa he is good sometimes, sometimes very bad we both will become a team and beat him up okay? Sonal sees the trio and interrupted them saying now don’t delay anymore faster have your own baby. Everyone will be very happy. Shaurya looked at her as Sonal took back the baby to feed Mahima. He said na na, we will not have baby so fast I want to enjoy more time with my Mehak , create more lovely memories before we go for baby. Anyway Mehak itself is a big baby for me so I need more time to handle two babies later. He winked at Mehak and she already turned dark red hearing this. Sonal nudged her with elbow winking at both of them.

After sometimes at Sharma’s they all blessed both Shaurya and Mehak before they leave. Mehak went to Kanta chachi and hugged her. Kanta chachi kissed on her cheek and said you see I told you to think and act and I am happy on your decision. Please be happy and I know you and Shaurya can overcome any problem. Shaurya came to her to take blessings from her, she side hugged him and said please take care of my daughter. He replied chachiji why you are worrying about her I will take care of her till my last breath I promise. She kissed on his forehead and blessed both of them reminded them that communication is the most important tool in marriage, any problem please talk immediately don’t drag till you see what has happened. Both of you has lost few months of happiness. But it’s okay take this as lesson and start afresh. Shaurya nodded and they leave from there.

In the car as they are getting in Shaurya asked shall we somewhere to celebrate. Mehak looked at him and asked what to celebrate. Yea we are together after few months we should spend sometimes alone right. She shakes her head in surprised and drop her head down avoiding his glare controlling her embarrassment. Shaurya knows that she is blushing. Mehak just replied Shaurya there is no celebration needed let’s go home first okay? He chuckled and started the car. They were heading to Khanna mansion, Shaurya never stop caressing her cheek or pushing the hair strand falling on her cheek. Mehak looked at him and asked him to look at the road first. He obeyed and looked at the road while Mehak looking at the side window.

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