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Love makes a change CHAPTER 32



Swasan went to Temple and now they r sitting in steps which is near the river. Swara was feeding prasad to sanskar. Swara got a call she asked sanskar to put the call on speaker.

SWA: Hello sir

Sir: Riya can u come now?

SWA: But my slot is at 11 na?

Sir: I’ll say u please come with yr guitar

SWA: k sir.
Soon the call got cut. Swara washed her hands and dragged sanskar with her to the flat. She immediately went to a room, brought a guitar and they left to music acedamy. After 2 hours swara came out.
SAN: Swara that means u r singer Riya? (Shocked)

SWA: ya I’m singer Riya, ur favorite singer.

SAN: Wow ( hugs her)

SWA: k let’s go home.

Both went home and now sanskar was looking at the room where she took the guitar and came.

SAN: Swara that room…….

SWA: Oh come in.
They entered the room and it was filled with musical instruments, papers, laptop and a recorder.

SAN: For how many days u r here?

SWA: Not days years, 3 years.

SAN: My God dat means u come here offen but how?

SWA: lucky and I used to manage.

SAN: Who Knows this 2 besties doing such a thing.

SWA: k leave that sanskar, Now let’s pack the bags r flight is after 2 hours.
After that they reached Kolkata and went to their respective homes. All were busy doing their marriage arrangements as they wanted swasan’s marriage to be the best. Here swara and sanskar meet offenly without knowing to the elders.

PRECAP: Swasan’s dating

Sorry I knew I have gave a very small update but what to do im going out. Thanks for all who liked and commented on the previous chapter. Do comment and hit the like button if you like😊
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