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Love makes a change CHAPTER 31


Both left to the music acedamy.

SWA: Sanskar u go home, I’ll call you when my work is over.


Swara went in

Sir: Hello dear seeing u after a long time.

SWA: Han sir.

They went further inside. Swara took some papers given by the sir and went towards the music recording room. After recording she came out.

Others: Riya it was amazing dear.

SWA: thanks.

Sir: Riya come let’s post our pic.

SWA: No sir, I don’t want to show my face.

Sir: Till when u will?

SWA: Till I can.

Swara clicked the pic. Then he posted the pic.


Sanskar who was chatting with his friends online, saw the post of a big music composer with caption “RIYA AGAIN SANG FOR THE FILM. THE AUDIO TO BE RELEASED NEXT MONTH”. Swara came out and was surprised to see sanskar standing there still. She went near him.

SWA: U didn’t go

SAN: No, let’s leave.

They went to their flat and after sometime

SAN: Swara let’s go out it’s boring here.

SWA: k wait.
Saying this swara went to change her dress and she again came but swara was wearing a pink top with blue jean and loose hairs. Sanskar was stunned. Swara took the bike keys and started the bike. Sanskar was already lost in her and now again he was shocked seeing swara starting the bike. Swara gave a look like to sit through her eyes and he instantly sat. Swara started the bike.

SAN: Shona u now to ride the bike?

SWA: Ya y?

SAN: I thought u don’t know and one more thing swara, Riya again sang a song.

SWA: Oh!

Sanskar started to praise Riya aka swara. Swara was happy very happy to hear praises from her love, her sanskar.
Soon they visited many places and went home.


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